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The Ultimate Lockdown Display… For Gamers LG

The Ultimate Lockdown Display… For Gamers, LG Gaming focused gamers centric if you play games at your top priority video photo editing some nail work they’re probably gonna pick this one plus of course it has the ergo component look at the angle I can put on it as well and now I can recline no problem if productivity or workspace is your number one priority then you’re probably gonna want to pick up this one on the far right, we have three very different monitors from LG you’ve been locked up for a while that means you’re sitting at the computer you’re looking at a screen for a bunch of different reasons

it’s three options and the reason we’re doing all three at once is because LG is sponsoring a giveaway for you guys to actually get one of these monitors we’re gonna give away one of each the details will be on Twitter it’s just gonna be a tweet and Willie do is gonna take care of it as you normally do I’m just taking care of things right now we’re gonna kick it off with the gaming monitor this one is IPS it has HDR it is 1080p which for gamers is gonna be fine

I’ll tell you what those gamers they’re looking for 240 Hertz I mean I thought 144 was cool but it’s just it’s not enough anymore trying to play these hot new titles I mean you got that black and red then it’s gaming fairly portable USB cable display port cable manager DMI cable a cd-from 240 Hertz oh my goodness oh very the trim bezel on there as well check that oh USB USB DP into HDMI DC and a headphone outlook at that spring-loaded this guy is a clip but most OH but it’s got a portrait for some reason on a gaming monitor oh one of those surround setups some people do it with three portrait modes and then blend it together for this around

Here Is Three LG Display

The Ultimate Lockdown Display... For Gamers LG

he did that back in the day time anything or yeah twitch chat that’s kind of a cool little feature and you can see the red accent carries through to the back as well this is the qHD ergo so a little bit more resolution Wow that is a serious desk mount never thought I’d see the day with the monitor you don’t have to hop on Amazon and order something extra screw hole locations as well if you want to actually put it straight into the wall various mounting options and look at this you could get that on it that could go on a thick table that’s my thing yeah

I didn’t tighten it up yet I’m just gonna USB type-c sh t mi cable compact this for will you know people say something is oddly satisfying to do you think we’ll get to a point where we all understand oddly satisfying enough that it’s no longer oddly satisfying it’s just satisfying I think we’re there we’re already there I’m like no it’s just plain satisfying unboxing things is satisfying not oddly satisfying everyone agrees to get this set up this ball joint here and the amount of adjusted what can this goes up and down also appears to have some pretty cool cable management on the back and as you can see with the monitor mounted

over here you can get it pushed up pretty far back against the wall, you know what I’m saying you can’t see I got you secured on there now there’s your type-c the upstream connector that’ll give you access of course to these two USB ports so you can use it as a hub and DP 2 HDMI is again power and a headphone port Wow you know I’ve been in this game for a while and it’s always you pick up a third party mount and you’re so excited and then it never kind of gives you the flush thing because you have screws and a weird plate on the back

this look right here I mean that’s about that’s as clean looking as you’re gonna get with this level of adjustability no weird-looking plate on the back and it’s right out of the box that you know it works and you know it’s all set up for the right amount of weight because it’s coming directly from the manufacturer tremendous adjustability here look at this thing look at this look right here it’s like glowing this is the look people want they’re very clean very nice I like it if he likes it I mean he likes nothing how dare you for the coders this is the herbal man how dare you I’m into it I gotta say I don’t know I’m into weird things this is one of those things I like to adjust my monitor this way or this way that’s way beyond what you would typically get on these angles either

There Are The Best Display for Gaming

I want to lean back in the seat now I can recline no problem this type-c the connector is capable of delivering power as well it’s 60 watts you’d have to figure out if your laptop is okay with Strictly 60 watts but otherwise yeah it can deliver some pretty decent power it also has two five-watt speakers inside of it as well this one is also colour calibrated straight out the gate that must be why they’re calling that the creators monitor you notice how I’m pointing this knife today Kirk I’m backing away this is what they’re calling the work-from-home model and maybe that’s just because

it has the most screen real estate to get real work done to the first monitor the 240 Hertz is running 400 bucks this one is on being each right now I think it’s pre-order actually for around 460 so they’re in the same territory price-wise power bricks an extension cable HDMI cable C cable as well well that looks at how well that’s a slimming trim

I’ll tell you what here’s ABS don’t worry I got the monitor now the nice thing when you go with Ultra wider the reason you want to have it a little bit curved is because it’s starting to span into your peripheral vision section similar to a dual monitor setup so having a slight curve to it allows those far reaches to come a little bit more into your direct division yee-haa you’re gonna have a type-c connector 60-watt power delivery once again DisplayPort to HDMI a headphone out and then two USB ports mm

Fully Display For Gaming

there we have it the selection is now yours, one monitor, to rule them all one monitor in your setup on the monitor on your the desk would it be the 34 ultra-wide the high-resolution 34 40 would it be creators monitor as LG likes to call it this one with the fancy stand minimal the appearance or is it a maximum refresh with the FPS and the rest of it let’s hook these up let’s get Willy to do on the mouse and the key do all right the monitors are hooked up now got a healthy PC hooked up to this 240 Hertz monitor what framerate can we achieve here do we even know though can we turn on 3 334 know about peaking in this 102 kills oh yeah not bad

I’ll take it you just got to click the heads ok when it comes to monitors there are no easy choices in life they serve different purposes and that’s why you have this the selection that you have here and that’s why you have a chance to win one of these would you take the gaming monitor would you take the slick design package in the centre or the screen res camp of the bunch the ultra-wide let me know which one you like best and then head over to my Twitter, there’ll be a tweet all I have to do is retweet it for your chance to win and Willy do as usual we’ll hook you up good luck

I don’t know I’m split I’m kind of split in fact, for me, I will probably go with a dual of this one right here two stacks clamped onto the table fully adjustable I think a dual setup of this would be ideal

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ONEPLUS Z – This Is Insane! This Upcoming Phone In Oneplus

ONEPLUS Z – This Is Insane! This Upcoming Phone In Oneplus

ONEPLUS Z – This Is Insane! This Upcoming Phone In Oneplus we have insane news about the upcoming oneplus z and I’ll be sharing the details right after this if you’re new here I want to stay up to date with the latest tech, please hit subscribe followed by the Bell, you can also keep up on Facebook Instagram and Twitter by clicking the links in the description. so the oneplus z is coming very soon I’ve got plenty more information to share with you guys today we’ve got more details of the launch date and the specs more like photos at new colour variants and news that it may come under a completely different name before we get started though please like the video if you’re looking forward to the oneplus z and let me know in the comments if it’s the oneplus z that you’re waiting for or if it’s another phone all to get

there first of all though it will cover the specs that we’ve seen in a recent leak a survey was posted to slash leagues for a oneplus phone which is of course suspected to be the oneplus z or there was much speculation before this survey does seem to confirm what what we may be getting it confirms a 5g enabled smartphone using the snapdragon 765 CPU we also have confirmation of a 90 hurt screen a 4300 milliamp-hour battery with 30-watt fast charging and finally a triple camera setup the survey shows us we’ll be getting a 64 megapixel primary sensor along with a 16 and a 2 previously it was suspected that it could be a 48-megapixel primary camera but this new survey says 64 and this could mean we get the 64 megapixel Sony imx6 86 that was rumoured so early on we also have confirmation of the 16 megapixel ultra-wide and the 2 megapixel depth sensor there’s unfortunately no way to authenticate this information though and it does disagree with some other leaks

This Upcoming phone From Oneplus

so we’ll have to wait and see if this is true or not we did also, get another spec leak that was uploaded for the oneplus z and it does contradict the ones we just looked at it was however swiftly deleted by the uploader so it means that this probably is fake or it was a mistake we also have news that the oneplus z is going to becoming in blue-black and white we also, get a special limited edition colour but we haven’t seen what it is yet most interestingly though we’ve also had news that the oneplus z may not be called at the oneplus z it’s been a bit of a the roller coaster of a name for this phone as we originally thought it was going to be called at the oneplus 8 lite we were then told at the oneplus z and now a new leak is pointing to the name of the oneplus Nord the news comes from Max J who’s tweeted let’s play a game with the letter n followed by three spaces he is of course hinting at a new oneplus name and many are suspecting the oneplus Nord,

we’ve also got another hands-on photo of the oneplus z it’s surfaced online and again we cannot verify its authenticity but it does look to be true and exactly what we’re expecting. one plus scheduled an online launch event for the 2nd of July to launch some of their budget TVs and many assumed that the one plus z it would also launch alongside new information from Android central disagrees though we’re being told that the one plus z is going to have its own launch event it will of course be online only and it’s gonna be on the 10th of July when it comes to the upcoming smartphone though we’ve already got all of the details of the one plus z including design specs launch date and cost so we’ll run through all of it now as we covered that the one plus z has a full-screen display with a punch-hole selfie camera top centre the display is reportedly gonna be a six-point four-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 which gives us 403 pixels per inch we already know that this is also gonna be at least a 90 Hertz display considering one plus officially said that all future models would be there are rumours saying that it could be a hundred and twenty Hertz but these appear to be untrue

this Will Be Super Phone From Onleplus

the display will, of course, be protected by Gorilla Glass but at this moment in time we don’t know what version there’s gonna be no fingerprint scanner on the rear of the one plus z so it’s pretty safe to assume err that we’re gonna get the in-display fingerprint scanner when it comes to the selfie camera on the front there are many different rumours floating around but many agree that it’s gonna be a 12-megapixel sensor when it comes to the rear of the one plus z we’ve got a vertical camera alignment and a dual-camera setup with the LED flash early leaks were suggesting that it could be a triple camera setup but these also turned out to be false as we covered earlier the lack of a physical the fingerprint scanner on the back means we’ll be getting an in-display one

when it comes to the rear cameras reports are suggesting that the primary camera is going to be a 48-megapixel sensor the the secondary will be a 16-megapixel ultra wide and of course we get the LED flash on the bottom the one plus these cameras are going to support both optical and electronic image stabilisation we’ve got the power button and alert slider on the right-hand side of the one plus z with the volume buttons on the left the phone is of course powered by USB type-c and there’s no three and a half mil headphone jack many people early on reported that the one plus z was going to be powered up by media text I meant to t1000 but it’s just not going to be the case the one plus z is gonna be powered by the Snapdragon 765 G and the smartphone is gonna come up with a choice of 128 or 256 storage and also 8 or 12 gigs of ram the use of the Snapdragon 765 G also means that

