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Finding Great Deals on a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

If you cannot afford a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, then the only surefire way to get one would be to go to the equally priced Galaxy Note 10.5. When you have the funds, it’s definitely not a bad idea to splurge and get your hands on one of these gadgets.

The collection has received plenty of favorable reviews from customers. User interface and its sophisticated features have led several people to opt for the Note over its rivals. A lot of folks have stated they had the ability to easily use the Note to multitask and get important information.

Even though the Galaxy Note may look a little bulky in comparison to the smaller counterparts of the Note, the larger screen of the phone is well-built and gives a fantastic experience to users. In reality, users are stating that the Note is a much better device compared to this Note’s bigger brothers.

They ought to be aware that it is easier to shop around and find a whole lot while some might be a little leery about buying one of those phones on a contract basis. Before you decide to purchase it, it is also important to keep in mind that you ought to check the standard of the telephone. After all, it’s your money that you are spending.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

It has been very hard for customers to locate deals that are Note because the ruling is. There are a few sites that offer good prices on these handsets. You might try checking out and searching the Internet. You may get accessories that are free as long as you purchase these telephones online.

Of course, if you do not need to await long to find some real deal deals, you need to think about buying a Galaxy Note on eBay. You may readily find used Notice models on this site. Just make sure before you decide to purchase it the used phone is in great working condition.

Although it is a fact that this kind of phone is expensive, it is worth the money if you’re likely to use the telephone. In the end, if you want to get the best from the market, you need to pay more. The Galaxy Note is an ideal option if you’re looking for a phone that has a display that is massive but has easy operation and a battery. As you do not wish to be worried about your phone getting damaged due to liquids or clogs A Note phone that is water resistant can also be recommended.

There are so many people who are having problems locating telephone deals, particularly with regards to this Samsung Galaxy Note. The very best thing to do is to browse the net and see what bargains are available Even though there are a lot of deals available on the market.

If you aren’t comfortable with shelling out money for a brand new cellphone It is possible to opt for the Note versions. It is also possible to find some great deals with the assistance.

If you have made a decision to get a Note, you need to be sure you keep the phone in pristine condition. Since you’ll use the phone for quite a while, you will need to receive the best attributes. The reason you should make sure that the telephone is not damaged that is.

The ideal way to purchase a Note is through stores that sell this phone from the manufacturer Samsung’s versions. In this manner, you will also save money.

You could also shop around for the lowest prices by shopping around for a new phone from Samsung. Since the company offers incentives like cash back and other savings should you get a brand new model.

Sony WH-CH710N Active Noise Cancellation Headphones Review


hi guys this is ranjit and in this video let’s do the review of the sony active noise cancellation headphones and quite a few of you have asked me to actually test it out so i’ve been using this for over a week now and these are actually fairly new they were launched just about two months ago and uh just ten days ago guys the pricing of this one on amazon was about ten thousand today

i saw it’s about twelve thousand eight hundred i don’t know what’s wrong with amazon’s pricing but let’s have a look at uh this one and the thing is that these are obviously bluetooth headphones but the thing is that this one has active noise cancellation before we proceed what do i feel about this i just want to talk a little bit about active noise cancellation this is not just like passive what you just wear your headphones uh because of the padding it uh stops the sound this is basically active noise cancellation we actually have microphones and they pick up what’s around you and creates a negative sound wave that actually minimizes that that way for example if there is some fan noise in your room or ac noise that’s constant

this would actually eliminate that also if you have noticed many people on airlines actually wear it because it completely drowns the engine noise and stuff for example in cars also i tested uh it drowns the engine noise and in house household items like what do you say fan noise etc it can actually eliminate it so this is actually active noise cancellation but now let’s talk about some of the other aspects of this again let me show you what comes inside the box first uh obviously comes in this box uh we get the headphones itself and some paperwork like this and apart from that we also get these two cables uh one is this 3.5 mm cable because you can actually use this

one as a wired one i’ll show you and one more usb type-c cable that will be used for charging and actually the battery life is really good on this one i’ll just keep this to the side for now and now this is the headphone itself and um first let’s talk about what i feel about the recoil and entirely it’s actually made up of plastic guys and i feel they could have used slightly better quality plastic because this is all hard plastics what they are using so it’s a little bit rough to touch so feeds a little bit cheap but again in terms of durability and stuff it’s fine as you can see they have metal bands over here and again the flexibility is good so in terms of build

i would say it’s fine but i feel that they could have used slightly better quality plastics on this one moving to the ear cups uh here are the ear cups and they have adequate actually padding on this and i wore it for a couple of hours on straight and i would say they were fine they’d look like uh this and the padding i would say is decent yes don’t expect it to be as flagship as the sony’s flagship this is the uh thousand mx3 which i own i purchased this one about one and a half years ago yes this definitely has better padding but again you can’t expect that on this one but it was comfortable

i would say and again if you know uh look at the your cavity uh here also we have a big year cavity on this one so again that’s not a problem uh i didn’t have a problem here for example stacking out of the years or something like that so in that way it was actually good now let’s also uh talk about the clamping force because these are headphones again if it’s very tight also it’s very uncomfortable here i would say sony did a very good job the clamping force is really good it’s neither tied too tight not too loose it’s just perfectly done so uh this is something that is uh a thing of worry on headphones but i have to say the clamping force is just perfect on this neither too high neither too low on this one and now moving to uh

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what do you say uh of the physical overview buttons and stuff i’ll just give you an idea on the right we have one microphone over here this is for that noise cancellation i told you it detects what’s happening we have the sony branding over here nothing touch or anything we have physical buttons over here uh this is to increase the volume go uh lower the volume and center one to pause tracks etc and this is another button that we have and this is special this is for uh enabling or disabling active noise cancellation by default will be enabled but you press it once uh it actually enables you to hear

what is going around for example let’s say somebody comes to uh comes near you and he’s speaking to you if you have active noise cancellation uh you might not hear them clearly but if you just press that one button it actually amplifies what’s happening so that’s nice and the third option is just switch just the active noise cancellation completely off so you have control over active noise cancellation and i would say this active noise cancellation works very well but some people expect it to do miracles for example

when people around you are speaking a little bit it won’t completely block them it will block them to a extent but don’t expect miracles that doesn’t happen even on their higher end 1000 mx3 that cost about 29 000. so be realistic with active noise cancellation repeated sounds like engine noise fan noise ac noise that will eliminate but somebody is speaking to you you will hear them lightly uh it won’t eliminate that completely and moving to the next this is on the left here again we have one more what do you say microphone to detect what’s happening we also have nfc on this one that’s actually nice so if you have a higher end phone that enables nfc you just tap in and repair

it very easily again a regular bluetooth pairing also works very well uh here again as i’ve told you we also have a 3.5 mm headphone jack that cable is provided so if you want to go to the wired route you can actually use it and if the battery is completely drained then also you can use it then we have a type c port that will be used for charging and this is the power on off button that we have and for pairing also you just hold this for about seven seconds when switching it on it goes to the pairing mode so these are the buttons that you are getting very simple and i would say you get used to it very quickly now let’s talk about the bluetooth range and here

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i would say i’m really impressed with this one the bluetooth ring is one of the best that i have noticed among the headphones that i’ve used for example in this office area it’s about 1700 square feet and i completely forgot that these were bluetooth i was going from one end of the office to the other doing my regular work and it was not disconnecting so the bluetooth range is very good very strong signal that you get so even if you are in the other room and your phone is in other room and you’re walking around it will not get disconnected so that way

it’s really good and when it comes to battery here also i am super super impressed and guys before doing the audio test i did the burn them for about 15 hours then only i did my testing i’ll talk about the sound signature later on but in terms of battery life i was very impressed it says 35 hours and now i have used them easily for about 23 or 24 hours and i check the battery it still saves 50 so the battery life it will give you actually really good closer to about 40 yards instead of this 35 hours i’m really happy whenever manufactured

what they claim and the results you get better uh you should appreciate them so in terms of battery life again it’s not an issue on this one uh coming to another thing because we are doing a lot of work from home uh the active noise cancellation can be switched on if you’re not even listening to music and if you wear them you hardly hear anything as i told you uh ac surround the fan sound always drown so you can concentrate on your work uh but again as we uh are doing work from we are also taking a lot of calls uh thankfully this does has a built-in microphone and i have to say uh the call quality that

i got was actually good uh fine other parties did not complain me for example if the bluetooth earpiece is not good and the microphone is not good other parties say then uh you’re sounding muddy or something like that that was not the case with this one so you can take calls on this one uh i wouldn’t say it’s the best that i have seen but again i won’t say it’s not workable uh so for work from home and stuff like that uh if you’re taking a lot of calls and stuff they will suffice you so this was regarding the general what do you say anc and for work promo for taking calls but

