Motorola One Fusion+ Review with Pros & Cons Ideal Mid-Ranger


hi, guys, this is tech tips mobile and in this post let’s do the review of this Motorola one fusion class of very long names and I have been actually testing this for what a week and quite a few of you were asking me to post its review so here we go and I’ll divide it between the pros and cons what I like and what do I do not like analyze I would say finally after a long long time Motorola has made a good mid-range smartphone in India I’d have that I’ve got the pricing right the cells in India for 17 thousand rupees and before

we proceed let’s talk about the specs so as you can see here are the specs are having a 6.5-inch screen of five thousand milliamp-hour battery a quad rear-facing camera and other specs are on the screen and guys I won’t get into a general overview and all those things I’ve already done that in mind boxing video so if you want to know more watch my unboxing video let’s quickly just jump between the pros and cons and let’s start with the pros and the first thing is that this one is having that 6.5-inch screen and guys if you look at it no.not or anything on this

one because it’s a full view screen and they have put this camera the front-facing camera is actually a pop-up so you get that immersive experience some people don’t like those notches or something so if you have that kind of a person this is for you and it’s IPS grade screen guys and the quality of the screen is actually called it’s HDR 10 certified and I would say the video watching experience watch code on it so it’s a good idea great screen but no one camera or anything like that and next if we talk about one more small thing, is that

here is the specification of moto

when I was testing this phone I accidentally got caught up in slide terrain and I was very scared what hap what will happen to this because a little bit of rain splashed on this one but I’m happy to say that nothing happened to this phone and I did check the Motorola website they say that it is splash resistant so it looks like nano coating s there on this one and the next thing that I really like that if you look at at the interface there’s almost stock Android interface that we are having on this smartphone as and again this is a very big thing guys in the mid-range market its stock Android without any ads or without any bloatware and that is what I really loved on this you are simply not getting that in the mid-range market for example

we have a lot of ads on other smartphones or a lot of bloatware and stuff like that this is still that almost stock Android experience that you would expect apart from some Motorola specific apps like the moto display and all these things here we have but apart from that no bloatware no ads no crap pair that is a big deal so I would say and many of the users are fed up because we are simply not getting that type of smartphones in the mid-range market

so that way I really like it and because it’s having that almost stock Android experience the food is also very fast and the processor used is the Snapdragon 730 G on this one which is again a blazingly fast processor and because it’s almost stock Android experience it’s a very fast phone and this comes with only one variant six gigabytes of RAM and I’m happy to say that that six gigabytes of RAM handle everything you throw on it fine they don’t have to worry about it so that’s actually a nice thing and the storage is again 128 gigabytes which I feel for this price point is decent next if I talk about another small thing is that this one has the headphone jack and I have to say the quality of output that I got from the headphone 3.5 mm headphone jack was actually good on this

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one I tested it with multiple headphones, for example, my audio Technica m50x then also my grad, oh and some of the budget-oriented Sennheiser’s like the C 275 s which I reviewed and again the audio output that I got from all of them was fantastic so if you listen to a lot of music and have some good decent a 3.5 mm headphone jack based your phones and headphones you will enjoy the music on this one next if we talk about the processor as I told you it’s the Snapdragon 730 G and it’s a very good processor I would say in the mid-range as of now this is the most powerful processor that you can get and because of that again no lag or anything that have noticed on this so again

the UI experience is also very cold on this one now if we talk about the call quality and network and yet as you can see guys both of my sims are actually in this that’s my Airtel as well as geo sim and I would say the network reception is above average for example in this area of my office generally with many of the phones the signal drops quite a bit low but on this one, I would say it doesn’t denote proper bar but I would say it’s slightly over one bar compared to many of the other phones and that is what I noticed in terms of network reception the network reception is good going to the Year peace quality is also good but I won’t say it’s the best if I have to rate at a low rate at 8.5 out of 10 it’s not like I had any problem but I would say

I have seen better you’re pleased but again those are on higher-end smartphones moving to the speaker here I’m happy to say that it’s not I mean the stereo speaker on anything but the speaker is actually pretty loud let me actually let’s go to the Wi-Fi and search for my own videos and let’s just try to playback this one it’s so as you heard guys the audio quality is actually good on this one so it’s a single speaker actually much louder compared to many of the other smartphones now moving to another thing that I liked is that it does not have any what do you say notification light or anything like that physical but it has a motor display for example when you pick up the phone you get this and as you can see the icons over you if you just press on it

Motorola One Fusion+ Review with Pros & Cons Ideal Mid-Ranger

it gives you an idea what’s happening in fact if you have fewer emails it will actually read it out and stuff like this so so I like this implementation of that what do you say notifications on this one you have to pick it up and it goes and now a movie too another thing is that this one has a fingerprint scanner here at the back so again it’s fine I didn’t have a pro because of the animation it takes about half a second but it is fast it’s that animation that is taking half a second and again it’s a very reliable love in the printer scanner so if you prefer these physical fingerprint scanner yeah you have this one now moving to another thing that is regarding the gaming