Here Is Feature Of this Phone

this the phone will have 5g support and for those that isn’t concerned with 5g it will of course support earlier LTE networks and below the phone dimensions measuring at 159 points two by seventy-four by eight point six millimetres and it’s all going to be powered by a four thousand milliamp-hour battery with support for 30-watt fast charging when it comes to the pricing it’s still very much unknown at the moment but it will of course have to be lower than the eight many were estimating that the range was going to start around four hundred and fifty dollars

but I think it could actually be lower the four hundred and fifty dollar leak came out very early on and the market has changed a lot since that time with the iPhone seat four hundred in the pixel for an expected to be 350 it is creating some very fist competition in the mid-range market so if oneplus want to compete here then they’re gonna have to do the same overall though it’s looking like a great phone that’s offering a lot for the price and it’s nice to see one plus going back to what they know best for those of you that want to purchase one though it’s being launched next month in July we don’t know exactly what date yet but max J has hinted in July and he has been fairly reliable when it comes to the one plus information now unfortunately that’s all the news

latest specification oneplus z phone

I have for you guys today but as more solid information comes in I’ll be sharing it straight away as always though I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments who out there is waiting for the one plus see if not then what phone are you waiting for and do you think it’s gonna be called at the one plus z or the one plus Nord but thanks for watching the video if you like to smash a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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GOOGLE PIXEL 4A – Here It Is! With Biggest Update And Biggest Feature

GOOGLE PIXEL 4A – Here It Is! With Biggest Update And Biggest Feature, We have exclusive google pixel 4a renders & exciting new information and I’ll be sharing with you guys right after this! if you’re new here and want to stay up to date with the latest tech, Please hit subscribe followed by the bell. you can also, keep up on Facebook Instagram & Twitter & of course, links are in the description. So this week we have lots of details to share about the google pixel 4a, I have exclusive new renders, case leaks, launch details and more! Before we get into it please like the video if you’re excited about the pixel 4a and if not then what phone are you waiting for? So 1st of all those that are waiting, I have been shown the pixel 4a in a video I, unfortunately, cannot share at this moment in

time and I have to say I like it. I’ve also had reported that the launch event is going to be on the 13th of July and the device is ready for shipping and has been for some time! so if you are waiting for the google pixel 4a then I would definitely hold out a little longer. One thing I can also confirm now is that for anyone wanting active edge feature it has unfortunately been dropped from the pixel 4a. It’s personally something I didn’t use myself and googles data showed it wasn’t as popular as they’d hoped. It was also part of their strategy to reduce the cost of the pixel 4a to better compete in the market. Next up we have a ton of case leaks for the pixel 4a and they are everywhere.

Pixel A4 With Biggest Update And Biggest Feature

If you take a look on eBay you can scroll through the lists and we have lots of different cases for the pixel 4a. Now, of course, these renders are by the case companies and if you scroll through the lists on eBay you’ll see none of them shows the front. Now my source has come through for me with the pixel 4a and given me some marketing material for the pixel 4a, As far as I’m aware I have seen these anywhere else but they give us a good look at the phone in all its glory. We also have confirmation that the google pixel 4a will support wireless charging. We can see the punch hole selfie camera in the top left, the physical fingerprint scanner on the rear and the square camera module for the single-camera & LED flash. There are still rumours about the existence of a pixel 4A XL but it doesn’t look like

Here Is Biggest Feature Pixel 4A

it’s happening, While we may have seen images of a prototype, at least for July it’s not coming. We’ve previously had the pixel 4a leaked in a full hands-on video that while low quality does show off its design & specs, for my regular viewers you guys have seen this so go ahead and skip to the next video, but if you’re new here then hit that subscribe button and we’ll get right into it. the Google pixel 4a live hands-on video was posted at by techni like plus and it really does give a lot of detail if we start with the design at the pixel 4a in the video is the black variant the phone’s covered in polycarbonate and unlike its more premium counterpart the Google pixel 4a has a punch hole selfie camera in the top left corner of the display, it’s a pretty reasonable size when it comes to a punch-hole selfie camera but we also get relatively thin bezels or comparing it to the pixel 4a however

I would say the forehead is smaller but the rest of the bezels that maybe slightly larger on the pixel 4a the punch hole in the top left of the display houses an 8-megapixel selfie camera and this does have image stabilization included when it comes to the display itself we get a five point eight one inch OLED display with a resolution of 1080 by 2314 or we had many rumours of a 90s display on the Google pixel 4a it’s been confirmed to run it’s 60 Hertz only there’s been no mention of the actual screen protection but it could well be the same at Dragon tell the glass we saw in its predecessor when it comes to the rear of the phone, we get the same square camera bump in the top left corner but unlike

Best Camera In This Phone Pixel 4A

it’s premium counterpart the pixel 4a really has a single camera along with an LED flash the camera is, however, a 12-megapixel sensor capable of 4k video recording with the image stabilization another noticeable difference that you will notice is that the pixel 4a has a physical fingerprint scanner on the rear well many may have wanted an in display fingerprint scanner I’m just happy that they’ve brought it back my biggest complaint on the pixel 4 is, of course, the lack of a fingerprint scanner and what the face unlock does work very well

I’ve always missed that fingerprint scanner the Google pixel 4a we have here is the black model so we’ve got a completely black back with a white power button on the side when it comes to the specs that the Google pixel 4a has been run through I 264 giving us all the information we need and the specs are as follows is powered by the Snapdragon 730 system on the chip while not a flagship chipset it’s still a very capable 8-nanometer system on-chip and we’re seeing it in a lot of phones lately, the pixel 4a comes with 6 gigabytes of RAM which is actually 2 gigs more than its the predecessor in this model we have here has 64 gig of internal storage

Best Software In Pixel 4a

it’s still unknown if there’s also going to be a 128 gig version for Google encouraged users to use google photos in order to save space on the phone the hands-on video also confirms that the pixel 4a comes with dual SIM support which makes a nice change the phone’s powered by a three thousand and eighty milliamp-hour the battery in it, of course, comes shipped with Android 10 what many may think that three thousand and eighty milliamp hours is too small it’s actually an eighty milliamp-hour increase on the predecessor and that was pretty reasonable for its battery life the reviewer of the hands-on video is stated that the phone is available for purchase in Cuba for around five hundred dollars but the phone hasn’t even been launched yet so it does seem very unlikely

this is more than likely just an early prototype or even a phone sent out by Google to be leaked but as with all previous pixel launches we can be pretty certain that the leak is correct and this is in fact what the Google pixel 4a is going to look like the pixel 4a was set to be announced in May 2020 at the Google i/o event but as with all major tech events at the moment it’s unfortunately been cancelled due to a recent outbreak this could however mean that we get an earlier launch in Google normally send review units out before launch anyway

Latest Feature

I have been given their previous releases so I’m hoping to be able to get my hands on one of these to review for you guys as well when it comes to pricing at the pixel, 3a started around $400 so we can probably expect the Google pixel 4a to be around four to four hundred and fifty dollars which isn’t a bad price at all earlier leaks also suggested that we could be seeing a pixel 4a xl but leaks have been silent ever since Wacka con who is a very talented concept artist has published this concept based on leaks of the google pixel 5 it shows off the pixel 5 in cinematic 3d renders and I believe it this is pretty much what the device is gonna look like we’ve got the triple camera setup leaked by John Prosser along with a very similar front display but of course that the bezels have been trimmed down in the concept videos he’s used the same colour schemes as the predecessor

which I think is probably going to be changed this time around but for those of you excited about the Google Pixel 5 but then it’s great to be seeing this already we also had previous news about the Google Pixel 5 not coming with a snapdragon 865 and it that there may be truth in this it was initially reported by nine to five Google and my pixel source confirms that it is actually correct so unlike the previous pixels that we won’t be getting a flagship chipset inside the Google Pixel 5 or the Pixel 5 XL now it’s not all bad news and when we think about it then it does actually make sense we’ve decided to go with the snapdragon 765 G which is still a great system on chip

Latest Snapdragon 765 G

the snapdragon 765 G is a decent chipset that has integrated 5g and it will serve well in the pixel 5 this suggests that Google aren’t going to be building a flagship to compete with the likes of the s20 ultra and they’re probably just trying to keep fans happy with the pixel design performance and photography that we used to the snapdragon 765 G is cheaper meaning the sale price of the smartphone should be lower and if we think about the pixel users it’s mainly people who like the stock Android experience and of course video and photography it’s not aimed towards gamers so saving money on a chipset should be a welcome move when it comes to photography of course

we expect the inclusion of the pixel neural core and this is there to improve photo and video performance with smartphone prices skyrocketing this year it would be nice to see the pixel actually keep these costs down they’ve always been priced a little bit lower than their competition and with the latest Samsung pushing $1,400 it would be refreshing to see them either stay the same or have a very small increase when it comes to leaks surrounding the Google pixel 5 though we have to be careful as many of them are based on rumours instead of solid leaks

Here Is Pixel 4A Specification

I always give sources in my videos but to be upfront with this one there are very little sources giving info if we start with the leak that we do have a source for though it’s the camera arrangement on the rear we’ve had the cameras leaked from Youtuber John Prosser and I have to say he it does look interesting the render is of the Google pixel 5 Excel and he advises that they are from cat renders of the real thing now it’s a soft the matte glass back with a glossy camera module containing three cameras we throw an upgrade to two cameras in the predecessor so Google are pushing things further again with the three now important to note

when it comes to Google phones that supposedly always three prototypes created and then they pick one of these prototypes for the consumer model and continue working on that so that does mean that there’s a possibility that although this leak is 100% accurate it may not be the one that’s gonna make it to market and what many people have said the design is growing on them, I have to say I’m a huge pixel fan myself but even after a month of looking at this one I still just don’t like it he advises that the front of Google pixel 5 is also gonna be similar to the predecessor but it’s gonna have a smaller forehead this is great news as personally I thought the Pixel 4 was a huge improvement on the 3 so to keep it the same with a smaller forehead will look better