now let’s talk about what do i feel about the music on this one and the guys have listened to quite a bit of music on this one even watch some movies and regarding movies yes i completely forgot uh i tested it on a couple of android phones and i did not have that lip syncing issue that while i was watching videos so for watching videos youtube videos movies etc again these are good they don’t have that delay lag where it does very what you say irritating so that way it was actually good and for gaming yes i did some gaming that lag is there very minimal but again if you’re doing gaming just use the wired option

i would say because what obviously you’ll have no lag at all now let’s talk about the music what do i feel about this one first let’s talk about the let’s start with the bass the bass is definitely emphasized on it a little bit more emphasized on this uh but i would say the bass is slightly boomy at times in some of the tracks i felt that the base was not that clean so if i have to rate it based on the base don’t get me the base is there uh uh it’s not like completely flat the exaggerated base was there but again

it’s not for basics or something and at in certain soundtracks it did sound a little bit muddy if i have to rate it just on the bass i would give a rating between 7.5 to 8. now when we talk about the mid tones and the vocals here it was very very neutral to me nothing was exaggerated or something like that it was a very neutral signature uh and i would rate

it about i would say 8 out of 10 in terms of the mid tones no exaggeration or forward sounding or anything like that now when it comes to the high tones and the trebles here i would say it was good but again i did miss that sparkle that i find on some of the higher end sony headphones so here in terms of the high tones and the uh i would say again i would rate it about eight out of ten so in terms of music most of you would like it but i review a lot of headphones i test a lot of headphones

so if i have to rate it just based on the sound quality i would rate it 7.5 out of 510 but again the big advantage of this one is that it does have that active noise cancellation and that really improves uh uh the experience that you are having if you’re working from home these days we are working from home noisy environments in that and you get that on this one yes it’s not as good as the uh sony’s high-end 1000a xm3 but definitely the noise cancellation works very well it does drown a lot of ambient sound that you are having that does irritating when you’re trying to concentrate so that aspect

it is good so overall if i have to rate this one i would have rated it about 8 out of 10 and i would say for 10 000 rupees if you’re finding it you can go for it if you’re you’re using that to work from home and you were actually looking for a active noise cancellation headphones in this price range but currently the pricing i don’t know amazon pricing is fluctuating every two three days it’s showing me about 12 800 if that is the case then i would say that if you’re spending that much spend a little bit more for because for 15 700 800 you can get the xb 900 n series

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which is way better than this one and uh it sounds better and the big advantage is that that supports the sony app this headphone simply does not support the sony app i’m disappointed by sony because of that because if that app was supported you could have easily tweaked the sound signature to you liking but sadly this one does not support the sony headphone uh what do you say app so guys

i would say if you’re looking for a headphone in this price point of about 10 000 an active noise cancellation is a very high criteria to you you can definitely look at this one but again with sony itself if you spend a little bit more you have better options anyways guys uh that was my review of these uh sony ch710n headphones again guys if you’re not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribe button a lot more reviews about headphones and other gadgets coming up soon anyways guys that’s it for now thanks for watching and guys take care

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Now in Mid 2020 (With Updates)


hi guys this is tech tips mobile and in this post let’s have a relook at the Samsung Galaxy Note and I’d and guys if you recall just about three months ago I had to review this smartphone and the thing is that you get the s full I spent functionality with this one but just a couple of weeks ago I started retesting it was last but I noticed I saw a mail from Samsung India that this part phone has got a new major update so I did apply that and if you guys are a recall from the last couple of days you guys are asking me on social media especially on Twitter I’m posting photographs which smartphone I’m using actually it was with this one and the camera has hugely improved so let’s have a relook at this Matt phone

now and see how it does and the good thing is that I was checking Flipkart’s website the pricing of the smartphone hasn’t increased unlike many other smartphones it’s still you can get it for thirty eight thousand and eight GB variant for forty thousand so let’s have a look and again I won’t go into all the aspects that I’ve already covered in my review let’s look at some of the new things that I have noticed on this smartphone and first thing is the screen guys it’s having that six point that’s an entry but before that let’s quickly talk about the specs as you can see from this one it has a six point seven inch screen 128 gigabytes of storage Ram will be six or eight triple rear facing camera front facing is 32 and a 4500 milliamp power battery with that 25 watt fast charging and

the first thing that again I noticed is that skiing that six point seven inch screen and yes we can’t forget about the S Pen you get the S Pen and this is the full functional s spend Bluetooth features I did play around with the S Pen a little bit for example if I I was just playing around with it if I look at all the view note and it has that home or feature if you just hover over it it magnifying for example I was just jotting down notes and stuff for example now let’s actually we can cancel of this the note 10 light testing that I’m doing let’s just go back so S Pen is the thing and again it has that bluetooth feature watch my video that I’ve already posted about the S Pen you can use this as a trigger to take selfies and stuff you have that button as you can see now it regard that I can press this button and it’ll take that you can do it to the rate can sing camera and again you can use the s-pen to write notes and all this I won’t get in depth regarding I spent I would link sake text video he made a 22-minute video regarding the s-pen and what you can do but anyways so let’s move on and again I like the screen quality of this one and again it has that what do you say all this on screen and on these things and a fingerprint scanner I would say I had to read register once more now have to fingerprint scanner set to finger fingers set with the same and

now it is a little bit more responsive as you can see now regarding the update what I did notice is that if I go over here if we go to about the phone and if we go to software information now we are getting the new a version that is one who I wasn’t to point one and I also got some security updates it’s on the June Android security update so nice to see that Sampson has given the update and I feel in terms of camera we got a huge improvised I’ll show you some of the new features that I have noticed regarding the camera but in general responsiveness the phone is actually good guys I did not have a issue with this again no hint of lag and even in terms of multitasking and stuff it’s fine as you can see you can move around with the apps and with camera I was using like this and

it’s fine now I completely forgot in the email what Samsung had sent me there was also they mentioned that you can get this smartphone now for 5000 off if you have a Citibank credit card and I check the flip card website and couldn’t find it but finally I noticed that offer is very only on the Samsung’s own website here if it says you can get five thousand cash back

if you have a Citibank credit card but again guys this is a limited offer so again check the website so now let’s also look at what do you say what much more than that I notice because if you guys recall I have been testing a lot of headphones and I did test quite a bit of Bluetooth headphones and even wired headphones with this one and I have to say the Bluetooth range is very good on this smartphone and one small thing that I noticed is that when I was testing a lot of headphones if you go into settings and go into the sound quality and FX and here it is here if you go to some quality and FX here you can actually tweak around with the sound settings and I would say again you have the equalizer if you play around with this you can do that and it overall effects the sound performance obviously that will be at most option is there

but I like this adapt sound option and here you can set and it slightly tweaks the sound a little bit and you get a good sound signature and I did also test it with a couple of odd headphones like my audio technica etc the output after a play around with that was actually very good now let’s look at the camera on this one and regarding battery life it has a 4500 milliamp hour battery and if it’s giving me a typical day’s worth of battery life SOT I would say was ranging anywhere between four and a half to about five half hours with this one the nice thing is that it comes with that 25 watt fast charger bundle in the box hence a challenge very quickly now

let’s look at the camera have noticed some new things on this one and let’s have a closer look at the same and the first thing that I notice is that this was actually not there on the earlier variant now we have single take option on this one what it does is for example it works even in selfies and if you just take a picture like this and just move around and all those things it captures a lot of stuff for example let me show you actually

let’s go to the gallery I have taken a sample in my office earlier so that it can give you a good idea I think so this was the single take and as you can see it just not takes one picture it takes multiple pictures it takes even video so it’s really nice feature as you can see in just one you get a monochrome you get all the effects in just a single photograph and this works even with the front facing cameras I should have shown you so this was actually a high-end feature only restricted to the Galaxy S series and knives

it’s nice to see that they have provided this we always have the video but now we even have the pro video mode so you have full manual control now even in the video mode as you can see you can change the shutter you can change the white balance saturation all this things so again if you are into video you can change even the white balance then you have have the promote also on this one so that was actually a nice thing and one more thing that I noticed in terms of video was that earlier if I recall

when I reviewed it a couple of months back in when we were shooting video you couldn’t change for example to the wide-angle or zoom within the video now you can do it and I took a sample shot as you can see within the video you can move between zoom wide-angle etc so give to you a lot more flexibility also this Sumer feature I noticed they have implemented digital zoom now as you can see in regular photograph we always had that wide-angle then we have the regular then we have the 2x so but now we also have digital zoom as you can see you can zoom in and you can go up to 10x and here are some of the samples that I have taken with the same ultra white regular that 2x zoom and finally that NEX soon so again that was also a nice feature for that half hour notice and also that 10x zoom will work even in the night mode so definitely I would say in terms of camera I have seen a huge improvement and here are some of the sample shots that I was just taking casually and I posted on Twitter and many of you who are appreciated the shots and all these samples were actually taken with this go 10 light

so I would say one of the huge improvements I would say that I’ve noticed when I reviewed a couple of months back to now as the camera performance the camera performance has increased quite a bit and I’m glad to see that Samsung has added more modes in the so for example the single take another probe video modes so that is the big improvement that I’ve ever seen so to summarize I would say this phone has aged too well again the big advantage of the note series is the s-pen if you are a person business person you will really appreciate the s-pen so you have that full functionality of their spend remind you and there’s actually Bluetooth and I just charges automatically within the silo for example

if I take out I will show you until it’s at 100% right now so you have the full of S Pen functionality and I would say overall a very good does smartphone for business centric users and now the big improvement I would say the camera is also highly proof I would not suggest the smartphone if you are a sort of a very heavy gamer but apart from that if you’re looking for a non Chinese smartphone for business central user if you are and if

you wanna s-pen you can certainly go out and look at this one I leave the links of Flipkart and even that Samsung store that I have no test for your reference anyways guys that’s it for now thanks for reading this is Ranjit and I hope to see you in my next post take care guys

