Cheap Budget Laptop with Amazing Specs – Avita Pura Ryzen 5


hi, guys, this is tech tips mobile and in this video we’ll be doing the unboxing and having a look at this but before we do that let me actually talk about why am I doing it and if you guys follow me on Twitter a a week ago I said that I was getting a lot of inquiries from you guys to review some laptops because of this covert the situation many of you are working from home and also maybe you have children and now they have to have got a laptop because all the schools are doing it online so I said that I will be reviewing a bunch of laptops I have purchased a bunch of laptops

what I decided initially is that go for a laptop with very good configuration that’s on a tight budget then again a 1 for mid-range and one for higher and what do you say the budget is not an issue but somebody wants a very light laptops of our order – I’ve got one today we’ll be doing the budget one and I’ve also ordered a high-end one this is the Acer Swift 5, in fact, one of the lightest laptops in the world with a 14 inch touchscreen this means just 950 grams but we will talk about this one later let’s talk about this one now I’ll just keep this Acer one here so let’s talk about this one and guys, I didn’t know about this some but some of you actually tweeted about me about this company

this is known as a Vita and this product was listed I haven’t flipped the card and leave the length I did a a little bit of googling this is not a very new company actually this I saw product listed by this one on Flipkart over a year ago almost a year ago and even on Amazon so I took a risk and ordered this one but as the the configuration is actually really good it’s having a rise in 5 3,500 you processor and the pricing is just 31,000 I ordered it for 31 now the price has changed it was showing me 33 but let’s look if it’s any good because I’ve also ordered one more or what do you say a laptop similar to this

configuration from Asus, that’s the Revo book 14 I should get it – hopefully by next week but that’s cost almost 42,000 so almost 10,000 price gap difference so I was interested I took a risk of had ordered this and as you can see this is the box looks like we get oh we get a bag in this one so that’s nice because so we are getting a laptop back if you look at it later that was not mentioned anywhere so I’m glad we got it and here is the laptop itself and looks like this is the accessory box that we are getting so here we open this and look looks like this is the power brick and this is if I’ll just keep that to the side and let’s look at this laptop and guys I did a little bit of googling about this company

it’s the website is an avatar – India dot-com but guys this is not an Indian company this is actually a company based from Hong Kong just being very transparent and I peel it for this myself I took a risk for you guys to see if this is worth file or not and again as you can see it directly imported by Flipkart itself it says and it’s actually made in China like most of the stuff as you can see and the price that says is fifty-two thousand nine hundred and seis warranty or whatever what Rd I checked on Flipkart up to two years you can get so that’s what we have you have to register and this is the laptop itself and we also get a booklet and initial set up

so I’ll just keep these things to this side of the unit turnover so again so and let’s open this up so here is the laptop and guys this the external shell is plastic as you can see we have the Evita branding just can’t expect too much but let’s see what it is and let’s open this up so we have a protective layer so let’s take that out and again we have a full-size keyboard on this is also again plastic guys it has the AMD body see a rise in 5 3500 you processor this is actually a quad core processor brad has 8 threads and also has the vega 8 GPU so the configuration is actually good and some of you have asked me how does it compare to the Intel I would say this processor the 3500 you are actually slightly might be slightly better than the Intel Core i5 agent processor and let’s try to boot it up this one and by the time it actually boots up guys here is a quick configuration of this specific laptop it comes to the 14 inch the screen that’s a full HD 1080p IPS LCD screen and it sparked by the AMD risin 3500 you a quad-core processor that has eight threads moving to graphics is integrated vega 8 graphics it comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 500gb bytes of SSD

it also has a VGA camera on the front it has two USB 3 ports and one USB type-c port one HDMI and it has Windows 10s so setting it up and it comes with Windows 10 pre-installed guys, I’m just setting it up now, by the way, it will be Windows 10s more but we will get out of it you can actually get it out and get out of that and so I’ll just sign in and then we’ll continue so guys have booted it up and it’s still setting up stuff so let’s just look at one more thing and if we go to properties as you can see this is the configuration Windows 10 and it is actually pre-installed with the same let’s just zoom in a little bit to the same