It Will Be Launch In Last 2020

when it comes to the display the predecessor had a 5.7 inch in a 6.3 display depending on which version you picked it’s hard to guess its size is because each year we do get a small increase but they can’t go too big on the standard model because people appreciate the smaller phone personally I’m going to estimate that Google pixel 5 is either gonna be a 5.7 or 5.8-inch display and we’ll be getting an increase on the XL to 6.5 it will, of course, have an OLED display and the Google Pixel 5 is expected to increase its the refresh rate to a 120 Hertz display the predecessor focused on face unlock and it didn’t have any fingerprint biometrics

which I believe was a mistake I think Google may have also noticed this considering its return on the 4a so I would say that we can expect an in the display fingerprint scanner on the Google pixel 5 when it comes to the resolution the pixel has always been sensible and they do seem to want to conserve battery life so I think we’ll get a full HD plus resolution on the pixel 5 and a quad HD plus on the pixel 5 XL when it comes to cameras were of course expecting a triple camera setup on the rear of the pixel 5 well we don’t know exactly what lens they’re going to be using reports are suggesting that one of them will be a wide-angle lens gave that some companies are also introducing dual optical image stabilisation now

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I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this in the pixel 5, they’ve always prided themselves on great photography and generally do a good job at competing with the computer when it comes to hardware there are loads of reports that the Google Pixel 5 is gonna be powered up by the Snapdragon 765 G when it comes to Raman storage at Google are always pretty sensible so we can expect 64 and 128 storage but there are a few rumours that we may see 256 Google always encourage the use of Google photos in to be fair they do provide people with plenty of space to fill it up Ram, I think they’ll either stick with 6 gigabytes or bump it up to 8 with so many manufacturers putting in unnecessary amounts of RAM, it’s always great to see Google keep it sensible battery capacity is normally quite reserved as well but the pixels are very well optimized for battery

I would expect the standard pixel 5 to be 3000 milliamp hours and the pixel 5 Excel to come with a 4 thousand milliamp-hour battery it will of course ship with the stock Android 11 that we all love in the Google pixel and it will be ip68 water-resistant when it comes to price I can’t see them having too much movement here they’ve never really used overly expensive technology and normally they do price below the other mainstream flagships I’m going to estimate that the Google Pixel 5 is again gonna start around $800 and the pixel 5 Excel to start from 900 so that’s it for today’s video as soon as we get some solid leaks on either the Google Pixel 5 or the pixel 5 Excel, of course,

I’m gonna be sharing them with you guys straight away as always though I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments who out there is waiting for the google pixel 4a? And if not what phone are you waiting for?? but thanks for watching the video if you liked it smash the thumbs if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

SONY PLAYSTATION 5 – This Is Insane!


the Sony Playstation 5 has been fully revealed and it’s incredible but I’ll be sharing the details right after this. If you’re new here I want to stay up to date with the latest tech, please hit subscribe followed by the Bell, you can also keep up on Facebook Instagram and Twitter by clicking the links in the description. So for the past few months we’ve had plenty of speculation about the design of the Sony Playstation 5 but we now know everything

we’ve had the design revealed the hardware the specs the features in even the launch titles so today we’re going to be covering it all before we get into it though please like the video if you’re looking forward to the Sony Playstation 5 and let me know in the comments if you’re going to be getting the PlayStation 5 the Xbox series X or maybe even both. there does seem to be a big divide between people that love it and the ones that hate it as always that there’s plenty of memes floating around comparing it to things like a Netgear router, an expensive campus design, a duck’s peak and my personal favourite the five stages of the PlayStation 5 pregnancy. but whether you loved it or hated is refreshing to see a big shift in design from the predecessor and for them not to be afraid of doing something new the console and the controller design fit very well together and we will, of course, be giving two versions of the PlayStation 5,

Biggest Feature Of Play Station 5

we’re getting one with the disk drive and one without personally I would be going for the digital version as it is slimmer and it’s got the symmetry that it’s larger counterpart is missing the console can be stored upright or on its side and to be fair the design they’ve come for it looks like it’s going to allow for decent airflow at the top of the fins to aid with the cooling system there’s plenty of arguments when it comes to a Playstation vs. Xbox and I tend to sway towards Team Xbox but I do prefer the PlayStation 5 design I mean it’s sleek and it’s modern looking whereas Microsoft has decided that they’re just gonna slap components inside a box add some vents and stick a green LED on top, of course, we also had a preview of games in the launch event and after the report said that the event may be games only the PlayStation 5 reveal at the end it was a welcome surprise

they showcased small clips of lots of anticipated games whether you like them or not they demonstrated at some incredible graphical improvement the PlayStation 5 has some advanced features for in-game graphics and effects but we’ll go over them in more detail shortly we get a new controller along with the PlayStation 5 which is also incredible and it’s got some decent improvements over the DualShock. The dual sense controller that’s coming with the PlayStation 5 is using a new haptic feedback technology and adaptive triggers the adaptive triggers allow the PlayStation 5 controller to adjust resistance for different gameplay effects to try and create a more immersive experience where possible the dual sense controller on the PlayStation 5 also features a built-in microphone and a USB type-c the port we also get a slightly more rounded design and this is to assist with grip and button controls and we’ve also gone for a mostly two-tone colour scheme that goes

Here Is Biggest Thing

well with the PlayStation 5 design the share button has been renamed to the create button and this is reportedly going to allow new ways for players to create gameplay content to share with the PlayStation 5 world Sony haven’t given any details on exactly how this is gonna work but I imagine it’s some sort of clipping or replay feature that’s gonna save the last 30 seconds or minute of footage the last change we’ve got is the PlayStation button which is now a cutout of the PlayStation logo and not just a button so overall the PlayStation 5 controller has remained pretty much the same and similar to the predecessor but it still got a few improvements and minor upgrades to please fans but still, give them at the controller they’re used to using when it comes to the specs inside the PlayStation 5 but we’re also welcomed with a very powerful console

we’ve already been given details of internal specifications and they’re a huge improvement on the predecessor one of the most requested specs that Sony have delivered on is the solid-state drive for those unaware solid-state drives are much faster than conventional hard drives and they reduce load times considerably developers requested this not only to speed and upload times but actually to increase the in-game immersion it allows developers to focus on the virtual world without having to worry about loading getting in the way of the experience now when it comes to the graphics processing in audio Sony has also done a great job after teaming up with AMD they’ve delivered a great overall set up the GPU in the PS5 is a custom RDNA 2 chip from AMD it’s been heavily optimized for performance the custom rDNA to the chip has the logic and feature set that was used in the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 pro meaning that there will be backwards compatibility

we’ve also tested at 100 game from the ps4 and reportedly they all ran perfectly on the PS5 they’ve also added a new geometry and intersection engine for the PlayStation 5 ray tracing abilities Sony have done things a different way than normal and the CPU and GPUs run permanently in boost mode but the frequencies it can still change this means that the PlayStation 5 is always running at maximum capacity and the power a draw won’t change the GPU is capped at 2.2 3 gigahertz which translates to 10.28 teraflops and 36 compute units so as we’ve seen if this delivers us some great visual performance when it comes to the CPU at there again using AMD with the Zen 2 based octa-core chip the CPU is always in boost mode and it’s capped at a clock speed of 3.5 gigahertz they’ve only made a brief reference to the cooling system is used and it reportedly it did cause delays early on when it comes to the audio on the PlayStation 5 that they’re trying to create more immersion by introducing volume changes as well as phase shifts within the game

SONY PLAYSTATION 5 – This Is Insane!

the PlayStation 5 is using a custom 3d audio system powered by the tempest engine, it can deal with complex audio processing and generate 3d audio effects to all gamers regardless of their sound hardware so whether it’s headphones TV or soundbar they’re using they should still benefit from the effects the PlayStation 5 is coming with 16 gigs of RAM which is G DDR 6 and 256 bit the internal storage is going to be at 825 gig SSD but they will be allowing expandable storage expandable storage is going to be via a nvme slot for the PlayStation 5 games and it’s also gonna have a USB hard drive support but this is going to be for PlayStation 4 games only as we saw at the launch event we’re gonna have one version with the CD drive and a digital version with no CD drive included when it comes to how good the graphics will be you we’ve already had a demonstration from Epic Games that went into detail epic games that released a small clip of a game that uses the Unreal 5 engine and this was played on the PlayStation 5 we can see from the demo that the graphics are going to be a huge step up from the predecessor and it comes up with some great technical improvements

PS5 Price

we’ve got a nanite geometry system that allows for subpixel geometry and it can provide incredible detail to be rendered that almost cannot even be perceived by the human eye the pixel detail means that what you won’t notice it straight away as you get closer you’ll begin to see it in real-time as you would in real the life we’ve also got a new lumen system which is said to create accurate bounces of light, this further improves on the realism we’ve also been assured by Epic Games that this is actual gameplay and not cinematic as many complained about in earlier teasers for another console and the PlayStation 5 is also capable of 8k the graphical power was also well demonstrated in yesterday’s launch event and it showed us just how good the next-gen PlayStation 5 is going to be now

when it comes to launching date and pricing the PlayStation 5 price is predicted to be about $500 in the USA and 450 dollars in the UK the price is a prediction by analysts given the timing and the hardware inside the consoles and while it’s likely to be accurate there may have caused be variation when it comes to releasing date Sony has confirmed the PlayStation 5 is going to be released in the holidays of 2020 as expected so we’ll be seeing it at the end of the year and most definitely before Christmas consoles are always released at this time to take advantage of the boosted Christmas sales so this was always to be expected unfortunately, that’s all the news I’ve got for you today but

we pretty much have covered everything but if anything else does come to light I’ll be sharing with you guys straight away as always though I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments who out there is waiting for the Sony Playstation 5 and what do you think of this new design but thanks for watching the video if you like to smash a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and I’ll see you guys in the next one