Cheap Budget Laptop with Amazing Specs – Avita Pura Ryzen 5


hi, guys, this is tech tips mobile and in this video we’ll be doing the unboxing and having a look at this but before we do that let me actually talk about why am I doing it and if you guys follow me on Twitter a a week ago I said that I was getting a lot of inquiries from you guys to review some laptops because of this covert the situation many of you are working from home and also maybe you have children and now they have to have got a laptop because all the schools are doing it online so I said that I will be reviewing a bunch of laptops I have purchased a bunch of laptops

what I decided initially is that go for a laptop with very good configuration that’s on a tight budget then again a 1 for mid-range and one for higher and what do you say the budget is not an issue but somebody wants a very light laptops of our order – I’ve got one today we’ll be doing the budget one and I’ve also ordered a high-end one this is the Acer Swift 5, in fact, one of the lightest laptops in the world with a 14 inch touchscreen this means just 950 grams but we will talk about this one later let’s talk about this one now I’ll just keep this Acer one here so let’s talk about this one and guys, I didn’t know about this some but some of you actually tweeted about me about this company

this is known as a Vita and this product was listed I haven’t flipped the card and leave the length I did a a little bit of googling this is not a very new company actually this I saw product listed by this one on Flipkart over a year ago almost a year ago and even on Amazon so I took a risk and ordered this one but as the the configuration is actually really good it’s having a rise in 5 3,500 you processor and the pricing is just 31,000 I ordered it for 31 now the price has changed it was showing me 33 but let’s look if it’s any good because I’ve also ordered one more or what do you say a laptop similar to this

configuration from Asus, that’s the Revo book 14 I should get it – hopefully by next week but that’s cost almost 42,000 so almost 10,000 price gap difference so I was interested I took a risk of had ordered this and as you can see this is the box looks like we get oh we get a bag in this one so that’s nice because so we are getting a laptop back if you look at it later that was not mentioned anywhere so I’m glad we got it and here is the laptop itself and looks like this is the accessory box that we are getting so here we open this and look looks like this is the power brick and this is if I’ll just keep that to the side and let’s look at this laptop and guys I did a little bit of googling about this company

it’s the website is an avatar – India dot-com but guys this is not an Indian company this is actually a company based from Hong Kong just being very transparent and I peel it for this myself I took a risk for you guys to see if this is worth file or not and again as you can see it directly imported by Flipkart itself it says and it’s actually made in China like most of the stuff as you can see and the price that says is fifty-two thousand nine hundred and seis warranty or whatever what Rd I checked on Flipkart up to two years you can get so that’s what we have you have to register and this is the laptop itself and we also get a booklet and initial set up

so I’ll just keep these things to this side of the unit turnover so again so and let’s open this up so here is the laptop and guys this the external shell is plastic as you can see we have the Evita branding just can’t expect too much but let’s see what it is and let’s open this up so we have a protective layer so let’s take that out and again we have a full-size keyboard on this is also again plastic guys it has the AMD body see a rise in 5 3500 you processor this is actually a quad core processor brad has 8 threads and also has the vega 8 GPU so the configuration is actually good and some of you have asked me how does it compare to the Intel I would say this processor the 3500 you are actually slightly might be slightly better than the Intel Core i5 agent processor and let’s try to boot it up this one and by the time it actually boots up guys here is a quick configuration of this specific laptop it comes to the 14 inch the screen that’s a full HD 1080p IPS LCD screen and it sparked by the AMD risin 3500 you a quad-core processor that has eight threads moving to graphics is integrated vega 8 graphics it comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 500gb bytes of SSD

it also has a VGA camera on the front it has two USB 3 ports and one USB type-c port one HDMI and it has Windows 10s so setting it up and it comes with Windows 10 pre-installed guys, I’m just setting it up now, by the way, it will be Windows 10s more but we will get out of it you can actually get it out and get out of that and so I’ll just sign in and then we’ll continue so guys have booted it up and it’s still setting up stuff so let’s just look at one more thing and if we go to properties as you can see this is the configuration Windows 10 and it is actually pre-installed with the same let’s just zoom in a little bit to the same

I hope you can see and as you can see it’s running on the Henry risin 5 3500 you with the Radeon Vega integrated graphics and 8gb of RAM that we are having but the thing is that by default this as you can see it says it’s in the S mode that means you can’t install apps right now apart from the Windows Store but you can get out of it let me show you I’ve downloaded this CPU-z app outside but when I try to invoke as you can see it will give us that it’s an S mode and you can’t do it but we can easily get out of that as you can see for example, just hit the learn mode and here as you can see switch out of the S mode and S mode as you can see as for people

who are very new it only allows you to install the app from the Microsoft Store so if you are a new person it is good but again we know what we are doing so we can get out of this mode actually we can get it out of free for example just hit this button and let’s get up so that we can install our favourite apps like Chrome I want to install CPU-z and all these things so let’s see let’s try to get out of this windows working or not you have to wait for a couple of seconds it’s going to be creative the license is C

we are out of the export so some of you but worried about this so you can definitely get out of the S mode and it will do some updates and stuff so Windows is doing its some of these updates so we have to just wait for that and as you can see it’s the AMD risin 5-3000 foundered you this is basically a quad-core processor part has eight threads on the same and as you can see Windows is downloading some stuff so I’ll just wait but let’s actually look at the storage as you can see it turns with 512 GB of hard drive I haven’t installed anything so let’s look at it and out of that 512 are roughly about 25 gigabytes is sort of use so you are going to get only about 450 gigabytes of space available but again considering the price’s an SSD

so again that’s a good deal I frankly feel and I’ll just wait for guys still Windows is downloading quite a bit of updates and while it’s updating if you notice closely the fans are blowing quite a bit on the same and I’m not going to close it but the vents are here at the back so this back portion is actually pretty warm right now as it’s doing the updates but let it finish then we notice and see how it is because right now the fans are blowing at a high speed and this is the sound it’s making so, guys,

I rebooted the system will talk about terminal let it update and looks like now it’s out of the windows s mode let’s go to this PC go to the properties and as you can see now the windows s mode has Nina removed so you can get out now let’s install now you can install anything you want on the computer won’t restrict this was CPU Z earlier because we were an escort now now as you can see you can install anything so again you can easily get out of the S mode on the computer now let me install this

let’s just zoom a little bit and as you can see it’s the rising v itself as you can see the quiche is three cases for megabyte on this one and the memory is eight gigabytes but fortunately, it’s dual-channel guys so that’s actually nice on this graphics will be integrated we got eight graphics on the same so this gives you an idea about the processor that is used on this one again when the laptop has that load the fans to blow quite a bit and it is audible guys

but I’ll have to just use it casually because of doing the windows update and see how much annoys at me one thing I don’t like is that if you notice there is that little bit of wobble on the screen so not the sturdiest of the frame so that is something you have to note as you can see that there and again the anti-isis is also made up of plastic so if you push in a little a bit yes it’s very slight flex but again can’t expect more looks like the the keyboard is not fact alert but let me do one the thing let me just move this power brake and battery again it’s too early to comment but one thing that

I know I’m very impressed with this one the screen quality is good it’s having an IPS LCD screen and the screen quality is actually nice on this yes it’s not the brightest of the screen but as you can see it can go very low in brightness at night maximum brightness is not that much as you can it this is the maximum brightness other laptops go very bright so how does if you work it might be not that great but again in terms of colours and what the screen panel it’s a good they have used an IPS panel

I thought there they will cut corners but that’s not the case as you can see over here now let me also show you the ports and everything again as I’ve told you the front is plastic the back is also completely plastic and here are some of the vents on the same and again here this cavity is where the hot air will move out so this area is going to get hot a little bit when you’re doing some intensive tasks but again this they should have kept metallic

this is completely plastic you have cut corners on them and if we go towards this side we have USB 3 port on the same then this is the headphone microphone combo jack and this is micro SD card reader and back in vents and everything here is your power brick will go in over here again we have one more USB port and USB the type-c port is also there and again we have an HDMI port also so in terms of ports