I hope you can see and as you can see it’s running on the Henry risin 5 3500 you with the Radeon Vega integrated graphics and 8gb of RAM that we are having but the thing is that by default this as you can see it says it’s in the S mode that means you can’t install apps right now apart from the Windows Store but you can get out of it let me show you I’ve downloaded this CPU-z app outside but when I try to invoke as you can see it will give us that it’s an S mode and you can’t do it but we can easily get out of that as you can see for example, just hit the learn mode and here as you can see switch out of the S mode and S mode as you can see as for people

who are very new it only allows you to install the app from the Microsoft Store so if you are a new person it is good but again we know what we are doing so we can get out of this mode actually we can get it out of free for example just hit this button and let’s get up so that we can install our favourite apps like Chrome I want to install CPU-z and all these things so let’s see let’s try to get out of this windows working or not you have to wait for a couple of seconds it’s going to be creative the license is C

we are out of the export so some of you but worried about this so you can definitely get out of the S mode and it will do some updates and stuff so Windows is doing its some of these updates so we have to just wait for that and as you can see it’s the AMD risin 5-3000 foundered you this is basically a quad-core processor part has eight threads on the same and as you can see Windows is downloading some stuff so I’ll just wait but let’s actually look at the storage as you can see it turns with 512 GB of hard drive I haven’t installed anything so let’s look at it and out of that 512 are roughly about 25 gigabytes is sort of use so you are going to get only about 450 gigabytes of space available but again considering the price’s an SSD

so again that’s a good deal I frankly feel and I’ll just wait for guys still Windows is downloading quite a bit of updates and while it’s updating if you notice closely the fans are blowing quite a bit on the same and I’m not going to close it but the vents are here at the back so this back portion is actually pretty warm right now as it’s doing the updates but let it finish then we notice and see how it is because right now the fans are blowing at a high speed and this is the sound it’s making so, guys,

I rebooted the system will talk about terminal let it update and looks like now it’s out of the windows s mode let’s go to this PC go to the properties and as you can see now the windows s mode has Nina removed so you can get out now let’s install now you can install anything you want on the computer won’t restrict this was CPU Z earlier because we were an escort now now as you can see you can install anything so again you can easily get out of the S mode on the computer now let me install this

let’s just zoom a little bit and as you can see it’s the rising v itself as you can see the quiche is three cases for megabyte on this one and the memory is eight gigabytes but fortunately, it’s dual-channel guys so that’s actually nice on this graphics will be integrated we got eight graphics on the same so this gives you an idea about the processor that is used on this one again when the laptop has that load the fans to blow quite a bit and it is audible guys

but I’ll have to just use it casually because of doing the windows update and see how much annoys at me one thing I don’t like is that if you notice there is that little bit of wobble on the screen so not the sturdiest of the frame so that is something you have to note as you can see that there and again the anti-isis is also made up of plastic so if you push in a little a bit yes it’s very slight flex but again can’t expect more looks like the the keyboard is not fact alert but let me do one the thing let me just move this power brake and battery again it’s too early to comment but one thing that

I know I’m very impressed with this one the screen quality is good it’s having an IPS LCD screen and the screen quality is actually nice on this yes it’s not the brightest of the screen but as you can see it can go very low in brightness at night maximum brightness is not that much as you can it this is the maximum brightness other laptops go very bright so how does if you work it might be not that great but again in terms of colours and what the screen panel it’s a good they have used an IPS panel

