Best games for android offline 2021

Best games for android offline 2021
Best games for android offline 2021

Best games for android offline

Mobile games are growing and updating their versions back-to-back. In the year 2020, there has been a huge improvement in terms of graphics and gameplay. A lot of PC games come in their mobile version for the convenience of the user because assumed that mobile is more convenient than PC.

There is a collection of offline and online games from which mobile gaming lovers can choose. A lot of people do not have 24 hours internet connection keeping this in mind developer has developed the offline and online both types of games. Some of them are given below:


  1. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is a dinosaur-themed survival game. It is one of the most enjoyable android game which we can play single and with others also. Ark is a blend of first-person survival and research, where we have to survive with dinosaurs and fight for our space.

This game is completely offline once its download for the same stage. Forgoing to the next level we need an internet connection and download that and then we can play offline means we can go from one level to another with the help of the internet than can play that offline. It has a hidden story that you have to play to know. Be aware it is a heavy application. You have to have a better android phone like android 7.0 or higher.


2. Terraria

Terraria has developed by re-logic. The game was firstly released in 2011 by Microsoft window since comes on various platform. There are various options in Terraria. Terraria is a land of adventure, mystery, land that’s yours to design and enjoy. Terraria is a single Player and Multiplayer button in the menu.

You can select Single-player and create your world and after stored in your computer it will work completely offline. You have to turn on your Wi-Fi or hotspot for the multiplayer or for creating a different world once it will download completely then you can play offline. You will also need to connect with your internet for using the steam cloud feature to have your characters.


3.Mine craft

We can play Minecraft offline. You just have to set up things or make changes to the configuration to set the games playing offline then you can play the game offline. You need an internet connection for downloading once it downloaded it will work completely offline after some changed in configuration.

There is a lot of things which we can avoid to be offline player one of them is the installation of update which can be heavy or not support our era. While you play the game offline you can play everywhere like train, bus, while traveling, etc.


4. Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures can be played offline but only at the current adventure level. Rayman adventure is developed by Unisoft for various platforms like iOS, Android, PlayStation, etc.

There are many things that we can buy online and get more features and make our adventure more enjoyable which is available offline


5. Star Realms

Star Realms now available in the android version. We can play Star Realms on our android mobile. It is a card-based deck-building game. It is published in 2014 by Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle. A card set contains:

  •  There is One 80 card Trade Deck in 4 different factions
  •  10 Explorer cards
  •  18 double-sided Authority cards for keeping score
  •   Two Rules Sheets

We can play this offline also once it will download completely. It is a 2 or 4 player game. To play it we need at least 2 players.


6.Temple Run

Temple Run is an endless running video game. It is one of the most popular games and launched by Imangi Studios. We can see this game easily on every person’s mobile. Temple Run is an offline game and the most enjoyable game.

In this we have to download it with the internet once after the downloading, it works offline completely. There is a very easy theme where we need to collect coins and can buy the advanced features from the collected coins. Now we have the advanced version of it Temple Run 2 in it we have advanced features like Running, Jumping, and Turning, etc. You need to download and play it you really enjoy this game.


7.Ludo King

Ludo King is one of the most famous games in the entire world. In this pandemic, people love to use it and spend a lot of time on it. In the pandemic people have set an unbreakable record on the dashboard it is an amazing offline game. Ludo King provides the facility of playing with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 players offline.

There is an option where we can play online with other online friends. If we do not want to play online we can create a room offline it generates a code, shares the code with friends, and can play. In the Ludo King, we have another game called snakes and ladder generally people called it ‘saanp seedi’ game also. People like it also and love to play.


In this we let you know about the various offline games some of them are named above Like Ark: Survival Evolved, Terraria, my craft, Rayman Adventures, Star Realms, Temple Run, and Ludo King. There is a lot of games where we can go with internet connection or play offline only with the android mobile.

We need to keep in mind our time, our health, our important stuff. We don’t need to spend our whole time with the game. Games is developed for just enjoyment and we only use them for enjoyment, not every time.

Nowadays the people aged 7-13 spend more time in games. We have told them and need to let them know about their future

If our information is useful for you so please let us know by through a comment. Thank you.

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