I’m okay with this one let’s just open up no fingerprint scanner on anything again you can’t expect that much in this price range let’s just log in and because of the AMD processor that is used the performance should be actually good but let me use it a little bit and see how it works because this AMD risin 5 that is the 3500 you is a very capable processor it actually will beat many of the includes Core i5 processors that are the chain going to the trackpad looks like

we have the Windows position drivers on this one so that’s not an issue and you have those multi favoured finger gestures also available on this so truck partner to be fair I would say as responsive and stuff as you can see like this and regarding battery guys I couldn’t find the details about the capacity but I ran the battery remote report and it’s showing that it is having a battery of about just 36 what hour

they claim about 10 Oz but I’m highly sceptical about 10 hours battery life with this low capacity I am hoping at least we can get four or five us but again I’ll have to test here right now it is saying that we should get about five hours fifty-five minutes but again as you know guys windows battery stats are very wrong but just a thirty-six water battery this is a quick test with the front-facing webcam generally, the webcams on windows are not that good and that’s the same case with this one but the audio is also being recorded via

its internal microphone so that you have an idea it might be okay for casual suit stuff as you can see there’s no high-quality video then go with an external webcam another thing that I’ve noticed is that even with casual use it for example in a web browser if you have three-four tabs that fan actually comes on very quickly on this laptop, I thought to share

that with you so guys what do I feel about this one and this is just after about an hour of setting up this one so again guys know whereof you just first initial impressions what I have felt with this one let’s get to some of the things that I did not like on the flip cart page the weight of the slap top is specified as 1.21 kilograms but when I weighed as you can see it’s actually 1.3 3 kgs so I don’t like the fact they are lying about the weight on this

one another thing is that the complete construction is actually made up of plastic that is something you have to be a fair if you are thinking that metallic construction or something like that no you will be disappointed but again I can’t complain too much considering the price of this one where are you getting the Rison 5 3500 you processor which is a very a capable processor that 8 gigabytes of RAM and 500 gigabytes of SSD hence

that’s why we I notice that the performance is very snappy on this laptop loads everything very quickly and hardly any hint of what he said lag in has no lag or anything that I notice in the casual usage again too early to comment about it and I don’t know-how will be the support of this one I am sceptical about that also I did go to this Evita in the Asus website and on the support page, I found a lot of service centres but I just don’t know

how will the actual service be because on Twitter many of you had actual tag this Evita on twitter more than about a couple of dozen and we didn’t even get one reply from that company so I’m sceptical about support at least on online media like Twitter etc they are just not responsive but again I don’t want to comment a lot what do you guys think about this laptop certainly as I told you the specs are very tempting but yes it does have some compromises

as I’ve told you completely about that plastic build quality and the hinge I would say hinge like this if you use it it’s okay but off the hinge can wobble a little bit like this but again this is not a very expensive laptop so what I’ll do is guys and try to post this the review of this one later on I want to use it for the next four-five days so do let me know if you have any specific questions about this laptop I’ll try to include that in my review and I’ll also leave some links in the description below guys because it’s very similar the configuration I have noticed some other laptops also from Acer yes those are more expensive

I think so that was 438 and I have wondered also Asus we were booked almost very similar configuration to this one but that is at 42,000 so again stay tuned for that also and as I’ve told you I will have this ultrabook which is the Acer swift 5 one of the lightest laptops in the world with a 14 inch a touch screen this way is just about 950 grams so there also be covering this one later on so again if you are not subscribed to my youtube channel subscribe to the same anyways guys that’s it, for now, thanks for reading this is Ron G you can I hope to see you in my next post take care guys

Realme Buds Q vs Redmi Earbuds S Review


hi guys this is tech tips mobile in this post let’s do a comparison and review between these two wireless tws parts and what are sort of budget oriented earbuds and I just simply did not want to post a separate video for this one and this one so in this video let’s do a practical comparison between these two and I’ve used both these and now so let me share what do I feel about the same and first as you can see both of them come in this box now that it looks a little bit different as you can see this is more squarish and this is like a pebble finish it both have that matte finish but one strange thing that

I noticed is that for some reason this one feels a little slightly cheaper the cap that all those things on the r8 real me was slightly better I would say this feels slightly cheaper and another thing I noticed is I movement like this as you can see this makes a lot more noise that’s also vibrates a little bit but as you can see this makes very less noise so in terms of the feel I would say definitely the real me bucks q-factor slightly better again these are tws so if you open them up we have the bugs here we have LED light within the buds itself LED light for this one is over here when you charge it this close in red color and again both of them are like this

we go in here and put the real me over here and the red me one over here but in terms of fit I felt the real me buds felt slightly better as you can see they go inside the year a lot poor and for some reason I felt this was more comfortable compared to the real me one man let me show you as you can see this is more rounded in shape whereas this is like and I felt this was slightly more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time again if you look at one more so a difference that I notice here if you notice these are actually touch capacitive buttons on this one but on this red knee we have actually this is a physical button and I would say the physical button is easier to get used to it you do get used to these once also

but one good thing I liked with the real me one is that you can actually customize what you can do with this one let me actually show you this is the phone and I’ve installed the real me link app we just put this back in this case this will get a little bit confusing otherwise yes just put this back and if you go to the real be link app as you can see here it shows you let me adjust the brightness a little bit guys obviously it shows you the battery life over here and again as you can see in this interface you get to know the battery percentage and

what I like is you can actually customize what you can do when you tap these for example left and right you can actually let’s say you want to change something you can go here and change it so this is a flexibility that is offered on the real mean we don’t have something like that with the red me but so that is something you have to note but I would say I took me almost about 30-40 minutes to get used to these tabs because initially I thought it was not resisting it was racing you have to tap and just wait for a half a second so that is one thing that

I noticed that is that app for functionality is there so you can customize so what you want with this one another thing that is important with these buds is the battery life that you would get and here I would definitely say that the real moon goes ahead compared to the red me both will give you about four three and a half to about four and a half hours I got slightly better battery life on the real me who wants about thirty minutes more than the red me once but in terms of the standby time and the music that you can listen is very more on the real means for example the real mean

for its this box you can charge it almost four to four and a half times so they rated about twenty hours and in fact I would say I got the battery life slightly more than even twenty hours on this one whereas with this red me it’s rated just for about twelve hours and roughly I got about well about eleven a shower so I would say in terms of battery life the real me gives almost double the battery life and worried well these what you say real mean will be too heavy because they definitely have a higher capacity battery in this charging box but

if you look at it and that’s not the case let’s just look at this weight balance this is the real me let’s just place it over here and let’s look at the weight it says that it’s just 36 the rams let’s put the red me once and 35 so just one gram of difference but definitely the battery life that was getting on the Surreal me was – so that is one thing that Hein notice also in terms of accessories there’s a small thing obviously this comes inside this box let’s talk about the red knee and you get extra ear tips and a small manual that’s it these are the things that you get with the reveal me again

this is the box of the real main you get the birds itself you get extra two tips on so you get a manual and you also get this charging cable which is again USB what do you say micro USB on both of them but strangely I don’t know why read me does not bundle this one in the box so that’s other difference that you get but let me just put it back to the side now let’s talk about one more thing there is that low latency mode with the red real me once and you can switch it on within the app or also if you just hold it for some time you can switch it on and as you guys know I’m not a big gamer but I did try of Call of Duty and I felt that the latency was quite low and even when I was actually watching videos youtube videos Netflix etcetera

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I did not finish that lip sync issue don’t get me wrong even is the red me the latency was low but we don’t have a special mode or something like that in anyways now let’s talk about the most important thing that is the music quality but before that I completely forward let’s also address two more things again both of them do have a microphone so you can’t take calls with both of them but here I felt that both are neutral the sound output that I got from the microphone was very similar in both of these so I won’t say one is a another is a winner it’s neutral for me

and I would say the call quality is acceptable they do try to filter a little bit of Sun but don’t expect active noise cancellation or anything like that and now coming to Bluetooth range again the Bluetooth range I would say both are sort of half the region Bluetooth range I mean if you are in the same room they are fine and I noticed that even if you move slightly to the next room both will not disconnect but again if you go slightly away then yeah both will disconnect so I would say Bluetooth range is decent but don’t expect that you will just move about

two rooms away and will stay connected now let’s talk about the most important thing why do you get these earbuds it’s for music and here I would say in my testing and I did tested multiple times I give it to my daughter I would definitely say this real me went ahead in that area in terms of some compared to the Redman let’s break it down I felt let’s talk about the red me

first in base what what you say red mean is trying to do is they’re trying and has the base quite a bit and it is getting a little bit muddy that means you’re not enjoying the base it’s just becoming slightly booming and that creeps him even to the mid-tones hence I felt that the sound quality was simply not that course and even the higher tones was simply not produced that well I would say on the red main again this is something very surprising because