Apple iPhone 12 – Here It Is!

the Apple iPhone 12 has finally been revealed and I’ll be sharing the details right after this. If you’re new here I want to stay up to date with the latest tech, please hit subscribe followed by the bell, you can also keep up on Facebook Instagram and Twitter by clicking the links in the description. So it’s been over a week since my last update is iPhone 12 News has been light on the ground mostly kids have been keeping quiet but we finally have the new iPhone 12 revealed, news of mass production beginning and some issues with the iPhone 12 display. Before we get into it though please like the video if you’re looking forward to the iPhone 12 and let me know in the comm

iPhone 12 will be launch on September

ents what model you guys want the most so we’ll start with the display information as most of you will already know what one of the iPhone 12 that the iPhone 12 max was having its display manufactured up by BOE and LG or the other iPhone 12 that you’ve displays from Samsung, a new report has stated that BOE actually failed to deliver the first shipment of OLED panels for the Apple iPhone 12 and the failure was apparently down to the displays at not passing the OLED quality control tests to make these displays at BOE partnered with General interface solutions for the touch panel so it’s not clear who was at fault or what the issue was interestingly enough though it’s not only Apple and reports suggesting that they failed from multiple vendors now luckily for Apple fans 80% of the iPhone 12 displays are being produced by Samsung displays we also have LG Bo, we do have time to fix things at but regardless it shouldn’t affect timing or price of the iPhone 12 on that note though

we already have news that the iPhone 12 is nearly finalized and ready to hit mass production a report from dizzy times has stated that Apple is actually finishing its second phase of final tests with mass production to begin shortly interestingly enough this is for all models of the iPhone 12 this doesn’t mean that they’re all going to be released at the same time but all of the iPhone, 12s are going to be in the same launch event we had earlier news that issues the antenna required design changes but it seems that this hasn’t caused too many problems and it’s not going to delay the iPhone 12 this is further backed out by Apple filing legal paperwork and registrations for nine different iPhone models and to be clear these are all for the iPhone 12 in yes I know there are only four models of the iPhone 12 but it’s to account for slight variations in different regions

Best Feature Of iPhone 12 Is the display

now finally we’ve got the new reveal of the iPhone 12 but it may not be what you expected the new information comes from phone arena who have provided at multiple renders from multiple different angles well it pretty much falls inline with everything else you can see on the iPhone 12 pro max we have a rather large not which isn’t what we’re expecting and on the smaller models that we have a triple camera setup when we were actually expecting a jewel now to be honest with you guys phone arena provide us with a lot of lovely readers but they quite often can be incorrect that being said it does also fit those 3d printed models we had from Akio Takara but for the purpose of this video I’m gonna lean more towards John processes leak with the smaller not on the iPhone 12 as John sauces have been very reliable so far so there’s not really any need to doubt him until we’re shown otherwise now for those of you that want detailed specs for each device we’ve already had all of the information for all four models of the iPhone 12 for my regular viewers you guys have already seen this so

iPhone 12 Specification

it so to start with it we put the entry-level model of the Apple iPhone 12 and this is of course going to be called the iPhone 12 it’s a five-point four-inch iPhone with an OLED at Super Retina display from Samsung now it’s important to note straight off the a bat that super Retina means absolutely nothing so don’t get too caught up on that but it’s gonna be an OLED display at a resolution of 23 40 by 1080 which gives us 475 pixels per inch and it has an 8-bit colour depth well there have been rumours of all models having a 120 Hertz display unfortunately this model is 60 Hertz only it’s going to be equipped with 4 gigabytes of RAM and a choice of 128 or 256 storage and it’s made of an alum embody and of course uses the a14 Bionic with 5g support the iPhone 12 comes with the dual camera setup on the rear and it will of course be shipping with iOS 14 for those of you that want the iPhone 12 with four gigs of RAM and 128 storage it’s going to be launching it’s six hundred and forty nine dollars if you want four gigs of RAM and 256 storage

Display Quality

it’s seven hundred and forty-nine next up we’ve got the iPhone 12 max to be clear this is the max and not the pro max the iPhone 12 max has a 6.1 inch OLED display this is again a super Retina OLED display but provided up by Chinese manufacturer boe it comes with a resolution of 25 32 up by 11 70 and this gives us a 460 pixels per inch and it has an 8-bit colour depth we get 4 gigs of ram and a choice of 128 or 256 storage and of course that the iPhone 12 max is powered up by the a14 Bionic chip it’s an aluminium body it’s got 5g connectivity and we get another the dual-camera setup on the RAM for those of you that want the 128 gig version of the iPhone 12 max, it’s going to be launching at seven hundred and forty-nine dollars and if you want the 256 gig version it rises at eight hundred and forty-nine next up we’ve got the iPhone 12 promo the iPhone 12 Pro has a 6.1-inch display

so it’s actually the same size as the iPhone 12 max we’ve got an improved display and specs on the iPhone 12 pro we’ve got a 6.1 inch Super Retina display with promotion and 10-bit colour depth the display is manufactured by Samsung and it’s got a resolution of 25 32 by 11 70 which gives us 460 pixels per inch and it is, of course, a 120 Hertz display the – 12 Pro comes with 6 gigs of RAM and a choice of 128 256 or even 512 internal storage it, of course, ships with apples a 14 bionic in the iPhone 12 pro is 5g compatible it comes in a stainless steel body and on the rear, we get a triple camera set up along with a lidar sensor for the debt for the 128 gigs iPhone 12 pro its launching at 999 dollars for 256 gigs it’s 1,099 and for those that want the 512 gigs iPhone 12 pros it’s one thousand two hundred and ninety-nine dollars last but not least we have the iPhone 12 pro max comes with a six-point seven inch OLED display again

iPhone 12 Have storage 512 GB

it’s a super retina with promotion 10-bit colour depth and of course it is manufactured by Samsung it’s got a resolution of 277 8 by 1280 for giving us 458 pixels per inch and again it’s a 120 Hertz display it comes with 6 gigs of RAM and a choice of 128 256 or 512 storage’s in a stainless steel body and the iPhone 12 pro max is of course powered by the 14 Bionic with 5g support just like the iPhone 12 pro we get a triple camera set up on the rear along with the additional lidar sensor for those of you that want the 128 gig iPhone 12 pro max its launching at 1099 dollars if you want the 256 gig version it’s 1199 and for those that was the most expensive in the range the 512 gigs iPhone 12 pro max its launching at a whopping at one thousand three hundred and ninety-nine dollars of course that there’s plenty more information on the Apple iPhone 12 so we’re gonna run through it all now for my regular viewers that you guys would have already seen this so just switch off now but for anyone new here make sure you hit that subscribe and we’re gonna get right into

it we’re expecting to get four new iPhone 12 in the range which is gonna be two different iPhone 12 the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 pro max we’re expecting Apple to increase the display sizes on the most premium models although those who want to smaller display are still gonna have an option reliable analyst min cheek whoa his advice if there’s going to be two iPhone 12 versions the small iPhone 12 is going to have a 5.4-inch display and the larger one will have a 6.1 inch we then get a 6.1-inch display which is the iPhone 12 pro with a 6 point 7-inch display which is the iPhone 12 pro max unlike last year however all models are reportedly going to be using an OLED display and the resolution will differ across the range the 6.1 inches iPhone 12 will likely have a lower resolution than the 6.1 inches iPhone 12 pro and what there are rumours of Apple removing the knots

Big Battery Is Best Feature Of iPhone 12

I really can’t see this happening in typical Apple fashion we’re still expecting a full screen display with a notch top centre it’s too early for in-display camera sensors and I can’t see Apple going for a punch the hole they also need a time-of-flight the sensor on the front for their 3d face unlock and while Apple did ditch a the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 10 there were reports that it’s going to be coming back in the form of an in-display fingerprint scanner there are reports suggesting that Apple are also going to be increasing their refresh rates on the latest displays while most phones have stuck to 60 Hertz displays it’s been changing recently an apple or also going to be joining this trend at this the stage we don’t know if they’re going to be using 90 Hertz 120 Hertz or even a mixture of the two across the range when it comes to the rear of the device we’re expecting a similar camera setup to last year but the more premium model will have more cameras minke quo has again advised at both the iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 12 pro max is going to be adding time-of-flight cameras to the RAM for that unaware time-of-flight cameras are 3d depth cameras and then what Apple uses on the front for the 3d face unlock

the time-of-flight sensors on the rear, however, use a slightly different technology that allows it to map 3d objects from further away this significantly improves augmented reality applications and allows for more improved portrait style photo and video effects we’re likely going to see slight upgrades on the other cameras of the iPhone 12 but given the great performance in its predecessor they won’t be changing things too many reports are suggesting that the two more budget models are going to have a dual-camera setup or the iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 12 pro max are going to have a quad-camera setup with the inclusion of the 3d depth camera the iPhone 12 is, of course, going to be powered by the new a 14 Bionic processor this is actually manufactured using five-nanometer lithography which will bring significant improvements and there’s a good chance

iPhone 12 Will be launched in 3 Variant

that it will be the first five-nanometer chipset to hit the market when it comes to round the iPhone 12 pro max is expected to come with six gigs of ram or the standard iPhone 12 will only have four this is something that I think Apple actually do well compared to Android manufacturers where they throw in a necessarily large amount of memories causing the consumer to pay for memory that they don’t even need when it comes to storage or expecting a choice of 64 256 or 512 gigs of internal storage for the first time ever consumers foul Apple did a great job in prioritizing the battery life from the predecessor so hopefully that’s something that’s going to continue with the iPhone 12 what graphene batteries are still out of the question that we can expect a 5.4 inch iPhone 12 to be around 2,800 milliamp hours the 6.1 inch is probably going to be around 3150 the six-point seven inches should contain around a 4,300 milliamp-hour battery one thing that is a little unknown at the moment is, of course, 5g connectivity Apple is very bad

