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iPhone SE 2 (2020) Unboxing & Overview Most Affordable iPhone


hi there this is Ranjit and in this video let’s do the unboxing and have a first look at this iPhone SE 2 or even you could say the iPhone SE 2020 aeration and this isn’t the product red colour basic storage 1 I operate the 64 you also get this in 128 and 256 gigabytes of storage and guys

I purchased this from a good friend so that is physical communications and the pricing is forty-two thousand five hundred but Mr. fresh would say that if you have an HDFC credit card there is some offer going on so if you have that use that anyway let’s just open this up and have a look at this one and many of you were asking me about this

one so I got this and this is the product red variant that we have and here it says that by participating Apple will contribute a portion of this for HIV I am aid so that’s nice this is a product red and I mean standard stuff welcome to iPhone it sees and guys the sim ejector tool and some people work and you even get Apple stickers with

this one so this is what you get I’ll just keep these things to the side for now and let’s see what else do we get and in fact guys if you recall this one actually looks exactly the similar in terms of physical aspect to the iPhone 8 that was launched a couple of years ago but this one has the new latest Apple Bionic check that’s the big thing about this one anyways

we’ll just keep this to the side for now and see what else do we get still we get a 5-watt charger even in 2020 yes technically this does support 18-watt fast charging but for that, you have to buy that accessory separately I don’t know why it still if I want charger anyways that’s what we get with an iPhone right so we do get this headset so that’s actually nice and this would be Type C guys so sorry yeah I say Type C it’s the Lightning connector that

we have so you get this and again a lightning cable also is bundled in the box so that’s what you get I’m happy that they are still bundling this one because many of the Android smartphone manufacturers are just not bundling headphones

so that’s what we get so I’ll just keep this to the side for now and this is the handset itself and it’s tiny it’s small and that’s the thing many people want a small phone so this might be the one for you it’s just has a 4.7-inch screen and let’s just peel this off and this just comes out like this and we have the touch ID physical one on this one this does not have the face ID if you want in fact

when I boot up I’ll show you the bezels are actually pretty thick on this one back if you look at it just a single camera setup but again because of the Apple Bionic chip it can do portrait mode and stuff you look at it and see how’s the camera performance and here also it says product red so this is what we have and again this looks metallic in nature back ester glass guys so it’s a sandwich and here we have the power on/off button sim ejector scent of SIM tray

and it’ll be single cell if I’m not wrong yes a single nano-SIM guys not dual some of you were thinking that the Indian variant will have built under the proper Indian variant and bottom we have vents were what is a speaker but the good thing is to do this is supposed to have stereo speakers so we also look at that Lightning port and here we have the volume rocker and the alert switch over here so that’s what we have and back camera is supposed to be the 12 megapixel

if I recall so let’s just power this on and I hope it has some charge and by the time it actually boots up and I set it up let me give you a configuration overview this iPhone SE 2 is having a 4.7 inch IPS LCD screen which is just around a 720p HD screen it’s part by the powerful Apple a 13 Bionic chip it comes in 64 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage

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it has a single raid facing camera that’s a 12-megapixel front camera is a 7 megapixel it also has DJ speaker wireless charging and has a 1000 1821 milliamp-hour battery so almost finished setting up has it and iOS 13 comes out of the box and if you notice guys you have the thick bezel at the top at the bottom so the screen size only this much feels actually very small but because of the bezel the device feels larger and to give you an idea

I have some iPhones this was the original iPhone 10 and if I place it here as you can see the difference and this is the iPhone 10 are the big one these are the ones that I have as of now so gives you an idea about the difference in terms of size so certainly puny I would say that’s the word if I can see but again the thing is that the processor uses the a13 Bannock this is used even in the higher-end iPhone 11 Pro sold that makes

it very special and let me actually just show you if I go over here it’s connected to my wife and if you go to general and about as you can see this is the iPhone SE they just don’t call it iPhone SE 2 or something like that and automatically electronically as you can see the warranty it one year exactly you get it automatically it enrols in so that’s

what it does and out of that 64 gigabytes the available space that we are getting is 51 point seven nine gigabytes so again beware of this so if you require more storage I really go over the 128 or even the 256-gigabyte variant because you just can’t add storage on my phone so typical iOS that we have and I am as I told you if we go to about this is the iOS version thirteen point four one it’s already pre-installed on this one so let’s just go back and this has a physical touch ID, not that face ID and stuff so let’s see how well that works and again no always on or anything on iPhones so as you can see this works very well the touch ID very fast give you haptic feedback you can adjust

how much haptic feedback you want on this one in the button and this is no issues the works were very well knocking guys before going for this one the screen was actually just 4.7 inches so go to a shop first and see if you are okay with that screen size because it might be a little bit very smaller than you expect but again yes this does fit in a single hand but again if you look at you in the regular iPhones then not a dark dick and because this has the full screen they look seems to look actually very vigorous so that’s the simple factor and let’s also now look at the camera on

this one it has this two single-camera it’s a 12 megapixel and the front is 7 so let’s fire up the camera app over here and I’m going to allow what says new quick take video and again same interface as you’ve seen in every other iPhone and takes the pictures very quickly again you also have the portrait mode I think so human subjects would be required now I can see the background blur and you also have this lighting effects this is actually nice this is one thing that I really like and you can get some really cool effects in the portrait mode with human subjects with