I really like the tws to from me they were superb but this one in terms of sound quality I simply did not enjoy they try to do that excessive bass but it becomes slightly muddy and because of that the overall sound signature is not that great I would say even in the high tones it was lacking don’t get me wrong even this really does actually boost up the base a little bit compared to normal but I feel that kind of base in most of you like and then think is that this base though it’s boosted does not creep too much into the mid-range hence the mid-range vocals are produced very well and in terms of high tones

also I would say it is slightly better compared to the right way so overall in terms of sound quality for listening to music and also in terms of comfort as I told you these are more comfortable I would prefer the real me over the retina he wants so overall if I have to pick one between these two definitely in terms of battery life and music quality I would rate the real me one’s better than this one anyways guys that’s it for now for this review and comparison between these two budget oriented tws

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I have also posted tons of other what do you say headphones and earphones or related video so again I’ll leave that playlist below so that you can check it out and if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribe button this is Ron Jeter out to see you in my next video take care guys

Motorola One Fusion+ Review with Pros & Cons Ideal Mid-Ranger

hi, guys, this is tech tips mobile and in this post let’s do the review of this Motorola one fusion class of very long names and I have been actually testing this for what a week and quite a few of you were asking me to post its review so here we go and I’ll divide it between the pros and cons what I like and what do I do not like analyze I would say finally after a long long time Motorola has made a good mid-range smartphone in India I’d have that I’ve got the pricing right the cells in India for 17 thousand rupees and before

we proceed let’s talk about the specs so as you can see here are the specs are having a 6.5-inch screen of five thousand milliamp-hour battery a quad rear-facing camera and other specs are on the screen and guys I won’t get into a general overview and all those things I’ve already done that in mind boxing video so if you want to know more watch my unboxing video let’s quickly just jump between the pros and cons and let’s start with the pros and the first thing is that this one is having that 6.5-inch screen and guys if you look at it no.not or anything on this

one because it’s a full view screen and they have put this camera the front-facing camera is actually a pop-up so you get that immersive experience some people don’t like those notches or something so if you have that kind of a person this is for you and it’s IPS grade screen guys and the quality of the screen is actually called it’s HDR 10 certified and I would say the video watching experience watch code on it so it’s a good idea great screen but no one camera or anything like that and next if we talk about one more small thing, is that

here is the specification of moto

when I was testing this phone I accidentally got caught up in slide terrain and I was very scared what hap what will happen to this because a little bit of rain splashed on this one but I’m happy to say that nothing happened to this phone and I did check the Motorola website they say that it is splash resistant so it looks like nano coating s there on this one and the next thing that I really like that if you look at at the interface there’s almost stock Android interface that we are having on this smartphone as and again this is a very big thing guys in the mid-range market its stock Android without any ads or without any bloatware and that is what I really loved on this you are simply not getting that in the mid-range market for example

we have a lot of ads on other smartphones or a lot of bloatware and stuff like that this is still that almost stock Android experience that you would expect apart from some Motorola specific apps like the moto display and all these things here we have but apart from that no bloatware no ads no crap pair that is a big deal so I would say and many of the users are fed up because we are simply not getting that type of smartphones in the mid-range market

so that way I really like it and because it’s having that almost stock Android experience the food is also very fast and the processor used is the Snapdragon 730 G on this one which is again a blazingly fast processor and because it’s almost stock Android experience it’s a very fast phone and this comes with only one variant six gigabytes of RAM and I’m happy to say that that six gigabytes of RAM handle everything you throw on it fine they don’t have to worry about it so that’s actually a nice thing and the storage is again 128 gigabytes which I feel for this price point is decent next if I talk about another small thing is that this one has the headphone jack and I have to say the quality of output that I got from the headphone 3.5 mm headphone jack was actually good on this

This IS Budget phone under 20k

one I tested it with multiple headphones, for example, my audio Technica m50x then also my grad, oh and some of the budget-oriented Sennheiser’s like the C 275 s which I reviewed and again the audio output that I got from all of them was fantastic so if you listen to a lot of music and have some good decent a 3.5 mm headphone jack based your phones and headphones you will enjoy the music on this one next if we talk about the processor as I told you it’s the Snapdragon 730 G and it’s a very good processor I would say in the mid-range as of now this is the most powerful processor that you can get and because of that again no lag or anything that have noticed on this so again

the UI experience is also very cold on this one now if we talk about the call quality and network and yet as you can see guys both of my sims are actually in this that’s my Airtel as well as geo sim and I would say the network reception is above average for example in this area of my office generally with many of the phones the signal drops quite a bit low but on this one, I would say it doesn’t denote proper bar but I would say it’s slightly over one bar compared to many of the other phones and that is what I noticed in terms of network reception the network reception is good going to the Year peace quality is also good but I won’t say it’s the best if I have to rate at a low rate at 8.5 out of 10 it’s not like I had any problem but I would say

I have seen better you’re pleased but again those are on higher-end smartphones moving to the speaker here I’m happy to say that it’s not I mean the stereo speaker on anything but the speaker is actually pretty loud let me actually let’s go to the Wi-Fi and search for my own videos and let’s just try to playback this one it’s so as you heard guys the audio quality is actually good on this one so it’s a single speaker actually much louder compared to many of the other smartphones now moving to another thing that I liked is that it does not have any what do you say notification light or anything like that physical but it has a motor display for example when you pick up the phone you get this and as you can see the icons over you if you just press on it

Motorola One Fusion+ Review with Pros & Cons Ideal Mid-Ranger

it gives you an idea what’s happening in fact if you have fewer emails it will actually read it out and stuff like this so so I like this implementation of that what do you say notifications on this one you have to pick it up and it goes and now a movie too another thing is that this one has a fingerprint scanner here at the back so again it’s fine I didn’t have a pro because of the animation it takes about half a second but it is fast it’s that animation that is taking half a second and again it’s a very reliable love in the printer scanner so if you prefer these physical fingerprint scanner yeah you have this one now moving to another thing that is regarding the gaming

I played only call of duty on this smartphone but as it’s having the Snapdragon 730 G the performance was very good so again the 730 G as you can see is the gaming-centric chipset and again you can play most of the popular heavy games also without any issues on that one now let’s move to one thing that really impressed me on this smartphone and that’s the battery on paper it has that five thousand milliamp-hour battery on this one and I have to say the battery results that I got on this one are amazing in terms of the screen on time anywhere around 9 hours to 11 hours of screen on time as you can see with this battery stats and in terms of standby time that was also very good for most users it will give you about two days worth of battery life and even for heavy users you can expect about one and a half days of battery life

so that is one thing that really impressed me in terms of battery life the optimizations what they have done and because of that stock Android I would say the battery life that we are getting on this moon is excellent it comes with an 18-watt fast charger in the box so again in terms of battery life I really like that and idle drain is also very very less it feels like it’s having more than 5,000 milliamp-hour battery because I have reviewed so many other phones having battery closer to 5,000 but this one goes really ahead I would say now moving to another thing if you look at the back it has that quad camera set up on this smartphone and the main camera is actually that sixty-four megapixels then we have 8 megapixel that’s ultra-wide 5 megapixel is macro and the 2 megapixel is 4 depth the front-facing camera as I’ve told you to let me show you here as you can see it’s that pop-up camera and it’s a 16 megapixel that you’re getting and here are some of the sample shots that

I have taken with this Motorola one fusion class and as you can see the camera performance is actually really good this is one thing that actually surprised me even if you look at the skin tones what produced actually very well and in fact even when what do you say artificial lighting conditions it performed actually pretty well only when the lighting conditions were very low yes it did struggle a little bit but that’s the case with most of the mid-range smartphones and in fact I am I’m going to say this till date in 2020 I always said that the poco x2 Street facing camera was the best but this one comes very close to that yes the poco x2 in one or two areas

Motorola One Fusion+ Review

I felt its rear-facing camera went slightly ahead but this one was no slouch which is a big surprise frankly for me also and in fact, it also has the night mode and all those things and the night mode actually works very well as you can see the sample was taken without the night mode and this was taken in the night mode moving to the front-facing camera it’s that pop-up camera that we are getting and as you can see with the sample chadsteph front-facing camera performance is also very good it’s a 16 megapixel but it actually does pixel pinning that means normal shots which makes it are actually at that four megapixels and yes it does a good job but I felt that the front-facing camera in artificial lighting conditions does struggle up a little bit hopefully with the software update they can fix it so guys

these were the good things about the device and I have to stress that stock Android without the ads is a big deal as of now considering what is happening these days now let’s move to the cons and these are some very peculiar cons but let’s go over them and the first thing is we have a dedicated button here for the Google assistant and one extra button and if you present the Google assistant will come up but it is very strange that inside the UI they haven’t actually given us an option to customize this I don’t use that Google assistant that much so if they would have given up to customize it that would have been great home – one more thing that I simply did not like is that the compass sensor is simply not there for example as I try to run this app it says that the compass sensor is not there it’s not a deal-breaker because