when it comes to 5g thanks to earlier issues with Qualcomm so we’re on tour at this stage if that’s something we will see in the iPhone 12 is rumoured that the iPhone 12 is going to have 5g connectivity but there aren’t actually any leaks or reports to back that up the open 12 is going to be IP 68 water-resistant and it’s, of course, going to ship with iOS 14 now when it comes to the price people wanted lower prices and that’s exactly what we’re getting Apple surprised us last time they surprised us again with the iPhone SE and now the iPhone 12 is going to be the same will be getting the base 5.4 inch iPhone 12 starting as 649 dollars the iPhone 12 6.1 inches at 749 the iPhone 12 pro 6.1 inches at 999 and finally the iPhone 12 pro max 6.7-inch phone at 1099 dollars some very reasonable prices from Apple who has clearly been focusing on keeping the cost down of course

it’s not all about specs and we’re likely going to see some new software features or improvements to the current features in iOS 14 the iPhone 12 is set to launch in September as always and it’s always around the second week, they release so we can expect to see the iPhone 12 the range on either their 8th or the 15th of September and the iPhone 12 will be released about 10 days afterwards of the course being so far away these are leaks and rumours but as more information comes to light, I’ll be sharing with you guys straight away other ways though I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments who are there is waiting for the Apple iPhone 12 and what do you think of these new renders but thanks for watching the video if you like to smash a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and I’ll see you guys in the next one



the Samsung Galaxy fold 2 is coming with more power than ever and I’ll be sharing the details right after this. Today’s video is sponsored by filmora9 video editor, I often get questions asking how I edit my videos and what software to use well filmora9 is a great place to start for YouTube or other platforms is it specifically designed for beginners and it’s super easy to use it takes a few minutes to understand the basic features like trim crop and audio edits and it comes with tons of preset media such as music titles filters and elements with a drag and drop system that the software is very intuitive and what I like most is how easy it is for users to create titles and transitions from the get-go whereas on other software it could take them hours of learning most importantly though it’s quite affordable in comparison to Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro and you can even try it for free before you make your purchase of a course that the download link is down in the description below so go ahead and start your free trial today. So a week on we’ve got plenty more news on the Samsung galaxy to fold 2 we’ve got news of more power larger battery at larger screens in information

on the launch and the release date before we get started though please like the video if you’re looking forward to the galaxy fold 2 and if not then let me know in the comments on what phone that you’re looking forward to so the first story of today is about the screen size of the Samsung galaxy fold 2 many appreciated at the The 7.3-inch display on its predecessor and it turns out that the galaxy fall 2 is going to have a seven-point seven inch internal display a new report from et News confirms that not only is it going to be larger but it’s also going to be a 120 Hertz display there were many rumours early on that the galaxy fold 2 what was also going to have support for an S Pen but et news the report says it’s not gonna have this due to technical limitations and this is no doubt going to be a durability issue with the display but next up we’ve got news of a larger battery in the Samsung galaxy fold 2 which is always a welcomed improvement for consumers a 3c certification listing has appeared in China for the fold 2 and suggested it will be equipped with a 4,500 milliamp hour battery this is likely going to be made up of two separate batteries on each side the same


as we had on the predecessor the original fold had a capacity of 4,000 380 so or not the biggest jump it is still an improvement we’ve also had plenty of rumours about the Exynos 1992 and the snapdragon 865 plus when it comes to the Exynos 992 a the decision hasn’t been made whether or not it’s going to be inside the note and the galaxy fold we really hope so given it’s the first 5-nanometer mobile chipset but as soon as we get an update I’ll be letting you guys know when it comes to the snapdragon 865 plus though we’ve already started seeing leaked benchmarks for this system on the chip so it’s very likely we’re gonna see it in the fold 2 finally, though we’ve had many leaks on the Samsung unpacked launch event this is, of course, an online-only launch event in its gonna be for the note the Zed flip and the fold 2 and pretty much all of the leakers agree it’s gonna be held on the 5th of August even though all phones are gonna be launched together there’s unfortunately new news that the galaxy falls to or will face a delay on its release the galaxy fold 2

what was meant to be available shortly after the official launch in trailers was released but it’s no longer going to be happening the fall 2 has not yet reached the final version of its bootloader so it’s not gonna be ready in the time it’s a software issue so it’s not going to be too problematic as the hardware is ready to go but it means that we’re going to see a delay and reports – suggesting that mass production is now gonna begin in August instead of the planned July when it comes to pricing though we have early news that the fold 2 is gonna be around $1,800 the news was however from Ross Young who has changed information later on a couple of times now but to be fair when giving these leaks so early there is a possibility that things can be changed also with the launch delay that we don’t know if this is gonna affect the costings either but for anyone interested that we’re gonna run through all of the details of the Samsung Galaxy fold 2 for my regular viewers you guys have already seen this so just skip to the next video but

these Are The Best feature Of Samsung Fold

if you are new here then make sure you hit subscribe and we’re gonna get right into it the largest rumours currently floating around the web is that the Galaxy fold 2 is gonna be the first device from Samsung to have an in-display selfie camera well this would actually make sense given that it is a luxury device with a very high price tag it appears it’s just not gonna happen yet credible leaker ice universe has already advised on Twitter that something is considering this technology for debut in the s21, he advises that Samsung is currently evaluating its feasibility for the s21 so there’s just no way it’s gonna be ready in time for the Galaxy fold to the outer design of the galaxy fold 2 is also reported to be very similar to its predecessor but with a larger external display although the whole industry has been experiencing delays due to the current outbreak we’re still expecting mass production to begin mid-may and commercial units should be ready by June when you’re speculating that the Samsung Galaxy fall 2 is going to be released alongside the note 20 in August

so it’s not too much longer until we find out we’ve had plenty of other concepts for the device from people such as on leaks and concept creator and they all look incredible the future of folding phones is looking very promising and the galaxy vol 2 is going to be in a similar form factor is the original fold but it’s gonna be even more premium a patent was previously filed by Samsung and it reveals a foldable device with a slightly different form factor than the original fold it’s more of a Galaxy Tab with a folding form factor with this the design we get a much larger display and a better aspect ratio for both media and gaming the pattern also reveals a full-screen display when unfolded so this is where the rumours of the in-display camera originally came from of course, while in-display cameras do seem very unlikely at this time it’s not impossible and nothing’s been confirmed just yet the early leaks came from a South Korean publication who advised the whole design of the Galaxy fold 2

My Favourite phone

what was aimed at having a tablet but with portability its reportedly going to be designed to fit comfortably in pockets but still, provide a large enough display the Galaxy photo can supposedly be used in the form of a mini laptop by resting the bottom on the surface and folding up the top we then have a display on top with a keyboard on the bottom previous reports that were also stating that Samsung was switching to using ultra thin glass instead of the transparent polyamide were used to and this glass was said to be capable of using an S The pen now this is where the confusion originally came from as these reports were published prior to the launch of the Zed flip so we had less information about ultra-thin glass, we now know that in its current form, it’s not able to support an S Pen so I advise it to disregard these rumours when it comes to the hardware in the specification that we were cause we’ll get the 512 gigs of internal storage and this will of the course at buf s3 we expect this to be coupled up with 16 gigs of ram and it’s of course,

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Launch in 2021

gonna use the new snapdragon 865 will likely get some decent cameras that but media is gonna be the main target audience rather than photography a device that folds out into a large the tablet is great for watching media gaming or even doing some editing but having a large device is not the best the choice for a portable camera the pattern doesn’t confirm that this is the galaxy fold 2 well that this is ever gonna make it to market but it does seem a very sensible design that could take off if it does we know that despite their initial issues Samsung are continuing to push their foldable devices we’ve already had the launch of the new W 20 as well as the Samsung galaxy n flip with each release,

they’re improving the issues they face and they’re becoming much more durable products, unfortunately, is a luxury product it also means it is gonna come with a luxury price tag although the price of the new Galaxy fold 2 is still very much unknown with the launch expected to be July or August it’s not going to be long until we do get some information and as always I’ll be sharing it with you guys as it comes in I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments who are there wants a galaxy to fold 2 and if not then what phone do you want but thanks for watching the video if you liked it smash a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and I’ll see you guys in the next one

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 20 – Insane Upgrades!