I played only call of duty on this smartphone but as it’s having the Snapdragon 730 G the performance was very good so again the 730 G as you can see is the gaming-centric chipset and again you can play most of the popular heavy games also without any issues on that one now let’s move to one thing that really impressed me on this smartphone and that’s the battery on paper it has that five thousand milliamp-hour battery on this one and I have to say the battery results that I got on this one are amazing in terms of the screen on time anywhere around 9 hours to 11 hours of screen on time as you can see with this battery stats and in terms of standby time that was also very good for most users it will give you about two days worth of battery life and even for heavy users you can expect about one and a half days of battery life

so that is one thing that really impressed me in terms of battery life the optimizations what they have done and because of that stock Android I would say the battery life that we are getting on this moon is excellent it comes with an 18-watt fast charger in the box so again in terms of battery life I really like that and idle drain is also very very less it feels like it’s having more than 5,000 milliamp-hour battery because I have reviewed so many other phones having battery closer to 5,000 but this one goes really ahead I would say now moving to another thing if you look at the back it has that quad camera set up on this smartphone and the main camera is actually that sixty-four megapixels then we have 8 megapixel that’s ultra-wide 5 megapixel is macro and the 2 megapixel is 4 depth the front-facing camera as I’ve told you to let me show you here as you can see it’s that pop-up camera and it’s a 16 megapixel that you’re getting and here are some of the sample shots that

I have taken with this Motorola one fusion class and as you can see the camera performance is actually really good this is one thing that actually surprised me even if you look at the skin tones what produced actually very well and in fact even when what do you say artificial lighting conditions it performed actually pretty well only when the lighting conditions were very low yes it did struggle a little bit but that’s the case with most of the mid-range smartphones and in fact I am I’m going to say this till date in 2020 I always said that the poco x2 Street facing camera was the best but this one comes very close to that yes the poco x2 in one or two areas

Motorola One Fusion+ Review

I felt its rear-facing camera went slightly ahead but this one was no slouch which is a big surprise frankly for me also and in fact, it also has the night mode and all those things and the night mode actually works very well as you can see the sample was taken without the night mode and this was taken in the night mode moving to the front-facing camera it’s that pop-up camera that we are getting and as you can see with the sample chadsteph front-facing camera performance is also very good it’s a 16 megapixel but it actually does pixel pinning that means normal shots which makes it are actually at that four megapixels and yes it does a good job but I felt that the front-facing camera in artificial lighting conditions does struggle up a little bit hopefully with the software update they can fix it so guys

these were the good things about the device and I have to stress that stock Android without the ads is a big deal as of now considering what is happening these days now let’s move to the cons and these are some very peculiar cons but let’s go over them and the first thing is we have a dedicated button here for the Google assistant and one extra button and if you present the Google assistant will come up but it is very strange that inside the UI they haven’t actually given us an option to customize this I don’t use that Google assistant that much so if they would have given up to customize it that would have been great home – one more thing that I simply did not like is that the compass sensor is simply not there for example as I try to run this app it says that the compass sensor is not there it’s not a deal-breaker because

I did some navigation with Google Maps and it works but try to see that the compass sensor is missing on this smartphone now moving to one more thing man this is some nitpicking I would say right now it’s connected to Wi-Fi and this actually supports what do you save Wi-Fi calling by default and right now as it’s connected by Wi-Fi it will use Wi-Fi calling and not a regular one but we don’t have a toggle here for shutting off the Wi-Fi chording if you want to do that you have to actually hit this button and then only it won’t use that Wi-Fi calling so I hope they implement the Wi-Fi calling option and the settings for the future update next thing is as I’ve told you the camera specifically the front-facing camera I feel could do a little bit better in difficult lighting conditions hopefully they do that too with the software OTA update and moving to the next thing does that regarding updates Motorola has said

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when I spoke to them before the phone was launched that this device will be getting the Android what do you say update if I go to update system updates for the next Android versions right now it’s on my Android 10 will also be getting Android 11 and month and that what do you say Android security updates for the next two years also but as you can see still it’s on the April update so I don’t think so that security upgrades will be getting monthly but looks like we might get it every three or four months so that is also something you got to know and apart from that

I would say the back is again that polycarbonate plastic kind of a bag this reminds me of the Samsung galaxy m31 so best to use it with the case that is supplied in the box and lastly this has that Feitosa million power battery and supplying that 18-watt fast charger I feel they could have gone with slightly higher wattage stacked like 25 watts or something that time but overall I would say I’m liking this phone for that stock Android that you’re having no bloatware no ads I can’t stress how much important that is as of now and also the processor that is used at 7:30 g is a very good processor and as I’ve told you the battery life was terrific so overall

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I would say for the price point of 17,000 rupees certainly this is a very good Android phone anyways guys that’s it for my review of this motor phone if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribes button this is Ranjit and I hope to see you in my next post take care guys


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