I did some navigation with Google Maps and it works but try to see that the compass sensor is missing on this smartphone now moving to one more thing man this is some nitpicking I would say right now it’s connected to Wi-Fi and this actually supports what do you save Wi-Fi calling by default and right now as it’s connected by Wi-Fi it will use Wi-Fi calling and not a regular one but we don’t have a toggle here for shutting off the Wi-Fi chording if you want to do that you have to actually hit this button and then only it won’t use that Wi-Fi calling so I hope they implement the Wi-Fi calling option and the settings for the future update next thing is as I’ve told you the camera specifically the front-facing camera I feel could do a little bit better in difficult lighting conditions hopefully they do that too with the software OTA update and moving to the next thing does that regarding updates Motorola has said

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when I spoke to them before the phone was launched that this device will be getting the Android what do you say update if I go to update system updates for the next Android versions right now it’s on my Android 10 will also be getting Android 11 and month and that what do you say Android security updates for the next two years also but as you can see still it’s on the April update so I don’t think so that security upgrades will be getting monthly but looks like we might get it every three or four months so that is also something you got to know and apart from that

I would say the back is again that polycarbonate plastic kind of a bag this reminds me of the Samsung galaxy m31 so best to use it with the case that is supplied in the box and lastly this has that Feitosa million power battery and supplying that 18-watt fast charger I feel they could have gone with slightly higher wattage stacked like 25 watts or something that time but overall I would say I’m liking this phone for that stock Android that you’re having no bloatware no ads I can’t stress how much important that is as of now and also the processor that is used at 7:30 g is a very good processor and as I’ve told you the battery life was terrific so overall

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I would say for the price point of 17,000 rupees certainly this is a very good Android phone anyways guys that’s it for my review of this motor phone if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribes button this is Ranjit and I hope to see you in my next post take care guys

Realme X3 SuperZoom Unboxing & Overview with Samples

hi, guys, this is tech tips mobile and in this video let’s do the unboxing and have a first look at this real me x3 super zoom and in fact, they launched two variants this is the zoom one they also not a regular one and this is certainly a camera-centric smartphone so guys as you look at the back this one is part by the snapdragon 855 t-Boz and this says that it has got that 120 Hertz display it’s an IPS LCD screen guys and it’s so full HD plus and the big thing is that this one is coming with that 64-megapixel main camera and it’s a 60 X zoom that is a game digital zoom periscope zoom but I feel up to 20 X it should be okay and some of you keep asking me about SAR value so here it is sarva you for the head is one point one eight eight and for the body is zero point nine zero six and it comes in two variants guys

this is the higher-end variant that comes with 12 EK bytes of ram and 256 they’ll all show me another variant that comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage so pricing for that one starts at 28,000 and this is 33,000 and will be sold a Flipkart I’ll leave the links so let’s open this up oops and here it says real me and looks like case and some paperwork I’ll just keep to the side and there’s a typical I will see if that plastic TPU case that you’re getting and this is slightly coloured greyish colour I would say let me keep this to the side and here is the phone itself and then let’s just open this up and this what do you say dark bluish-green gives a gradient as you can see if you can see here gives that gradient and again that highlight is that periscope camera for the zoom again

we have two cameras even on the front one certainly a camera centred smartphone and what else do we get we just get a USB type-c cable as you can see and the sim ejector tool is also here and we get a fast charger just says read me over here and this is actually a 30 watt a fast charger so let me give this thing to the side let’s look at there device itself a screen guard is actually pre-installed guys as you can see so that is supply installed and let me give you a physical overview on the top we have a secondary noise cancellation microphone now this and we have the fingerprint sensor and I believe this might be also the power one yes a test dot type power button also the bottom will be the speaker your SIM tray is here so let’s look at it and see the configuration what do we get

so it’s just dual SIM nano guys no expansion slot so again beware of that no micro SD card slot on the same and here we have the volume rockers on this one not that watt cameras set up and front again that dual camera and let me just try to power it on and by the time it actually boots up and I set it up here as a configuration overview this real me x3 superzoom is having a six point six inch full HD plus IPS LCD screen with hundred twenty Hertz display a refresh rate it sparked by the snapdragon 855 plus octa-core processor protected by Gorilla Glass five comes with eight or twelve gigabytes of RAM and storage would be 128 or 256 and it’s EF s3 storage go into the camera it’s a quad camera setup the main camera is a 64 megapixel F 1.8 then we have an 8 megapixel that is 5x zoom with the periscope zoom option and 8 megapixel is ultra white and then we have a 2 megapixel phone macro moving to the front facing camera is a 32 megapixel and also a 8 megapixel ultra wide camera and it comes to the 4200 milliamp hour battery with a 30 watt fast charger so guys have set up the device

so let’s have a first look at the same and as you can see this is having that six-point six inches screen and again this is coming with the new real new UI you have the app tray and some chunker’s and star so, for example, you see browser let’s see we can uninstall it, yes you can uninstall some of the chunks that is pre-installed so that’s nice daily hunt yes you can definitely uninstall some of the channels and the thing is that though that’s it’s an IPS LCD screen so the viewing angles are good but this is supposed to have that hand 20 Hertz option so let’s see by deep what I didn’t change it let’s see what it comes by default that’s a display and I’m increased a timeout also and auto-brightness has disabled it again so but it’s their screen refresh rate so it’s right non-orto but let’s just force a 220 so I’ve forced 220 and in animations, it slightly becomes actually faster

I would say so that is something that you notice with hand 20 Hertz I’ll test it with 120 Hertz only if you guys want a review of this one I do let me know what do you want me to keep it at 60 100 but again this is typically what do you say the new real me you, I so you have everything laid out over here and this is the higher end of variant guys so let’s now look at the storage it might be in additional settings and about 21 gigabytes is sort of used out of that 256 gigabytes of storage so that’s regarding the storage and obviously this is having the virtual buttons but again you can have the full navigation I’m pretty sure to let’s just try to change that Manvi creation buttons to what do you say swipe gestures and something like that so yeah so again you have this so you just swipe like this and hold it this is how the new Android is so I’ll just use it like this and because

it’s running on the snapdragon 855 + SOC again, in general, you why you should have a problem with the same on this one and guys note that the base we and will come with 8 gigabytes of RAM this is the 256 this comes with 20 bytes of RAM and the fingerprint scanner is mounted over here I mean as you can see it is a pretty responsive very response, in fact, you don’t have to press it if you just place your hand over here it unlocks but this is actually the power button also I wish they went with an amulet scheme but this is what we are getting and that front if you notice we have that bell shaped design because this one is having that dual camera and the primary camera is actually a 32 megapixel which is a Sony sensor and we also have ultra wide and let’s also look at the rear facing camera that that room and all those things I don’t think so you I will change that much but I’m just curious so definitely as you can see this is the regular one Anna’s it’s a Snapdragon 820 file

I don’t think so yeah as you can see it’s really fast so you have one X this is that wide-angle and again then if I go it goes to two eggs own then the next option is 5x and this is also optical guys it’s zooming crazy very high and then we have 10x but you can do digital zoom also up to sixty exit beams I don’t think so you should go to 60 X but definitely that 10 or even 20 X as you can see you can go crazy like this if you want should be good and I will definitely test that and you have a dedicated 64-megapixel mode also on this one as you can see and here are some of the other modes like macro and the proof that is the manual mode now

let’s look at the front-facing camera and this is the front-facing camera and how do we move record as a photo mode and here okay here as you can see this is regular and if I press this this go to goes to that ultra wide so this is nice ultra wide on a front-facing camera I feel it can be useful if we have two or three people taking selfies that can be useful and by default some Beauty modes are enabled so disable all that things and let me do one thing let me actually take some sample shots with this one so that you have a better idea regarding the camera so here are the samples I do feel that it saturates the color a little bit but again some of you might like that vibrancy and punchiness and the colors as you can see and for more or less as you can see you get some very good shots this was that wide-angle lens and this is zoom this is regular then there’s 2x this is that 5x this is 10x so one more example regular this is that 2 X 5 X and 10 and going bonkers with the zoom and this was that ultra wide again for close-up shots also as you can see this is regular and the macro also does a good shot now moving to artificial lighting

here I felt that it did not over saturate the colours as it did outdoors and they’ll close to nature and also you get some good shots this is regular and this was the wide-angle lens now move the human subjects again as you can see here Elsa did a good job this was a zoo this was ultra wide and this is again regular a shark and here I used that background blur option and here that zoom option with the background blur and as you can see you said to get some good shots with the same moving to the front facing the camera the 32 megapixel does a good job but the wide-angle makes it dark as you can see one more example this was the regular shot and this was that ultra wide-angle shooting this video with a front-facing camera and you can set it to wide-angle as you can see I’ve set it to wide-angle so it’s nice that they’re allowing us to shoot the video even in this wide angle now I’ll just switch to the regular angle so that you can see the difference now switch to regular angle and also

