Best Wireless Headphones under Rs.3,000

Best Wireless Headphones under Rs.3,000
Best Wireless Headphones under Rs.3,000

For the best sound experience, most of the peoples are preferring Wireless Headphones instead of an earphone. Wireless Headphone has big and soft buds that provide a soothing sound experience.

Today no one wants a headache of wire for listening to songs and attend the calls and that’s why people are going with wireless devices. But as we know there are a lot of Wireless headphone available online and choosing the best one is quite a difficult task. That’s why today in this article, we will provide the details of the Best Wireless Headphones under Rs.3,000.


Best Wireless Headphones under Rs.3,000

1. Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 Wireless Headphones

This Wireless Headphone is a good choice for you because it comes with Dual Equalizer that will provide an amazing and powerful Bass experience.


  • It has 20 hours of playback time in just 2 hours of charging.
  • It comes with a hand-free calling feature, which allows to call and listen to songs with just a button.
  • This headphone has lined earcups with soft cushion.
  • The company is providing a 1-year warranty for this headphone.


  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • Connect the devices without any wire trouble.
  • Deep bass will provide an amazing sound experience.


  • It has a bit small connecting range.



2. JBL T460BT Extra Bass Wireless On-Ear Headphones


With this headphone, users will be able to get signature sound. It will provide an amazing and powerful bass experience. It is made up of good quality material so that users can use it for a long time.


  • It provides 11 hours of playback time in a single charge.
  • Users can listen to music on any of their Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Users can control the music by earphone, which is placed on earbuds.
  • The company is providing a 1-year warranty for this headphone.


  • It is a foldable and lightweight headphone.
  • There are no strings attached to this headphone.
  • It is made up of high-quality material.


  • There is no noise cancellation feature.


3. boAt Rockerz 510 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone


This is a fancy and stylish headphone that has an amazing and ergonomic design. It has very simple controls so that users can operate it easily. This is a perfect thing for your entertainment.


  • This headphone offers 20 hours of playback time in 2.5 hours of charging.
  • It has a Bluetooth range of 10 meters and compatible with all Android and iOS devices.
  • It comes with 50 mm drivers with the boat Signature sound.
  • It has a 1-year warranty.


  • It has powerful bass with a dual paring feature.
  • It has an easy tap on controls.
  • It has long hours of battery timing.


  • The cushions are not so comfort.


4. Fire-Boltt Blast 1400 Over -Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

This headphone is quite different from all others, which has a high bass quality with a thumping sound. Users will be able to listen to HD sound with this headphone and users can use it wired or wireless, as per their convenience.


  • It comes with 40 mm drivers and 90dB, which will give a crispy sound.
  • It is made up of premium materials and its cushions are very soft.
  • For activating Siri, users need to press the Multi function button.
  • It comes with 25 hours of playback time on a single charge.


  • The company had given a 1-year warranty for this headphone.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable.
  • It has a perfect stereo sound quality.


  • It is not recommended for long hours.

5. Hammer Bash Over The Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

This is a perfect headphone in which a user will get all the features they want. This headphone has an HD powerful sound. It has easy controls and users can use it either wired or wireless.

  • It comes with a waterproof and noise cancellation feature.
  • It comes with a Bluetooth range of 10 meters.
  • This headphone has PU cushioning earbuds.
  • It provides 8 hours of playback time in a single charge.


  • A perfect headphone for gaming purpose.
  • It comes with a 6-month warranty.
  • The built-in mic provides convenient call management.


  • The company should improve the battery life of this headphone.


Buying Guide

It is necessary to consider some things before buying Wireless Headphones so that you can get the best deal. These are the things –

  • Sound Quality

The most important thing that you need to consider is the sound quality, you cannot compromise with the sound quality. Today most of the headphones are coming with aptX technology that will provide an amazing sound experience with clear and crispy sound, so always consider this point.


  • Comfort in Size

It is necessary to have comfort while wearing wireless headphones so that you can wear for a long time. Many people buy a headphone for their meetings and work and they need to wear them for a long time. So it should be proper in size that will provide more comfort to you.


  • Controls

It is necessary to have easy controls for managing the headphones. Today headphones are coming with touch control and some operate with just a voice. So you should go with these technologies and some headphones pair with a normal Bluetooth function and some pair with NFC technology.


  • Battery Life

There should be a good battery life of your headphones so that you can use them for a whole day. There should be a battery that can run for the whole day on a single charge. Also, don’t forget to look for the charging time for the complete charge.


  • Price

This point can be considered as per your feature demands. If you want the best sound quality, noise-canceling feature, best design, and more amazing features then you need to go with a huge price but if you want just for voice chatting and listening to the songs then you will get it at a reasonable price.



So these are the best Wireless Headphones under Rs.3,000. Now you can choose the best one for you easily from the given products. Don’t forget to read the buying guide if you want the best deal.

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