Oppo Find X2 Unboxing & Overview with 65W Charging

hi there this is tech tips mobile and in this video let’s do the unboxing and have a first, look at the scope or find x2 smartphone and as you can see in India there’ll be only long-chain the good gigabyte ram variant that comes with 256 gigabytes of storage and guys this is the review net so I don’t know the exact price because I’m actually opening it up before the launch so I’ll add it in the description but I feel there’ll be a slight premium on this device because we are getting that 12-gigabyte variant and this also has that new 65-watt super whoop to charging so let’s open this up and have a look even the pro series was launched but in this video let’s just talk about the x2 for now and let’s open this up and so yeah thus we get and looks like cases there and a lot of paperwork also a sim ejector tool is there and says scope oh so a lot of paperwork as you can see

What is inside inbox

so I’ll just keep all this to the side, for now, yes and this is the case a typical what do you say that DP use style case flexible that you are getting and this is the device itself again has that in-display fingerprint scanner because it has a bullet screen and cuffs a slightly curved also as you can see and back we have that triple camera setup I’ll just remove that for the time being we’ll come back to the device a bit later well let’s see what else do we get in the box so we do get a headset so that’s nice we are getting a headset in this one and actually even the power cable is here and it’s a Type C headset guys have a casing because it does not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack but at least they are giving the headset in the box, so that’s what we get I’ll just keep that and the big thing is we are getting even this and this is supposed to be a 65 watt, yes you’re not hearing it on 65 watts faster

so I’ll definitely play around with that one and it’s advisable to use the supplied power cable guides otherwise you won’t get that so use this one if you’re getting this so let me keep this one to the side and now let’s look at the handset itself so here is the handset and I would say first impressions the weight balance has been done very well on this one it simply does not feel heavy and in fact, they’re able to do the 65 watts charging because it has two separate batteries of 2100 milliamp-hour that’s why they are able to do this very fast charging so as you can see we have a six-point seven-inch screen with a punch or not kind of a thing here we have a secondary noise cancellation microphone and on this, we have some antenna band just to power but has that green accent and speakers at the bottom and let me just open this again it’ll be won’t have would dedicate what do you say SD card slot but let’s look at it just remove it it’s tight yeah it comes out and

Here Is The Feature Of Oppo find X2 pro

let’s say m1 and sim 2 over here so that’s what we are having and here if we go we have the volume rocker and actually nothing else back we have a triple camera setup and this is also sort of a fingerprint magnet very shiny as you can see so advisable to use it with the case and if you apply that case let me show you this is how it’s going to look with the case so let’s just take this out and let me just power it on guys and I hope it has some charge give me haptic feedback and guys by the time it actually boots up and we set it up here is a configuration overview this Oppo find eggs is having a six-point seven-inch quad-HD plus OLED the screen that’s 120 Hertz it also has the snapdragon 865 SOC which is Phi G ready it comes with 1280 bytes of RAM this is lpddr4 amp and 256 gigabytes of storage that is UF s3 it has a triple rear-facing camera that’s the main camera is a 48 megapixel with F 1.7

this is having wires then we have a 12 megapixel that’s ultra-wide then we have a 13-megapixel zoom which has 5x hybrid and 20x digital zoom front-facing camera has a 32 megapixel it has 4200 milliamp hour battery with that 65 watt super fast charging so guys I’ve set up this smartphone and a few things that I notice again it immediately found an update it’s actually downloading this update it’s almost a 3gb update and it runs about colour is 7.1 as you can see and one thing that I immediately noticed on this phone is that again it has that Quad HD screen but again it also has this what do you say one 20 Hertz option for example, if we go to display here we have a lot of options over here for example screen resolution as you can see right now it’s on auto but you can go to that quad HD plus right now if you keep it on auto based on what it’s doing it will automatically switch between Full HD and quad HD to optimize the battery life and I’m using the full screen navigation as you can see the gestures and even of what do you say the refresh rate as you can see it has that option of 120 Hertz refresh rate so that’s actually a nice option that we are having so again all that high-end stuff and one thing that really surprised me on this smartphone is the haptic the feedback

that I was getting when I was setting up the phone and stuff when you’re typing the haptic feedback is excellent even when your navigation and I’m doing anything the haptic feedback the motor has me very well calibrated and another surprise was that I was playing around again I can’t show you music videos because of copyright issues I don’t know how well my videos will show up because again it’s basically not music related but I did playback some music videos and the stereo separation is so good and it also has a little bit of depth yes we have a lot of smartphones with stairs because but on this one it was very surprised it has been done very well the stereo separation is actually very well done and also it has a little bit of depth but I don’t know how well it will translate with my media later as it is it’s very loud let me skip this and loudness is also there and let me skip this and as you can see it’s very loud so I just got out of that so excellent stereo speakers

Best Phone Best display Phone

that were a big a surprise to me but again no headphone jack so you will have to use the Bluetooth headset and another thing is that a big selling point of this phone is that new 65-watt charging I just played around with it a little bit it does charge very quickly but I’ll reserve that for later and apart from that again it is a typical colour OS that you are getting that runs on Android 10 out of the box so they have improved the layout quite a bit the new one is a lot better still doing that update as I’ve told you and then storage if we go to additional settings out of that 256 as you can see about 27 GB as sort of used so you would roughly get about 225 ish gigabytes of space available to you and again because it’s running on the snapdragon 865 again it’s Phi G ready also very smooth and navigation so in terms of performance you don’t have to actually worry about this one and again as it’s an Oppo phone but before that it also has this always-on display by default it was not enabled but you can go in the settings and enable it I’ve done it as you can see and it also it shows you the notification icons over here and also the battery percentage and has in-display fingerprint scanner and as you can see

that works very well again as you can see and it also has to face unlocking if you want with that punch hole camera now again as it’s an open phone as I’ve told you it’s a fingerprint magnet let’s also look at the camera on this one and the front-facing is actually a 32 megapixel the rear main is 48 then we have a 12 megapixel that’s ultra-wide and 13 megapixel is zoom so let’s look at it so here is the camera interface very similar and by default it goes to 1x and you can go to this ultra-wide that’s 120 degrees and we have the 2x zoom also on this one and then we also have more zoom option if I click on the last one oops like this and you can go as you can see 5x is that hybrid zoom you are getting and after that up to 20x of digital so but up to 5x you can get some pretty good results as you can see so that’s regarding the zoom and you have this you can just move around

with this one also like this and again we have the portrait mode and all this I’ll actually show you some sample shots later on but again as you can see that depth effect you are getting in real-time and we have other modes also so if you want manual you have that promote also with this one sticker mode Google dance is also there and we have the night mode also so nightscape is there and I believe even that night mode is their forefront I believe this again will have the beauty effects so just remove that by default it will be there and again it’s a Snapdragon SOC so very very fast I would say and we have the portrait mode again that skin smoothing is there guys disable that a little bit right do you have that and even the night mode is there with the front-facing camera and let me do one the thing let me actually take some sample shots so that you get a better idea regarding the camera so these are some of the samples taken in outdoor conditions and as you can see now door conditions it actually did a pretty good job as you can see with this sample shots and again to give you an irregular shot this was that to exhume this was that 5x zoom and finally wide angle again

Oppo Find X2 Unboxing & Overview with 65W Charging

the zoom is useful as you can see you can go really close to the subject now these were taken a night as you can see and these are taken very dim lighting condition here also I felt it is surprisingly good this was regular mode and this was with the night mode some boats human samples and again as you can see the skin tones will produce very well with this device again as you can see and even the zoo board does a good job some samples with the front-facing camera and all some samples in my office and artificial lighting conditions and here also as you can see apart from that ultra-white it did actually a pretty good job in these samples now some of the samples with the front-facing camera in my office and actually these were taken in very dull lighting condition so, guys,

that’s it for now for the unboxing and the first look at this Oppo find x2 so what do you guys think about this Koko find x2 and that 65 watts fast charging the biggest surprise for me was that stereo speaker it’s actually very loud and the stereo suppression was very good and even the haptic feedback motor was good and initial impressions even the screen quality looks to be good but anyways what do you guys think about this Oppo find x2 let me know in the comment section below anyways guys that’s it, for now, thanks for watching this is Ranjith and I hope to see you in my next video take care guys

Poco F2 Pro The Full-Screen Deal!

iPhone SE 2 (2020) Unboxing & Overview Most Affordable iPhone

TCL 55″ 4K QLED Smart TV with Onkyo Sound Bar – 55C815


hi, guys, this is tech tips and as you can see I’m here with this new TCL and television and this is a 55 inch Q lag television this is a reviewer that was sent to me almost about ten days ago and this is their high end what do you say 4k television available in India and this is the 55-inch variant and the speciality of this one is that it is a quantum dot that is a Q LED television and as you can see at the bottom also we have a soundbar attached it has an on Q a soundbar that is attached and also it has far-field microphones so you don’t have to actually you get a remote controller but you can just use it via voice and I’ll show you all that and this first thing I noticed is that the build quality is actually really nice or this one this is the 55 inch, Miriam they’ll also be other sizes available

Best TV Feature

I like that information below and TC lrf also told me about the pricing for those 55-inch variant it’ll be sixty-nine thousand nine hundred nine P and I leave the lengths where it’s available in the description but let’s look at this television and the thing that stood out personally for me on this television was the picture quality and the sound picture quality because it’s a quiet television and if you guys recall Samsung very hand high-end television that cost couple of lakhs have that quiet technology and because it also has the soundbar attached it’s actually a 15 what soundbar the audio quality is also very good and it also has in terms of technical specification Dolby vision as well as DTS audio as well as Dolby atmos audio and again it runs on this what do you say Android TV as you can see

4K Quantum Display TV

so it’s very familiar again you have popular apps that are pre-installed in fact Netflix is pre-installed even the prime video was pre-installed on this one and let me just invoke it to you so all these services are there for example Prime video Netflix etc and again it also has a Play Store so you can install whatever you want and again as you can see you can navigate and stuff and the picture quality was the standout, for example, let me actually play this trailer itself and then we’ll also play a 4k video to give you an idea let me just move out so as you can see it works very well let’s just go back home now and again it also, has Netflix let me show you Netflix let’s just load it and as you can see it loaded Netflix pretty quickly and again the picture quality is really good on this one but apart from that what thing that I really like on this one is that voice control as I’ve totally it has that far-field microphones yes you also have a microphone in the remote but you don’t have to actually remove or use the remote let me demonstrate to you so root test this always-on far-field technology have just stood about six feet away

Tv Size 55 Inch

and the hot keyword is actually okay Google what’s the weather in Hyderabad as you can see it worked very well and here also it glows in the white colour when it’s recognizing now let’s try something complicated let’s say you know a particular movie on OTT channel like let’s say Netflix etc will it do that let’s try that and see if it works okay Google Play Mission Possible for on Netflix okay hopefully Nestle’s so let’s see if it loads that movie as you can see it worked not only it opened Netflix but open that particular movie so this far-field stuff actually works very well you can even control volume etc and I thought it was it would be a total gimmick but it works very well and now moving to what do you say other stuff and all these things obviously it is 4k and as you can see I installed Z and all those things and you also have this Google Play Store and from here you can install whatever apps you want like hot star etc so you have all the apps here you can search and use it

let me just go back to the home interface but typical what do you say Android TV interface that you are getting so nothing that is different and let me actually load YouTube and let me show you some 4k content to give you an idea how good the picture quality is so guys this is a youtube app and let’s search for some 4k content and I’ll give you an idea let’s just play this first video it’s 4k actually 60 guys so let’s try to play it and make sure that internet connection is very good if you want to play 4k content let’s try to play this and as you can see it says HDR 10 and it also supports Dolby vision this buffering is because of my internet the connection I’ll just pause it and let it buffer a little bit as I’ve told you your internet connection has to be amazing but let’s look at the picture quality [Music] and as you can see very rich colours this is because of the culet I don’t know if my camera is able to actually show you how good it is but if you notice how good is the picture quality and this is because of that cue let quantum dot the panel that they are using and again as you can see 4k content no issues 4k that it supports even HDR 10 plus let’s so let’s get out of this one so the picture quality is very good another thing that I like is the sound on this one the sound is also very good to let’s