I have enabled a stabilization option and as you can see I’m just walking around and in fact, it looks actually good in the preview window you guys let me know what do you feel this is with that stabilized option and even though I’m just walking around might be good for a walk style videos like this so guys that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this real me x3 super zoom so what do you guys think about this one and if you guys want I can do a full in-depth review of the smartphone after using it for about a week or 10 days so do let me know about the same anyways guys that’s it, for now, thanks for watching and if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribes button this is Ranjit and I hope to see you in my next video take care guys

OnePlus x Fortnite 90FPS Smartphone Gaming

iPhone SE 2 (2020) Unboxing & Overview Most Affordable iPhone

THE HUAWEI MATE 40 PRO – Insane New Feature!


the Huawei mate 40 Pro it’s coming with insane new features and I’ll be sharing the details right after this if you’re new here want to stay up to date with the latest tech please hit subscribe followed by the Bell you can also keep up on Facebook Instagram and Twitter by clicking the links in the description so as we approach the launch of the Huawei mate 40 pro what people are getting excited about what we can expect and waiting to see what difference is that there’s gonna be

HUAWEI MATE 40 PRO here is the latest feature

we’ve already had news of great hardware and insane new features so we’re gonna go through all of the details now before we get started please like the video if you’re waiting for the Huawei mate 40 and let me know in the comments if there’s any other phone you guys are waiting for but when it comes to the Huawei mate 40 pro we can, of course, expect incredible looks performance and photography the Huawei mate 40 pro is expected to top the DxO mark leaderboards as usual and

it’s gonna come with a new form of camera technology and of course very early on we had plenty of information about the mate 40 camera and it just keeps getting better and better while we filed a patent back in January that revealed a smartphone with a Penta camera setup on the rear the pattern illustrations were a mate like the design so it was expected to be the Huawei mate 40 pro the patent revealed that we could be seeing up to 8 cameras in total on the Huawei mate 40 Pro

and further to this we had another patent filed for the rear camera and it’s expected that this will be for the mate 40 pro it’s something we’ve never seen before and while it may seem a little gimmicky it is also very practical this patent filed was issued at to the World Intellectual Property Office and it was uncovered at by let’s go digital

This Is Biggest Camera Phone Ever

we’re very much hoping this is for the mate 40 Pro and as you can see it’s for a display around the circular camera housing this display is going to be able to show things like alerts and messages and furthermore it’s going to be used as a touch ring to quickly change it some useful settings some examples given a volume control what camera zooming in and out flipping pages left or right as well as controlling at the clock or the alarm considering the index finger is roughly in this area while holding the mate 40 Pro it does seem like a great way to quickly control these frequently used functions

the pattern came with extensive documentation at leading analysts to believe that the technology was already well underway and could be expected to be seen on the Mate 40 Pro as well as these patterns being unveiled at minty quo has also advised that the Mate 40 Pro is gonna come up with freeform lens technology he states it this new camera technology is going to give us a wide-angle lens with reduced distortion in wide-angle lenses that we generally get some blurring at the edges and of course that fisheye effect that a lot of people are beginning to dislike this new freeform lens however enables zero chromatic aberrations to zero vignetting effects and it’s just a much clearer picture on the whole while

we are always pushing the boundaries of mobile photography so it’s great to see that the mate 40 pro is gonna be no different now when it comes to the power side of things that many sources were claiming that the Mate 40 Pro was gonna be using it the current 1020 system-on-chip well that was pretty much a given it’s actually incorrect is there naming the new chip the Kieran 1000 and you leaked from time confirms that they are going to be naming it the new chipset the Kieran 1000 and they also confirm

it’s manufactured at using 5-nanometer lithography the chipsets gonna feature an ARM Cortex a 77 which brings 20% performance improvements and with the smaller nodes will, of course, get better power efficiency as well it comes with the Mali g77 GPU and as did its predecessor it comes equipped with an integrated 5g modem meaning all versions of the Huawei mate 40 are going to be 5g compatible when it comes to the design of the Huawei mate 40 Pro it there’s been plenty of concepts floating around so you’ve probably already seen a few of them some of them are along the right lines where some of them are just completely made up my favourite has to be the concept of the mate 40 Pro with the inverted not many jumped on this concept

This Is Most Premium Phone

it’s clearly just a Photoshop that’s gonna be attempted when it comes to the design though there are a lot of disagreements currently normally as we approach the launch things start to get clearer we still have many people saying it’s gonna be quiet first in-display camera and others saying that there’s only gonna be minor changes well I would love to see the in-display camera in the hallway make 40 Pro we do have to be a little bit realistic with our expectations to start with the Huawei mate 40 pro is expected to have a notch the reason for this is of course because of the face unlock biometrics while we tend to use the secure 3d face unlock so it’s unlikely that even if

the in-display technology was ready they’d have it accurately working and for all of the cameras and sensors that being said the other side of the argument is that Huawei may ditch all of it in favour of the in-display camera the truth is though no one knows right now as soon as we get a solid leak I will be updating you guys considering the mate does typically keep to the same form factor we can expect a relatively similar design

the Huawei mate 40 pro is rumoured to be increasing the display size even further this time we can expect something around a six-point seven-inch display it will, of course, be an OLED display protected by Gorilla Glass 6 and have a reasonably high screen to body ratio the mate 40 Pro is also gonna have an in-display fingerprint scanner they’re reportedly going to be sticking with just over a 2k resolution with a reasonable PPI and it’s also gonna support HDR 10 plus there are many rumours Tanglin it’s going to be a 90 or 120 Hertz display but I haven’t seen any evidence so at this point is just speculation we can be pretty certain that the Mate 40 Pro will have at least 90 hurts though and my money

Here is specification

it would be on 120 it’s likely that they’re also gonna stake with the waterfall style display given how popular it was on the predecessor and we’re expecting an aspect ratio of nineteen and a half by nine as we discussed earlier it’s gonna be powered up by the Kirin 1000 system-on-chip and it will, of course, be shipping with the EMU I 11 it’s going to come with the choice of 128 or 256 gigs of internal storage what many other manufacturers are putting unnecessary Cherie amounts of RAM in their phones it’s expected that the Mate 40 Pro is going to come with 10 gigs of RAM it will, of course, offer expandable storage in the form of a nano memory card when it comes to the cameras is reportedly gonna have a Penta camera system on the rear in the circular camera housing

we’re used to seeing it will, of course, be Leica cameras and when we don’t know exactly what lenses are being used we know to expect the periscope and the free film camera there are rumours that we’ll be seeing a 64-megapixel primary sensor but to be honest I wouldn’t worry too much about what cameras they pick in standard Huawei tradition at whatever cameras they pick they’ll make it work and the phone will no doubt be incredible for photography when it comes to the video will, of course, have both optical image stabilization as well as electronic and it’s expected that the devices can be capable of 8k videos at 30 frames per second we’re very unlikely to see a three and a half mil or do jack on the Huawei mate 40 pro but we are hoping for stereo speakers

it’s all going to be powered by a larger battery than its predecessor thanks to the additional size and rumours are suggesting a 4,800 milliamp-hour battery its predecessor came as support for 40 watts fast charging in 27-watt Wireless so we can expect improvements on this but as of yet, we haven’t had any details, of course, one of the biggest questions on everyone’s minds is will this have Google, of course, it will come with Android but as many of you know there have been tensions between Huawei in the USA recently this caused the USA to add them to a ban list this, in turn, means that Google can no longer deal with Huawei, more ha wait can still use Android open source project

it means that it won’t have Google services the truth is though at the moment we still don’t know if there have been any changes here we haven’t had anything to say it’s resolved yet so I can only assume that there haven’t been any changes but for those that need Google what there are still a few workarounds it is, however, a shame as Huawei has been going rapidly through the years and this is a huge setback for the company although many people have still purchased their phones it’s no doubt caused them a reduction sales, of course, it’s not going to be too much longer until we find out all of the details the release is expected to be in the middle of September and for those curious about the cost it’s going to be a hard one to judge there’s been quite a bit of variation

I love this phone

when it comes to smartphone pricing lately and given that it may not come with Google we could also see it being slightly cheaper although that is the case though what we do have to remember that there’s also very expensive hardware inside this phone so they can’t sell it for too little personally I’m gonna estimate that we see the Huawei mate 40 launched around $900 in the Mait 40 Pro to be about 1150 they will no doubt also, be a special port for addition as usual but currently,

we haven’t had any information unfortunately that’s all I’ve got for you today and unlike other smartphones, at the moment the mate 40 news has involved a lot of speculation as soon as any solid leak come to light though I will, of course, be sharing them with you guys straight away as always I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments who out there is waiting for the Huawei mate 40 and you waiting for the mate 40 or the mate 40 Pro but thanks for watching the video if you liked it smash a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and I’ll see you guys in the next one

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 20 – Insane Upgrades!

ONEPLUS Z – This Is Insane! This Upcoming Phone In Oneplus

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 20 – Insane Upgrades!