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this one so that is also there on this obviously panoramas there even video s there and again you have to go in different settings to change the video bitrate so that is something you have to note and let’s look at the front-facing camera it’s a 7 megapixel and here we also have the portrait mode and even that portrait lighting if you notice my face see the lighting of the face it changes

so that’s what I told you this works very well on iPhones this is regular and you see the face so these are the some of the cool effects and again because of the chip using the processing time is almost negligible this one counter is smoothing at least and quite a bit but let me do one thing let me actually take some sample outdoors so that you have a better idea regarding the camera so these are some of the outdoor shots and they look like typical iPhone shots very natural

I would say and also don’t have that extra sharpness or colour boosting that you can see so the Bell iPhone shots that you would expect and I would say for I was not expecting that much from the rear-facing camera but these outdoor shots actually came out pretty good but now moving to indoor lighting here these are taking artificial lighting in here also I was surprised that the performance was actually really good now to see

how it does with human subjects these are some of the samples taken outdoors and again here as you can see in outdoor situations the rate facing camera performance is still very good and here are some of the samples with the front-facing camera in outdoor conditions and here also I feel it’s cold but now moving to indoor lighting conditions

iPhone SE 2 (2020) Unboxing

here I feel some weaknesses but overall I would say the rear-facing camera is doing a decent job as you can see moving to the front-facing camera I feel it is showing a little bit of weakness in indoor lighting so guys that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this iPhone SE 2 or the air 20/20 Edition so what do you guys think about this iPhone SE 2 at about 40 2500 rupees in India I would again as I mentioned earlier go to a shop first and check it out in person maybe it might be just too small for you and

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I would say if your budget is around this one I would suggest also have a look at I phone 10 R that has a bigger screen has a face ID and all that stuff and that can also be how you can have it now around this price point and frankly, I feel that might be a better bet if you okay with that size if you guys really want I can do a camera comparison between the this new iPhone and the iPhone 10 R do let me know in the comment section below but anyways what do you guys think about this new iPhone do let me know in the comment section below anyways guys that’s it, for now, thanks for watching this is Ron g10 I hope to see you in my next video take care guys

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 20 – Insane Upgrades!


We’ve Got Incredible News About The Samsung Galaxy Note 20a A Upgrades And I’ll Be Sharing The Details Right now. So We’ve Got Plenty A More Leaks For The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Including It Details Of An Incredible A New Camera Which Should Set It Fara Apart From The Competition

We’ve Gota A New Design Information A Huge Amount Ofa Ram Is Standard And Battery Upgrades Toa A Keep Users Going Throughout The Day Buta Before We Get Into It Please Like Thea A Video If You’re Looking Forward To Thea Samsung Galaxy Note 20 And Let Me Know A In The Comments If You Prefer The Galaxy Note 20 Or The No 20 Plus So As Most Ofa A You Will Already Know

What We Won’t Be Receiving A Galaxy Note 20 Ultra A This Year And There’s Gonna Be Just Two Models Instead We Get The Galaxy Note A 20 And The Galaxy Note 20 Plus And Fora Those That Like A Hefty Amount Of Rama A It Seems That Both Models Of The Galaxy Note 20 Are Going To Be Coming With 16a A Gigs Of Ram As Standard This Is Gonna Be The 16 Gig At Ddr5 Ram

That Samsung A Have Already Began Mass-producing Buta There’s No Information On If All Models A Are Gonna Be Sixteen Gig Or If Wea Will See Some Higher Variants I Woulda A However Expect That All Models Are Justa Gonna Be Sixteen Gigabytes As Going Anya A Higher Does Just Seem Unnecessary Next Up We’ve Got Details From Ice Universe A Who States That

The Galaxy Note 20a Plus Is Going To Be Using The Same A 108 Megapixel Sensor That We Saw In Thea Ultra But It’s Going To Add A New Sensor A To Solve That The Focusing Problems That Many Are Experiencing The New Sensor Isa A Expected To Be Samsung’s Newly Announced Gn1 50 Megapixel Sensor

