Realme Buds Q vs Redmi Earbuds S Review


hi guys this is tech tips mobile in this post let’s do a comparison and review between these two wireless tws parts and what are sort of budget oriented earbuds and I just simply did not want to post a separate video for this one and this one so in this video let’s do a practical comparison between these two and I’ve used both these and now so let me share what do I feel about the same and first as you can see both of them come in this box now that it looks a little bit different as you can see this is more squarish and this is like a pebble finish it both have that matte finish but one strange thing that

I noticed is that for some reason this one feels a little slightly cheaper the cap that all those things on the r8 real me was slightly better I would say this feels slightly cheaper and another thing I noticed is I movement like this as you can see this makes a lot more noise that’s also vibrates a little bit but as you can see this makes very less noise so in terms of the feel I would say definitely the real me bucks q-factor slightly better again these are tws so if you open them up we have the bugs here we have LED light within the buds itself LED light for this one is over here when you charge it this close in red color and again both of them are like this

we go in here and put the real me over here and the red me one over here but in terms of fit I felt the real me buds felt slightly better as you can see they go inside the year a lot poor and for some reason I felt this was more comfortable compared to the real me one man let me show you as you can see this is more rounded in shape whereas this is like and I felt this was slightly more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time again if you look at one more so a difference that I notice here if you notice these are actually touch capacitive buttons on this one but on this red knee we have actually this is a physical button and I would say the physical button is easier to get used to it you do get used to these once also

but one good thing I liked with the real me one is that you can actually customize what you can do with this one let me actually show you this is the phone and I’ve installed the real me link app we just put this back in this case this will get a little bit confusing otherwise yes just put this back and if you go to the real be link app as you can see here it shows you let me adjust the brightness a little bit guys obviously it shows you the battery life over here and again as you can see in this interface you get to know the battery percentage and

what I like is you can actually customize what you can do when you tap these for example left and right you can actually let’s say you want to change something you can go here and change it so this is a flexibility that is offered on the real mean we don’t have something like that with the red me but so that is something you have to note but I would say I took me almost about 30-40 minutes to get used to these tabs because initially I thought it was not resisting it was racing you have to tap and just wait for a half a second so that is one thing that

I noticed that is that app for functionality is there so you can customize so what you want with this one another thing that is important with these buds is the battery life that you would get and here I would definitely say that the real moon goes ahead compared to the red me both will give you about four three and a half to about four and a half hours I got slightly better battery life on the real me who wants about thirty minutes more than the red me once but in terms of the standby time and the music that you can listen is very more on the real means for example the real mean

for its this box you can charge it almost four to four and a half times so they rated about twenty hours and in fact I would say I got the battery life slightly more than even twenty hours on this one whereas with this red me it’s rated just for about twelve hours and roughly I got about well about eleven a shower so I would say in terms of battery life the real me gives almost double the battery life and worried well these what you say real mean will be too heavy because they definitely have a higher capacity battery in this charging box but

if you look at it and that’s not the case let’s just look at this weight balance this is the real me let’s just place it over here and let’s look at the weight it says that it’s just 36 the rams let’s put the red me once and 35 so just one gram of difference but definitely the battery life that was getting on the Surreal me was – so that is one thing that Hein notice also in terms of accessories there’s a small thing obviously this comes inside this box let’s talk about the red knee and you get extra ear tips and a small manual that’s it these are the things that you get with the reveal me again

this is the box of the real main you get the birds itself you get extra two tips on so you get a manual and you also get this charging cable which is again USB what do you say micro USB on both of them but strangely I don’t know why read me does not bundle this one in the box so that’s other difference that you get but let me just put it back to the side now let’s talk about one more thing there is that low latency mode with the red real me once and you can switch it on within the app or also if you just hold it for some time you can switch it on and as you guys know I’m not a big gamer but I did try of Call of Duty and I felt that the latency was quite low and even when I was actually watching videos youtube videos Netflix etcetera

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I did not finish that lip sync issue don’t get me wrong even is the red me the latency was low but we don’t have a special mode or something like that in anyways now let’s talk about the most important thing that is the music quality but before that I completely forward let’s also address two more things again both of them do have a microphone so you can’t take calls with both of them but here I felt that both are neutral the sound output that I got from the microphone was very similar in both of these so I won’t say one is a another is a winner it’s neutral for me

and I would say the call quality is acceptable they do try to filter a little bit of Sun but don’t expect active noise cancellation or anything like that and now coming to Bluetooth range again the Bluetooth range I would say both are sort of half the region Bluetooth range I mean if you are in the same room they are fine and I noticed that even if you move slightly to the next room both will not disconnect but again if you go slightly away then yeah both will disconnect so I would say Bluetooth range is decent but don’t expect that you will just move about

two rooms away and will stay connected now let’s talk about the most important thing why do you get these earbuds it’s for music and here I would say in my testing and I did tested multiple times I give it to my daughter I would definitely say this real me went ahead in that area in terms of some compared to the Redman let’s break it down I felt let’s talk about the red me

first in base what what you say red mean is trying to do is they’re trying and has the base quite a bit and it is getting a little bit muddy that means you’re not enjoying the base it’s just becoming slightly booming and that creeps him even to the mid-tones hence I felt that the sound quality was simply not that course and even the higher tones was simply not produced that well I would say on the red main again this is something very surprising because

I really like the tws to from me they were superb but this one in terms of sound quality I simply did not enjoy they try to do that excessive bass but it becomes slightly muddy and because of that the overall sound signature is not that great I would say even in the high tones it was lacking don’t get me wrong even this really does actually boost up the base a little bit compared to normal but I feel that kind of base in most of you like and then think is that this base though it’s boosted does not creep too much into the mid-range hence the mid-range vocals are produced very well and in terms of high tones

also I would say it is slightly better compared to the right way so overall in terms of sound quality for listening to music and also in terms of comfort as I told you these are more comfortable I would prefer the real me over the retina he wants so overall if I have to pick one between these two definitely in terms of battery life and music quality I would rate the real me one’s better than this one anyways guys that’s it for now for this review and comparison between these two budget oriented tws

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