Super AMOLED Display

let me just try to search for some content and play it back so that you have an idea so let’s try and play this Black Panther trailer because the audio I hope my microphone captures it I see men build weapons that I could be imagined this so I’m just gonna get out of that you don’t want to fall into copyright issues but hopefully, that gives you an idea about the sound on this one moving to the ports from the bottom as you can see you have a headphone jack then we have an AV for world television then we have a USB then we have one HDMI total of three HDMI there also we have optical out and antennae if you have that old-style one and then we have a couple two more HDMI inputs and on the top again a USB 2 port so in terms of ports I would say you are fully covered so to summarize I would say what I liked about this television is the picture quality I can’t stress it I don’t know how of well my camera is able to capture and reflect it but in reality the picture quality is really good and that’s due to the culet panel that is used I have a very high-end Samsung television and I would say the picture quality is almost close to that but before the picture profile what it has the standard the Kaunas is a little bit booster but you should good if the settings and reduce the colour a little bit and contrast then you’ll get excellent picture and even the sound because of this poncho sambar that we are having a sound impact was very good the dialogue delivery etc was very good so again

TCL 55″ 4K QLED Smart TV with Onkyo Sound Bar – 55C815

that’s the problem in many of the teams’ internal speakers they just do do a good job but here because of the a soundbar that is attached to this one it makes a huge difference and me also like that voice recognition system you don’t have to have a remote you can actually just say ok Google radius volume so as you can see it works so you don’t have to have a remote and the this actually I thought this would be a gimmick but that voice recognition system because of the powerful the technology works really well on this one so certainly a very good television for people who focus on picture quality and sound and apart from that it’s an Android television so you get all the apps nada pre-loaded and most of the popular apps are available and guys as I’ve told you this was the pre-production unit so in my testing I did notice that I was getting a little bit of lag only in the YouTube app and

I did mention asked of what he said the TCL rep about this one I mentioned then they told me – a pre-production unit in the retail units they’ll be sending out an update to my unit later on they told me but in the retail unit you shouldn’t have an issue so overall I would say this is a good television particularly if you are picky about the picture quality and the sound is what differentiates and I think so TCL you are paying that premium for that anyways guys that’s it, for now, thanks for watching this is Ranjith and I hope to see you in my next video take care

iPhone SE 2 (2020) Unboxing & Overview Most Affordable iPhone

Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Overview & Impressions


hi guys this is Ranjit and in this video let’s talk about the new me a laptops that won’t launch in fact they launched two variants is the higher-end variant that I have that’s the horizon and guys this is not a full review I just got this laptop yesterday so I’ve used to just about eight or nine hours till now so I’ll share my experience what do I feel about them and I’ll also share some of the cons and peculiar choices that Xiaomi has made with this one in fact it comes in just this gender a box like this and I’ll show you what comes and in fact that this is the horizon series this is the slightly higher end a variant

Mi Notebook Speification

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I have the core i7 the higher end the one that comes with 512 GB of SSD and the dedicated media MX 350 graphic card but they also launched one more variant that is actually known as the me notebook and that starts at 40 mm and that comes with Core i5 I took a screenshot from the Shaunie’s launch event and here is the same so let me talk about what do I feel about this laptop now so guys this is the laptop but we’ll come back to this later and we also get this power brick this is pretty big it’s a 65 watt power brick that you are getting it will keep this to the side and you also get this actually of webcam because the webcam is not melted on this one so you also get this in the box but apart from that nothing we don’t even get a carrying case or anything and let’s talk about the laptop and if you notice I can just lift it with a single angle this is common with MacBook so the weight balance has been done well and a TransAm Windows 10 to home that is pre-installed

and I’m going to address this question right away then we will move to the physical aspects there are three apps that are actually pre-installed on this one where that is the me support app this will go down and give you an idea there is also one more me app transfer and we have to connect it via bluetooth if you have an Android phone or other phones you can transfer data so that’s one more and there is one more coming up like this me unlock if you have a me band or something it automatic and lock it seems so but apart from that it store Android and it’s Windows 10 Home Edition that is pre licensed on this one and apart from that I don’t find any bloatware on this one typical Windows 10 and this is the core i7 as I’ve told you the tenth generation interval that’s the new one your series and so it’s very very fast and the body is also metallic

that’s what I like it’s an aluminum and magnesium alloy even the back is the same back we have a lot of vents over here a few notice to dissipate the heat and I’m happy to say that it was not heating up that much with regular users yes when I tried to run some benchmark and Brenda yes it became one but with the regular usage and even love of 1012 tabs hardly I mean what is a noise from the fan we also have here learn to dissipate the heat we have a USB type what do you say and a regular USB 2 port over here you also have the headphone and microphone jack integrated and most of the ports are here this is for your power brick this is your HDMI out that’s 1.4 then you 2 USB 3.1 ports and you also have a USB type-c port but sadly you cannot charge the laptop where this so that is something that I’d want to like coming to the configuration

Mi NoteBook Most Like Feature

I like that it’s a thinner lighter laptop and we don’t have Windows Hollow so you have to use the pin or something but again if you notice it logs on very quickly and also the standby time I XXI is very good from yesterday I never shut it down I just put it on standby like this and even in morning when I just opened it like that it instantly opened so that way it is fast and the battery life has been good let me talk a little bit about the configuration what we have right now this is the horizon for pain it weighs 1.35 kilograms so again the weight balance as I’ve told you is done there so I like to that and I’ll chime in the Intel 10th generation Core i7 10 of 510 you processor you can also get it with a core i5 variant ROM is only 8 gigabytes then SSD on this one is found 12 gigabytes this one was the higher-end variant comes with NVIDIA MX 350 GPU it claims about 10 hours of battery life

I will talk about it later then blocks has blue to the face support now talking about some of the things that I really liked is the keyboard layout if you look at it from this angle it looks like a MacBook Air and it’s a full-size keyboard that you’re getting but I would say the keyboard is very well the key travel is very good on this in fact I was typing a lot of stuff using this keyboard and I would say the keyboard is really good it’s much better than what I have on my macbook pro so the keyboard is good but there is one flaw it does not have any backlighting now coming to the performance again the performance is very fast this is the latest Core i7 processor it’s 8 core processor that we are getting on this one and that is blazingly fast paired with that SSD that is also very fast SSD 512 gigabyte so the performance was very good any app you throw on it anything it just loads everything instantly so in that area you don’t have to worry it was a very fast experience one thing that I really liked is that generally with very high end laptops core i7 etc when you’re using it casually also for example yesterday

Best Thing IN Notebook

I was doing a lot of browsing and stuff and if you noticed I have a lot of tabs I closed it here but I had a lot of tabs except route and here and again I have use Chrome also even of after about 2 hours of continuously I would say this is sort of casual usage the laptop did not get very warm and I could hardly notice any fan noise so that’s actually a good thing and I think so that’s thanks to the new in content generation processor I also like the fact that were charging speed is actually very good it charges really fast with the adapter that is supplied pretty bulky but it it does have that fast charging and if you just leave it 30 minutes or so it can charge up to about 50 percent the charging speed is definitely fast now coming to the screen this one is actually having a 14 inch screen and if you notice the bezels are very thin and but I would say the screen quality is good if you looking at it straight like this and it has that matte finish it’s not got glossy screen so the advantage of this one is that glare doesn’t come even we have a cube light at the back but as

you can see you can’t see that clear so that’s a nice thing but the thing is that the viewing angle Swami claims 78 degrees or something like that but I feel the viewing angles are slightly on the weaker side if you tilt and watch it from this angle the colors will field a little bit so that is something that I move mixed feelings that I’m having about it terms of color accuracy the color accuracy if you look straight I was watching some videos of mine the color accuracy is nice but the viewing angles I would say is sort of negative again as I’ve told you the weight balance is nice it’s a 1.35 kg one and in terms of battery life I would say this is again my initial impressions guys based on that last eight nine hours of usage it was giving me anywhere about six and a half to about seven hours of battery life Xiaomi claims about ten hours of battery life so guys let’s now talk about some of the cons and the things that I did not like and again as

Samsung S10 Lite with Snapdragon 855 Unboxing & Overview (Indian Unit)

I’m talking about the horizon series this is they had more premium one even on this one we do not have any backlit keyboard which is very very surprising as many of the higher-end laptops do have that in yesterday at night when I was using the laptop when all the lights were closed I felt that was a sore thing missing on this one next if we talk about what he said the sound from the speakers it has two speakers here at the back and they also say DTS etc here on the sticker but frankly speaking the sound quality is very average and even at 100% volume it’s adequate I would say it’s not bad but I felt the volume level was low so don’t get that misnomer of DTS and stuff and I feel even the stevia separation was very less they should have gone with the front of firing what do you say speaker instead of that because we do have some space at left and right so that is something that I notice now another thing that I noticed this as a total yesterday night I was using when all the lights were closed just before sleeping even at the lowest brightness setting