Sennheiser CX 275S Earphones Review Is this the Best


hi, guys, this is tech tips mobile then in this post let’s do the review of the Sinai’s ER r CX 275 s and I would say these are the sort of the successor to the Sennheiser CX 180 which I had actually interviewed almost last year I would if I recall and these actually sounded really good but the big problem with this one was that it did not have an integrated microphone whereas this one actually now has an integrated microphone and the cost has also increased

now you can get the CX 180 for about 700 rupees but this one is about 1600 rupees I had actually ordered this one around the end of me after the lockdown was lifted but now I checked Amazon had purchased it via that the pricing is 1600 I’ll leave the link below so what do I feel about this one so you do get something extra with this one as you can see it comes in this box will you have two pairs of extra here but obviously we have this hunch for you but it’s also carrying the pouch-like this is a nice carrying pouch

This Is Good Quality Earphone In Budget

I didn’t expect that we get it but we got this and we also get one extra what do you say right-angled tip if you want one is actually pre-attached so you have this is the extra watery box that just standard that we are getting again these are in here and actually I didn’t have to change the tips the default dip so very very comfortable and let me actually show you it’s slightly different compared to the CX 180 as you can see from the back we have the Sennheiser branding also over here and slightly a better quality I was it’s still plastic but slightly better quality and the big thing is that

this one has an integrated microphone over here with that same as the logo via the Seguin plastic and just a single button to take or in calls, no buttons even to adjust a volume and I was hoping that the wire quality would be better compared to the CX 180 but it’s exactly the same as the C 180 so again if you are sort of a rough user you can break it but again a Sennheiser does offer two years warranty and

This Is Budget Range Earphone

I’ve heard from you guys that some of you have got your products replaced after one and a half years so easily with Sennheiser so again you have that two years warranty to this but again I wished the wire of this one was slightly better or at least this one was upgraded cable but again still we don’t get something like that now let’s talk about the sound quality on this one and very similar to the CX 180 the sun quality and this one is actually really really good

if we talk about the bass again it’s not basic bass is their bass comes I would say when it is required and the biggest thing that I liked about this one was the soundstage and the stereo separation and imaging that you’ve got it’s a very immersive experience again no active noise cancellation on anything but again as these are in years you put them inside it blocks about 90% of the sound so again if you’re wearing at this outdoors or something you got to be careful about that but in terms of sound quality,

it was very good the bass as I’ve told what’s very very done it’s not bass head but the bass I like water that’s punchy bass comes gives the depth and when it’s not required it goes away so the bass has been done very well I would say also when it comes to vocals I feel the vocals are produced brilliantly on this one it sounded great and coming to high tones also I feel here like typicals Sennheiser earphones they do booster what do you say high tones

You Can Buy on Online

that’s the treble tones slightly a little bit I would say slightly less compared to the CX of 180 the 6 180 might be too sharp but still, I would say it’s slightly sharper but many of you might enjoy but if you don’t like that slightly emphasized high tones than that might be an issue but overall I really loved the sound quality I was skating on this one and suddenly I have tested a lot of gear fools and these I would say would be my top recommendation if you are a person who listens to a lot of the music you’ll really enjoy them it has that Sinai’s ER what do you say typical sound signature coming to the microphone quality is good

I did make some calls with this one and but again don’t expect anything fancy lies noise cancellation or anything so if you use it outdoors where it’s a lot of windy people might complain but indoors and moving around in the office and stuff it was very clear and nobody complained so overall I would say I like this one and you’re sort of paying that the premium for that integrated microphone and yes the sound quality has improved slightly compared to the CX 180 but more or less the sound signature is similar to the CX 180 so definitely I would say if you are looking for a wired headset and can go up to this 1500 1600 price point this is actually really good

but I do wish Sennheiser changes the water quality that is my biggest problem with these Sennheiser CX 180 or even this one so as if you are sort of a rough user you can actually pick it up anyways guys that are it for the review of this one again I have reviewed tons and tons of other headphones and even here phones on my youtube channel so I’ll leave the playlist in the description below anyways guys that’s it, for now, thanks for reading this is tech tips mobile and I hope to see you in my next post and guys take care

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OnePlus x Fortnite 90FPS Smartphone Gaming

I’ve used other phones in the past with high refresh rates but often you just won’t even see an option to go above 60 fps, of course, you also need a phone that can support 90 Hertz or higher to even think about 90 fps the reason this is interesting is because you can’t even get 90 FPS on many game consoles so it’s a scene on a smartphone on a game like a fortnight would be pretty impressive so in this box in front of me, I have the Verizon variant of the one plus 8 the standard edition which comes in this exclusive colour polar where is it polar silver now if you watched my original 1+8 unboxing video I got it in the the interstellar colour which is the flashy er version you’ve seen popping around but I’m kind of interested to check this one out because it has a more brushed the finish

which should be more resistant to fingerprints let’s go ahead and unbox this first we’ll take a look at that polar silver then I will load up fortnight and we’ll see if we can get it to run at 90 fps you have the device presented on top, of course, this one is capable of warp charge just like the another one you have a 30-watt charger included there’s a 4300 milliamp-hour battery this is the 128-gigabyte version as well USB type-c cable these are the bullets wired version which connects via USB type-c and then break out to an in-ear headset and microphone oh okay this is the type of finish that I’m really hoping to see more frequently on smartphones it just looks better longer because of its resistance to fingerprints so I have the device booted up and as you can see

Oneplus 8 Gaming Fortunate

I have a fortnight installed but if you’re gonna do this yourself all you need to do is take your 1 plus 8 or 1 plus 8 Pro into the App Store download the game and you should have access to this new 90 FPS feature set also if you happen to be in India you can head over to the game space section of your device and actually install Fortnight directly from there and regardless you’re gonna want to enter the game space specifically to launch your game because there are features within here to optimize your gameplay so as you can see within here there’s something called fanatic mode supercharged your gaming it experience if I click this button

it will block all notifications and calls and it will also restrict the background processes in order to boost the gameplay or provide the optimal performance to the game CPU optimized GPU optimized Ram optimized and network optimization as well now the reason this is a big deal is because previously ninety FPS was a the thing that was only available on high-end gaming platforms gaming PCs and so forth, in fact,

Gaming In 90 FPS

you don’t see it in an Xbox you don’t see it in a Playstation slow frame rates are one of the reasons that people haven’t up until now considered the smartphone is a viable gaming platform alternative and this the partnership between fortnight and one plus is the first time that you have an a-list 3d Unreal Engine built game capable of 90 FPS you can’t do it on Call of Duty, it doesn’t exist on pop G now once you get into the actual game you’re gonna want to head over to your settings this is where you can select your frame rate and as you can see here

I have 90 FPS selected but as we toggle through you’ll see 20 30 45 60 and then 90 which again is unlocked because of the fact that I’m playing this on a 1+8 now there’s another setting below there that allows you to show your effective fps in-game so I’m gonna switch that to on as well so you can see in the top the corner that we’re actually able to achieve 90 fps see if we can get a victory here am I setting fire expectations to I got the smooth

I got the smooth frames I’m just on the bus right now but if you look up in the corner here there we go achieving up to 90 FPS and of course, this display is capable of showcasing it because this is a 90 Hertz display and the thing about having a high refresh or a high frame rate in gaming is it just makes the entire thing feel substantially smoother there we go now the other thing is kind of helps a a little bit with aiming as well because the fine-tuned movements that you have to make to adjust for an enemy’s location’s also subtle when you’re playing on mobile like

it’s the tiniest little movement of your thumb just swing back and forth and I know you’re only watching this in 30 frames on this video but I promise you it’s an incredibly fluid experience as far as what if what a smartphone is able to deliver let’s go see if we can clean up this mess or us might get cleaned up ourselves we’ll see some gunshots over here Pleasant Park man it’s a lot of action over here holy yea oftentimes you might wonder about the ability for a smartphone to keep it locked at the high-performance level to be able to maintain 90 FPS instead of just hitting it but I’m looking up at the top corner every so often and it’s just as long

as I’m running around here it appears to be pretty stuck at 90 frames if not glued were you at what sounds close what does it sound closer than it is over there do it in the water why are you dropping that uh he got me I mean it’s actually kind of amazing what they’re capable of achieving now gaming experiences on smartphones ninety FPS ninety Hertz you guys know I’ve been talking about fast the refresh rate for a long time but I get a lot of questions back people saying well how can I take advantage of it well here’s an example of it being put to good use it’s

just kind of funny and cool to have a higher frame rate on your the smartphone then your game console or any another smartphone for that matter because this is an exclusive deal between 1 + + fortnight that is the Verizon exclusive Poehler silver 1+8 starting at 799 bucks it’s got 5g speed it’s also got gaming speed up to 90 FPS as you just saw on the fortnight will it make you a better player, maybe I don’t know I can’t say I’ll tell you what it’ll give you very smooth gaming experience and it’ll at least give you some bragging rights over your console friends say Nam I’m out you’re playing a 90 FPS on my phone

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