OnePlus x Fortnite 90FPS Smartphone Gaming

OnePlus x Fortnite 90FPS Smartphone Gaming

I’ve used other phones in the past with high refresh rates but often you just won’t even see an option to go above 60 fps, of course, you also need a phone that can support 90 Hertz or higher to even think about 90 fps the reason this is interesting is because you can’t even get 90 FPS on many game consoles so it’s a scene on a smartphone on a game like a fortnight would be pretty impressive so in this box in front of me, I have the Verizon variant of the one plus 8 the standard edition which comes in this exclusive colour polar where is it polar silver now if you watched my original 1+8 unboxing video I got it in the the interstellar colour which is the flashy er version you’ve seen popping around but I’m kind of interested to check this one out because it has a more brushed the finish

which should be more resistant to fingerprints let’s go ahead and unbox this first we’ll take a look at that polar silver then I will load up fortnight and we’ll see if we can get it to run at 90 fps you have the device presented on top, of course, this one is capable of warp charge just like the another one you have a 30-watt charger included there’s a 4300 milliamp-hour battery this is the 128-gigabyte version as well USB type-c cable these are the bullets wired version which connects via USB type-c and then break out to an in-ear headset and microphone oh okay this is the type of finish that I’m really hoping to see more frequently on smartphones it just looks better longer because of its resistance to fingerprints so I have the device booted up and as you can see

Oneplus 8 Gaming Fortunate

I have a fortnight installed but if you’re gonna do this yourself all you need to do is take your 1 plus 8 or 1 plus 8 Pro into the App Store download the game and you should have access to this new 90 FPS feature set also if you happen to be in India you can head over to the game space section of your device and actually install Fortnight directly from there and regardless you’re gonna want to enter the game space specifically to launch your game because there are features within here to optimize your gameplay so as you can see within here there’s something called fanatic mode supercharged your gaming it experience if I click this button

it will block all notifications and calls and it will also restrict the background processes in order to boost the gameplay or provide the optimal performance to the game CPU optimized GPU optimized Ram optimized and network optimization as well now the reason this is a big deal is because previously ninety FPS was a the thing that was only available on high-end gaming platforms gaming PCs and so forth, in fact,

Gaming In 90 FPS

you don’t see it in an Xbox you don’t see it in a Playstation slow frame rates are one of the reasons that people haven’t up until now considered the smartphone is a viable gaming platform alternative and this the partnership between fortnight and one plus is the first time that you have an a-list 3d Unreal Engine built game capable of 90 FPS you can’t do it on Call of Duty, it doesn’t exist on pop G now once you get into the actual game you’re gonna want to head over to your settings this is where you can select your frame rate and as you can see here

I have 90 FPS selected but as we toggle through you’ll see 20 30 45 60 and then 90 which again is unlocked because of the fact that I’m playing this on a 1+8 now there’s another setting below there that allows you to show your effective fps in-game so I’m gonna switch that to on as well so you can see in the top the corner that we’re actually able to achieve 90 fps see if we can get a victory here am I setting fire expectations to I got the smooth

I got the smooth frames I’m just on the bus right now but if you look up in the corner here there we go achieving up to 90 FPS and of course, this display is capable of showcasing it because this is a 90 Hertz display and the thing about having a high refresh or a high frame rate in gaming is it just makes the entire thing feel substantially smoother there we go now the other thing is kind of helps a a little bit with aiming as well because the fine-tuned movements that you have to make to adjust for an enemy’s location’s also subtle when you’re playing on mobile like

it’s the tiniest little movement of your thumb just swing back and forth and I know you’re only watching this in 30 frames on this video but I promise you it’s an incredibly fluid experience as far as what if what a smartphone is able to deliver let’s go see if we can clean up this mess or us might get cleaned up ourselves we’ll see some gunshots over here Pleasant Park man it’s a lot of action over here holy yea oftentimes you might wonder about the ability for a smartphone to keep it locked at the high-performance level to be able to maintain 90 FPS instead of just hitting it but I’m looking up at the top corner every so often and it’s just as long

as I’m running around here it appears to be pretty stuck at 90 frames if not glued were you at what sounds close what does it sound closer than it is over there do it in the water why are you dropping that uh he got me I mean it’s actually kind of amazing what they’re capable of achieving now gaming experiences on smartphones ninety FPS ninety Hertz you guys know I’ve been talking about fast the refresh rate for a long time but I get a lot of questions back people saying well how can I take advantage of it well here’s an example of it being put to good use it’s

just kind of funny and cool to have a higher frame rate on your the smartphone then your game console or any another smartphone for that matter because this is an exclusive deal between 1 + + fortnight that is the Verizon exclusive Poehler silver 1+8 starting at 799 bucks it’s got 5g speed it’s also got gaming speed up to 90 FPS as you just saw on the fortnight will it make you a better player, maybe I don’t know I can’t say I’ll tell you what it’ll give you very smooth gaming experience and it’ll at least give you some bragging rights over your console friends say Nam I’m out you’re playing a 90 FPS on my phone

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