What In Inside In Box

I felt that the screen was too bright and what was hurting my eyes so that is something that I have no tester so again if you use your laptop at night all the lights are closed because your spouse gets up if you open any light then this is something that can irritate you because even if the lowers the brightness it was fairly bright now moving to another thing is that it does not have any window hello because it doesn’t have any integrated camera or IR camera and in fact it does not even have a built-in webcam yes they do provide that separate webcam accessory in the box but that is something that is sort of missing and these days because of the lockdown in covert situation the front-facing camera is an important thing don’t get me wrong yes you are getting that in the box but you have to carry it always with you now moving to another thing is that they do also have this USB type-c port as I have told you but strangely you simply cannot charge the laptop with this one you have to use this heavy brick that comes yes good brick is fast and charging very fast but they should have given USB type-c charging that would have made it a truly portable machine in my Frank opinion moving to another thing is that and this is sort of for the power users and this horizon series they are targeting towards that with the core i7 and the fast 512gb SSD but I don’t get the point only this laptop is available as of now only with 8 gigabytes of RAM we simply do not have that 16 gigabytes of RAM option and

Mi NoteBook Best Feature

I know for people who are going to be a very heavy video editing with the Adobe what do you say a premium pro excetera those might require that 16 gigabytes of RAM and strangely that option is not there so I felt these were some of the shortcomings that I noticed in my initial usage of this device now coming down to the pricing I feel if you just talk about the specs to price the pricing is good because this is using the latest Intel 10th generation of the u series processor and the experience was good it is fast and also one more thing that I really liked is that that casual usage it simply does not heat up and even though fan noise is not there so that’s actually nice but again

Samsung Galaxy A51 With Punch-Hole Display, L-Shaped Quad Cameras Launched

we do have a lot of competition in the market and I do understand the Xiaomi is a Chinese brand so it’s up to you to decide if this is right for you or not but in terms of price to the performance, I feel yes Xiaomi has been a good at self with this one but again it’s your money so you have to decide would you like to buy this or go with other brands like over we have a lot of brands Acer ASOS and then hey the etc anyways guys that’s it for now for this first look at this me horizon laptop what do you guys think about the same do let me know in the comment section below that’s it, for now, thanks for watching this is Ranjith and I hope to see you in my next video take care guys

Poco F2 Pro The Full-Screen Deal!


Oh top guys on TV HD here and this is the polka phone f2 Pro the successor one of the successors to the super-hyped polka phone from 2018 so this phone like the first one will not be on sale in the US but in markets like India and the Philippines

this phone is fire for about 500 bucks when you translate it so it’s not quite the same thing as the original which was like the maximum value for $300 but hey I’m okay with that and they also have the regular polka phone f2 if you want that but this phone is really interesting from the inside out this one checks a lot of the boxes you’d expect to find in a high-end phone and

I guess basically they’re adding the word pro here add that just kind of means better so from the overall build quality to all the specs and all the numbers on paper and all the included features it looking pretty complete not only is it a pretty big phone but you pick it up and you immediately notice it’s built well it’s solid to the point where it’s actually a little heavier than

I expected and it’s made of metal and glass so it doesn’t creak or flex at all and then you get plenty of extras a little accent colour for the power button is sweet and once last time you saw a phone with both a headphone jack and an IR blaster that is a rare combo for 2020 the top of the phone also has that pop-up camera with an LED notification light and you get this

sweet emerald color which you know I know pretty much every high-end phone now is a glass sandwich so it’s kind of getting predictable but at least it still feels good in the hand and then of course the piece de resistance so hey say it is this this huge full screen corner-to-corner uninterrupted display and gives you haven’t noticed there are a lot of hole punch cameras out there

now and so this doesn’t have a hole punch doesn’t have a notch and it’s doing my favorite method of getting rid of the hole punch camera and the selfie camera so we’ll pop oh so now you have a full screen corner-to-corner display six point six seven inches of 1080p AM OLED and it’s a flat display too no fancy curved glass which I am totally fine with its HDR 10 plus certified and it gets up to a comfortable but not in credible 500 nits

I’m just happy we have displays like this on a phone of this price though it is 60 Hertz and I think if I was spending any more I would definitely be looking for high refresh rate but aside from that it’s clear that the standout feature of this already great hardware package is the screen the fingerprint underneath is pretty good too at this point it’s also kind of cool that this is pretty much standard you know this used to be a high-end only feature

but now it’s started to trickle down and it seems like the optical fingerprint reader under the glass is cheap enough that almost any phone can include it and then the pop up camera here has just a little extra little little extra flair to it it’s got the LEDs on the module itself and actually if you go into the special features section in the settings you can configure the front camera effects and really customize the the sound effects and the light color for every time you

open that front-facing camera oh it also gives you a warning if you’re doing it too many times anyway on top of all that it comes with this clear case which I’m learning people really like especially for getting rid of that little camera bump on the back but if you’re not into that which I’m usually not then you can always grab a skin from our channel sponsor D brand to mix it up with the color or the back texture finish you know this matte black skin has never done me wrong

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so I’ll link it below but honestly I think holding this phone you know knowing I know it’s 500 bucks but if I didn’t know it was 500 bucks the only thing that would tip me off that this isn’t a $900 phone is there’s a little bit of rainbow banding on the display from off axis and then also these rounded corners I just noticed the lower end phones for whatever reason just usually have more swooping bigger corner radius while the higher-end phones can tighten that up make it

sharper more boxy other trade-offs you can’t tell just from holding it there is no wireless charging despite the glass back and there’s also no IP official IP water and dust resistance rating those things cost money oh and I just the vibration motor as it buzzes in my hand I’m reminded about it now you can’t necessarily tell that it is a cheap phone because of a bad vibration motor because our expensive phones with bad vibration motors too but it’s just it’s never something you unnotice unless you turn haptics off you’ll constantly be reminded about a bad ratalie vibration motor petition for everyone to just work on those just just make those better

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there is a single mono speaker at the bottom of this phone which is bad news on the spec sheet but honestly it gets surprisingly loud and crisp and doesn’t even really distort that much at all at high volumes i was listening to a youtube podcast maximum volume from across the room and it was doing great this might be the best single mono speaker i’ve ever heard in a phone now it is you can still block the whole thing with one finger that’s the downside of a single mono speaker but they made it work here i’ve been using this phone for a couple days and

it’s got a lot of similarities from the one plus 8 pro I was just coming from including the same chip snapdragon 865 which means it’s also 5g enabled it’s about the same size as that phone and the battery life here was actually better it’s got a hefty 47 hundred million power cell and it’s only powering at 1080p 60 Hertz display so you’d expect great battery and it delivers great battery and for bonus points,

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it comes with this hefty boy in the box this is a 30-watt fast charger comes with the $500 phone now as you can tell this is not u.s. plug so I’ve been charging it at regular speeds with the charger I already have but good battery life plus fast charging in the box means I’m fine with no wireless charging okay so this phone has quad cameras on the back and cameras

here are where it becomes a little more obvious especially to me if you’re pretending to be a high-end flagship versus actually being a high-end flagship phone now when you hear 64 megapixel quad camera array capable of 8k video

I mean that’s a pretty good set of numbers on paper now that I’ve used it I’ll say this camera system is capable but it’s not quite the crazy high-end you might expect just from the numbers the main camera it’s solid it is a 64 megapixel sensor but it’s gonna spit out 16 megapixel images by default and you can see they look fine

you know I’m not complaining they aren’t amazed photos they’re not particularly sharp or great with colors or dynamic range or anything like that but nothing’s terrible about them either until you get to low light so that’s fine you wouldn’t be buying this phone you shouldn’t be buying this phone for impressive image quality at a low price

you know that would be you’d be looking along the lines of pixel 3a or iPhone se but unlike those phones this one also has an ultra wide camera which is you know cool to have it’s a lot softer and not nearly as good of a camera as the main one but at least it’s fun it serves its purpose for larger subjects and that wider field of view

and then there’s two more cameras there is a 5 megapixel macro camera and a 2 megapixel depth camera now you might have been ready to write those off you might have thought I was gonna write those off but I use them expecting to write them off and I was actually fairly impressed the depth camera seems to be doing at least something for portrait mode shots

I don’t use portrait mode much but the cutouts here look good maybe a little artificial if anything and the 5 megapixel macro camera is actually decent now I’ve been shooting down all those 2 megapixel macro cameras pretty hard this year because they’re just bad they look bad but somewhere I guess between those 2 megapixel macros and this 5 megapixel the shots got a little more usable and now macro shooting is actually fun you can get some interesting results colors are a little muted

but overall I’m not mad at them for including this one and then the selfie camera is again fine it’s about it on par with the main camera it’s funny they don’t they don’t watermark the selfies by default but they do watermark everything else but yeah look at the details look at the fibers the soft cotton shopped item can be a few calm it’s beautiful even the 8k video is usable on this phone

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Impressions: New Year, New Samsung!

now it’s kind of funny it actually lags pretty hard when recording and playing back that 8k video on the phone which I thought was a pretty bad sign but then I imported it and looked at it on the computer and it looks fine so overall this is a capable camera system

it’s fun it’s not gonna give you the best quality images and you should look elsewhere if you want that but as far as a decent quad camera setup for 500 bucks this phone nailed that really the software is probably the only reason I couldn’t rock this phone every day my UI like I said isn’t my thing and even performance to me because of my you

I didn’t feel high-end like snapdragon 865 should feel smooth with a 1080p display pretty much always but it doesn’t always here part of that is the software part of that is also probably that I’m spoiled at this point getting used to all these high refresh rate displays but

I just generally felt like it should be stuttering less and should be smoother and there was, of course, some cool features like theme selectors and the always-on display with the customizable clock and things like that but there are also occasionally ads inside the UI and the stock apps but if I’m just evaluating this whole phone as a package for 500 bucks

it’s a deal they did a really good job here it’s the real deal you know they have the non-Pro poco f2 they have the poco x2 and then there’s just a whole ton of other competition in this space if you like different things about different budget phones and

I talked about that in the poco x2 video so this phone is a good sign of a lot of action in that space we might think and see that a lot of the improvement at the very high end now is pretty incremental lots of minor updates this year but there’s a lot of action down here so this is exciting well to see thanks for watching catch you guys the next one peace