The New Gn1 Wasa A Announced Today And It’s Their First Camera Sensor To Come With Both Duala A Pixel And Tetra-cell Technology It’s Aa One Over 1.3 One Inch Sensor With 1.2a A Micrometer Pixels And A Hundred-million Face Detect Autofocus Agents Put Ina A Simple Terms This Means It Will Geta Some High-Resolution Images And Videos A With Some Fast And Accurate Auto-focus The Tetra-cell Technology Allows Fora A Foreign 1-pixel Bidding It’s Similar To The Hm One

We Also Have Dual Pixela A Technology Enabling A 100 Megapixel Resolution The Dual Pixel Technology A Places Two Photodiodes Next To Each Other But Within A Single Pixel Anda A This Allows It To Receive Light Froma Different Angles For Phase Detection A X’ This Allows The Sensor To Detect Anda Focus A Still Or Moving Object From Anya A Corner Almost Instantaneously And Works Even In Low-light Conditions

Next, We have A Got A Design Leak From Ice Universe And Harmless Carl On Twitter You’ll A See That The Front Is Pretty Mucha What We’re Expecting And The Back Isa A Just A Little Bit Different The Front Isa However Just Showing A Rough Idea A Nicea A Universe Advises Us To Ignore The Bezela As It Is A Rough Preview The Galaxy Note A 20 Bezel Is Expected To Be Slimmer Thana

This Image To Provide A Higher Screen A To Body Ratio Than Its Predecessor And The Back Is Sort Of What We’rea A Expecting But Just Slightly Different And It Shows Us Three Camera Holes Mosta A Likely A Hole For The Led Flash Buta Now This Could Well Be For The Galaxy A Note 20 And Not The No Twenty Plus Buta He Hasn’t Actually Specified The Rough A Design Has Also Been Recreated In Aa More Professional Approach And This Wasa A Tweeted To Ice Universe

Who Agreed Itsa Correctness We Can See The Top Sensor A Is The 108 Megapixel Hm One The Middle What Could Well Be The 50 Megapixel Gn1a A We Don’t Know What The Third Sensor Willa Be But I Have To Say I Like This Design A And It’s Probably Easier On The Eye Thana The Ultras Camera Module Finally We Have A News That The Galaxy Note 20 Plus Isa Going To Be Receiving A Battery Upgrade A Which Is Always Welcomed By Consumers

The Information Comes From Galaxy Club A And Claims That The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus Is Going To Be Equipped With Aa A 4500 Milliamp Hour Battery What Many Area Complaining That It’s Not As Much As Thea A Ultra We Have To Remember That The No 20a Plus Will Be Smaller Than The Ultra Anda A It May Contain The New X An Off Switch Has Better Battery Optimization We Also A Have Previous News Of Ltp O Displays Which Of Course

It Will Greatly Help A The Galaxy Note 20 Last The Day Even Under Heavy Use On Of All This That A We’re Gonna See Improve Displays Battery Hard-wearing Cameras And We Haven’t Gota A Much Longer Until It’s All Gonna Bea Unveiled Now We’re Gonna Run Through A All Of The Specs Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 And The Note 20 Placer But Fora A My Regular Viewers You Would Have Already Seen This So I Suggest You A Switch Off

Now If You’re New Here Thena Don’t Forget To Hit Subscribe And We’rea A-Gonna Get Right Into It, Of Course, Thea Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Is Gonna Be Ana A Incredible Smartphone And Actually One Of My Favorite Releases This Year Willa A Likely See Improved Design Display Yeta Cameras And More But For Anyone Who’s A Missed My Previous Videos

We’re Gonna Quickly Run Through What We Can Expect A For My Regular Viewers You Would Have Already Seen This So Just Switch Offa A Now But For Anyone New Here We’re Gonna Run Through Everything We Know So Fara A About The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Wella The Note Was Always Much Bigger Thana A The S Range In The Past Things Have Been Changing Lately

So It’s Gonna Bea A Interesting To See At What Screen Sizes We Get With The Galaxy Note 20 Last Yeara A We Had The Note In Two Sizes Which Wasa 6.3 Inch In 6.8 Inch Displays We Thena A Had A Light Model Come Later With A Six Point Seven Inch Display Given That Thea A S Range Has Massively Increased In Size With A Six Point Nine Inch Display Nowa A Coming

I’m Gonna Estimate That We Coulda See A Galaxy Note 20 With At Least A 7a A Inch Display Now, Of Course, Smartphone Sizes Are Generally Getting Larger Soa A Phablet Sizes Are Going To rising Tool Given The Success Of Last Year’s Note A I’m Also Gonna Predict That We’ll Bea Getting A Galaxy Note 20 Along Witha A

The Galaxy Note 20 Plus We Haven’t Had Any Solid Leaks Or Information A When It Comes To Displays But I’m Gonna Predict A 6.5 Inch Display On The Galaxy A Note 20 And A 7 Inch Display On Thea Galaxy Note 20 Plus I’m Expecting Botha A Models To Be 1440 By 3200 Resolution And That Will Be A 120 Hertz Dynamica A Amoled Display We’re Not Gonna See Ana In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Along A With Gorilla Glass 6 For Protection Nowa

