the huawei p40 pro looks incredible and I’m gonna be sharing all the details right after this if you’re new here and won’t stay so all leaks have been a little light on the ground for the huawei p40 pro this week they’ve come flooding in and

we’ve got plenty of details surrounding the Huawei P40 the p40 Pro and the p40 Pro Premium Edition and we’ve also got what people are speculating to be live photos of the p40 Pro we’ll start with the live photos the photos appeared on Weibo and shows the front as well as the back of the phone now these photos were provided at by digital chat

Upcoming Huawei P40, Pro

who has since deleted the images but of course that we still have them well it does look like it could be the p40 pro however it could still be another device entirely or even just a Photoshop but we can see a dual punch on camera in the top left with a very curved display we’ve had photo renders as well as more cinematic ones of the p40 pro from popular concept artist waqar Khan and the p40 pro looks incredible they’re

released suggesting it that we’re going to be getting a huawei p40 Pro premium edition Huawei p40 pro , huawei p40 and a huawei p40 lite the huawei p40 pro Premium Edition and the p40 Pro a similar in design but the Premium Edition has an extra camera on the rear considering we’ve got so much information now I’m gonna run through

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the specs of all models to help you guys decide at which is best for you we’ll start with the huawei p40 pro PE the most premium edition with thehuawei p40 pro PE we get a six point seven inch full screen curved OLED display the display is going to be a quad HD plus resolution of 1440 by 30 120 giving us 550 pixels per inch as you can see we’ve got a dual punch hole camera in the top-left the display is going to be curved on all four edges and while there has been no mention of refresh rates were expecting

Huawei to provide a 120 Hertz display the p40 pro is coming equipped with an in display fingerprint scanner and it’s gonna be using Gorilla Glass six protection rumors are stating that the punch hole in the display is going to house a 40 megapixel camera along with a 3d time-of-flight depth sensor if we take a look at the rear of the p40 pro PE we can see it actually contains five cameras in the rectangular

housing the huawei p40 pro PE is rumored to be housing a fifty-two megapixel primary sensor an eight megapixel and a 16 megapixel camera we’ve got no details of the lenses but we know there is going to be a periscope lens to provide an incredible 10 times optical zoom we’re likely gonna see an


ultra wide-angle lens somewhere inside the camera housing as well the huawei p40 pro PE is of course powered by the Kiran 990 system-on-chip and coupled with up to 512 gig storage and 12 gigabytes of DVR 5 RAM it’s all going to be powered up by a 4,700 milliamp hour battery with 45 watt fast charging when using wires and apparently

an incredible 25 watt fast wireless charging as well it’s of course going to be running Android 10 in the form of emui 10 and it’s also going to be 5g next up but the huawei p40 pro with the huawei p40 pro we get a 6.5 inch curved display it will of course have an OLED display with a quality plus resolution of 1440 by 30 120 and a 120 Hertz refresh rate it’s reportedly

Here is HUAWEI P40 PRO

gonna have a screen to body ratio of 98% we get a pill shaped dual punch or camera for the selfies this is reportedly gonna consist of an ultra wide-angle and a 3d time-of-flight camera the huawei p40 pro can have an in display fingerprint scanner and it will of course be protected at by Gorilla Glass 6 when it comes to the rear of the huawei p40 pro we get a quad camera setup in the rectangular housing reports –

suggesting is that the primary camera is going to be using a 52 megapixel camera that also uses pixel binning technology to produce 13 megapixel photos in low light conditions we’re also expecting a 20 megapixel ultra wide lens a 12 megapixel periscope and finally a 3d time-of-flight debt sense

the phone’s going to be powered by the latest Kirin 990 system-on-chip which is of course 5g compatible reports are suggesting a choice of 10 or 12 gigs of RAM along with 128 256 or 512 storage it’s no doubt going to be UF s3 and there will of course be expandable storage by huawei’s nano card there were initially rumors of graphene batteries being used in the huawei p40 pro but Huawei

themselves have already confirmed it’s not going to be happening we’re expecting that the huawei p40 pro to contain a 4,500 milliamp hour battery and we’re hoping for the 45 watt fast charge along with the 25 watt wireless it will again be running Android 10 in

the form of emui 10 finally we’ve got the standard Huawei P40 well we normally get a P40 and a p40 lite I’m assuming this may not be the case this year we haven’t had any confirmations yet but considering qua we have added a p40 Pro PE then the P40 could possibly be the lowest variant one thing we do know however is that the standard P40 is going to have a flat screen unlike the other two models we also have news that it only has three cameras on th rear and according to some leakers

it’s not gonna have the periscope lens all the time of light sensor one thing we can be certain of however is that it will be smaller and offering lower RAM and storage configurations than them all premium models the Huawei CEO has already confirmed that the phone’s gonna be running queries mobile services which means it’s not going to be coming bundled with Google Apps now this may be

Best Camera Phone HUAWEI P40 PRO

problem for summer but they’re no doubt going to provide a reasonable suite of apps for everything that we need there are plenty of third-party app stores mail applications and third party YouTube apps so I can’t see this being too much of an issue there are always ways to get Google services on huawei smartphone anyway now the predecessor launched in March so we can no doubt expect the Huawei P40 range to be launched in March 2020 when it comes to pricing we haven’t had any leaks just yet but

we can expect them to be similar to last year but with a little bit of an increase I would expect the Huawei P40 pro PE to be around 900 50 pounds or $1,200 the p40 Pro should be around 850 pounds or $1,100 and the huawei p40 is expected to be around 700 pounds or $900 of course is any solid information comes to light I’ll be sharing with you guys

straight away but as always I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments who are there is waiting for the Huawei P 40 and what are you waiting for the Huawei P40 pro PE the p40 Pro or even the standard Huawei P40 but thanks for watching the video if you liked it smash a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and I’ll see you guys in the next one you


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