I thought there they will cut corners but that’s not the case as you can see over here now let me also show you the ports and everything again as I’ve told you the front is plastic the back is also completely plastic and here are some of the vents on the same and again here this cavity is where the hot air will move out so this area is going to get hot a little bit when you’re doing some intensive tasks but again this they should have kept metallic

this is completely plastic you have cut corners on them and if we go towards this side we have USB 3 port on the same then this is the headphone microphone combo jack and this is micro SD card reader and back in vents and everything here is your power brick will go in over here again we have one more USB port and USB the type-c port is also there and again we have an HDMI port also so in terms of ports

I’m okay with this one let’s just open up no fingerprint scanner on anything again you can’t expect that much in this price range let’s just log in and because of the AMD processor that is used the performance should be actually good but let me use it a little bit and see how it works because this AMD risin 5 that is the 3500 you is a very capable processor it actually will beat many of the includes Core i5 processors that are the chain going to the trackpad looks like

we have the Windows position drivers on this one so that’s not an issue and you have those multi favoured finger gestures also available on this so truck partner to be fair I would say as responsive and stuff as you can see like this and regarding battery guys I couldn’t find the details about the capacity but I ran the battery remote report and it’s showing that it is having a battery of about just 36 what hour

they claim about 10 Oz but I’m highly sceptical about 10 hours battery life with this low capacity I am hoping at least we can get four or five us but again I’ll have to test here right now it is saying that we should get about five hours fifty-five minutes but again as you know guys windows battery stats are very wrong but just a thirty-six water battery this is a quick test with the front-facing webcam generally, the webcams on windows are not that good and that’s the same case with this one but the audio is also being recorded via

its internal microphone so that you have an idea it might be okay for casual suit stuff as you can see there’s no high-quality video then go with an external webcam another thing that I’ve noticed is that even with casual use it for example in a web browser if you have three-four tabs that fan actually comes on very quickly on this laptop, I thought to share

that with you so guys what do I feel about this one and this is just after about an hour of setting up this one so again guys know whereof you just first initial impressions what I have felt with this one let’s get to some of the things that I did not like on the flip cart page the weight of the slap top is specified as 1.21 kilograms but when I weighed as you can see it’s actually 1.3 3 kgs so I don’t like the fact they are lying about the weight on this

one another thing is that the complete construction is actually made up of plastic that is something you have to be a fair if you are thinking that metallic construction or something like that no you will be disappointed but again I can’t complain too much considering the price of this one where are you getting the Rison 5 3500 you processor which is a very a capable processor that 8 gigabytes of RAM and 500 gigabytes of SSD hence

that’s why we I notice that the performance is very snappy on this laptop loads everything very quickly and hardly any hint of what he said lag in has no lag or anything that I notice in the casual usage again too early to comment about it and I don’t know-how will be the support of this one I am sceptical about that also I did go to this Evita in the Asus website and on the support page, I found a lot of service centres but I just don’t know

how will the actual service be because on Twitter many of you had actual tag this Evita on twitter more than about a couple of dozen and we didn’t even get one reply from that company so I’m sceptical about support at least on online media like Twitter etc they are just not responsive but again I don’t want to comment a lot what do you guys think about this laptop certainly as I told you the specs are very tempting but yes it does have some compromises

as I’ve told you completely about that plastic build quality and the hinge I would say hinge like this if you use it it’s okay but off the hinge can wobble a little bit like this but again this is not a very expensive laptop so what I’ll do is guys and try to post this the review of this one later on I want to use it for the next four-five days so do let me know if you have any specific questions about this laptop I’ll try to include that in my review and I’ll also leave some links in the description below guys because it’s very similar the configuration I have noticed some other laptops also from Acer yes those are more expensive

I think so that was 438 and I have wondered also Asus we were booked almost very similar configuration to this one but that is at 42,000 so again stay tuned for that also and as I’ve told you I will have this ultrabook which is the Acer swift 5 one of the lightest laptops in the world with a 14 inch a touch screen this way is just about 950 grams so there also be covering this one later on so again if you are not subscribed to my youtube channel subscribe to the same anyways guys that’s it, for now, thanks for reading this is Ron G you can I hope to see you in my next post take care guys

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