When It Comes To The Selfie Camera Thea A Note Line Actually Led The Innovation For Samsung Last Year It’s Gonna Bea A Interesting To See Whether They Sticka With The Punch Hole Camera Top Center A Or If The Galaxy Note 20 Comes With Aa New Design Altogether Many Are Curiousa A Where The In-Display Cameras Are Going To Be Available For Consumers When A Samsung Have This Technology Ready My Guess Would Be Introducing

It Ona A The Note Line But Unfortunately Thea Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Is Probably A A Little Bit Too Early For This Tech And It’s Likely Gonna Be Something Wea A See In 2021 When It Comes To The Rear Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 11 Or Thea A Galaxy Note 20 As It May Be Cooled I’ve Got No Doubts That We’re Going To See Aa A Rectangular Camera Housing Samsung Have Stuck With This Across Their Mid-range A And Their Flagships

This Year So Thea No 20 Should Be No Different Samsung A Have Also Been Getting A Lot Morea Adventurous With Their Cameras Soa A I’m Gonna Predict That We’ll Get A One Hundred Eight Megapixel Iso Cell Sensor A With Pixel Binning Technology We’ll Geta A Periscope Lens With Some Incredible A-Zoom Capabilities We’ll Get An Ultra Wide-angle For Those Wide Shots Anda A

We’ll Also Get A 3d Time-of-flight Depth Sensor Will Also No Doubt See Better A Camera Sensors On The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus Compared To The Standard A No 20 In The Hardware Department Wea Know The Galaxy Note 20 Is Gonna Bea A Powered By The Snapdragon 865 In North America And The Exynos 990 Globally Wasa A He Up To 512 Gigs Of Internal Storage With Up To 16 Gigabytes Of Ram And Ita A Will, Of Course, Be Expandable With Aa Microsd Card Given

The Larger Size A The Galaxy Note 20 Plus Is Expected Toa Have A Battery Capacity Of 5200 Milliampa A Hours While The Galaxy Note 20 Is Gonna Be Around 4300 Of Course At Both Galaxy A Note the 20s It Going To Be Running Android 10 In The Form Of 1 Ui 2 And It Will Bea A Ip68 Water-resistant The Galaxy Note 20a Is Expected To Come With Stereo Speakers A And No Three-and-a-half Mill Headphone Jack And Most Importantly For Note Fansa A It Will Be Coming With

The Much-loved Sa Pen Using Bluetooth 5 We Haven’t Had Anya A Leaks On The Upcoming S-pen But It’s No Doubt Gonna Be More Refined Witha A New Hardware And Software Features The Galaxy Note 20 Is Set To Be Ana A Incredible Device And Judging By Recent Years We Can Expect The Galaxy Note 20a A To Launch At The Start Of August 2020a And Released Towards

The End Of The Mana A When It Comes To Pricing It Will Ofa Course Be An Expensive Device Prices A Are Expected To Start At About 1100a To 1200 Dollars For The Standard Note A 20 And Around 1,400 To 1,500 Dollars For The Galaxy Note 20 Plus Or Galaxy A Note 20 Ultra As It May Also Be Called Given The Success Of This Year’s Lite A Models It’s Also Likely That We’ll Geta A Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Light Released A Further Down The Line

It’s A Great Timea To Be A Samsung Fan With So Many Phones A Being Released By The Company We’ve Gota A Huge Selection In There A Range Thea A Premium S And The Note Line On Top Ofa The Galaxy Fold And The Galaxies Dead A Flip Phone Now I Have To Say Thea Z Flip Phone Is The Only One That A Doesn’t Really Excite Me But That’s Just Because I See It Is A Little Bita A Unnecessary It’s Sort Of Trying To Solve A Problem That Isn’t Really There In Thea A First Place Being Over Complicated Fora Very Little Reason, Of Course, That’s A Just My Opinion Though And

I’m Sure Ita Will Be A Successful Phone Being Priced A Much Lower Than The Fold Of Course Asa All The Information And Estimates Wea A Have Today But As Soon As Any Solida Information Comes To Light I’ll Bea A Sharing With You Guys Straight Away Buta I Just Wanted To Give You My Estimationsa A Along With These Stunning Renders That Concept Artists Have Already a Brought Together As Always Though I’da Like To Know Your Guys Thoughts In Thea A Comments

Who Are There Is Waiting Fora The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 You Waiting for The No 20 Or The No 20 Plus Anda What Do You Think Of This New Camera A From Samsung But Thanks For Watching Thea Video If You Liked It Smash A Thumbs Up A If You Didn’t Hit The Thumbs Down Twicea And I’ll See You Guys In The Next One