Realme X3 SuperZoom Unboxing & Overview with Samples


hi, guys, this is tech tips mobile and in this video let’s do the unboxing and have a first look at this real me x3 super zoom and in fact, they launched two variants this is the zoom one they also not a regular one and this is certainly a camera-centric smartphone so guys as you look at the back this one is part by the snapdragon 855 t-Boz and this says that it has got that 120 Hertz display it’s an IPS LCD screen guys and it’s so full HD plus and the big thing is that this one is coming with that 64-megapixel main camera and it’s a 60 X zoom that is a game digital zoom periscope zoom but I feel up to 20 X it should be okay and some of you keep asking me about SAR value so here it is sarva you for the head is one point one eight eight and for the body is zero point nine zero six and it comes in two variants guys

this is the higher-end variant that comes with 12 EK bytes of ram and 256 they’ll all show me another variant that comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage so pricing for that one starts at 28,000 and this is 33,000 and will be sold a Flipkart I’ll leave the links so let’s open this up oops and here it says real me and looks like case and some paperwork I’ll just keep to the side and there’s a typical I will see if that plastic TPU case that you’re getting and this is slightly coloured greyish colour I would say let me keep this to the side and here is the phone itself and then let’s just open this up and this what do you say dark bluish-green gives a gradient as you can see if you can see here gives that gradient and again that highlight is that periscope camera for the zoom again

we have two cameras even on the front one certainly a camera centred smartphone and what else do we get we just get a USB type-c cable as you can see and the sim ejector tool is also here and we get a fast charger just says read me over here and this is actually a 30 watt a fast charger so let me give this thing to the side let’s look at there device itself a screen guard is actually pre-installed guys as you can see so that is supply installed and let me give you a physical overview on the top we have a secondary noise cancellation microphone now this and we have the fingerprint sensor and I believe this might be also the power one yes a test dot type power button also the bottom will be the speaker your SIM tray is here so let’s look at it and see the configuration what do we get

so it’s just dual SIM nano guys no expansion slot so again beware of that no micro SD card slot on the same and here we have the volume rockers on this one not that watt cameras set up and front again that dual camera and let me just try to power it on and by the time it actually boots up and I set it up here as a configuration overview this real me x3 superzoom is having a six point six inch full HD plus IPS LCD screen with hundred twenty Hertz display a refresh rate it sparked by the snapdragon 855 plus octa-core processor protected by Gorilla Glass five comes with eight or twelve gigabytes of RAM and storage would be 128 or 256 and it’s EF s3 storage go into the camera it’s a quad camera setup the main camera is a 64 megapixel F 1.8 then we have an 8 megapixel that is 5x zoom with the periscope zoom option and 8 megapixel is ultra white and then we have a 2 megapixel phone macro moving to the front facing camera is a 32 megapixel and also a 8 megapixel ultra wide camera and it comes to the 4200 milliamp hour battery with a 30 watt fast charger so guys have set up the device

so let’s have a first look at the same and as you can see this is having that six-point six inches screen and again this is coming with the new real new UI you have the app tray and some chunker’s and star so, for example, you see browser let’s see we can uninstall it, yes you can uninstall some of the chunks that is pre-installed so that’s nice daily hunt yes you can definitely uninstall some of the channels and the thing is that though that’s it’s an IPS LCD screen so the viewing angles are good but this is supposed to have that hand 20 Hertz option so let’s see by deep what I didn’t change it let’s see what it comes by default that’s a display and I’m increased a timeout also and auto-brightness has disabled it again so but it’s their screen refresh rate so it’s right non-orto but let’s just force a 220 so I’ve forced 220 and in animations, it slightly becomes actually faster

I would say so that is something that you notice with hand 20 Hertz I’ll test it with 120 Hertz only if you guys want a review of this one I do let me know what do you want me to keep it at 60 100 but again this is typically what do you say the new real me you, I so you have everything laid out over here and this is the higher end of variant guys so let’s now look at the storage it might be in additional settings and about 21 gigabytes is sort of used out of that 256 gigabytes of storage so that’s regarding the storage and obviously this is having the virtual buttons but again you can have the full navigation I’m pretty sure to let’s just try to change that Manvi creation buttons to what do you say swipe gestures and something like that so yeah so again you have this so you just swipe like this and hold it this is how the new Android is so I’ll just use it like this and because

it’s running on the snapdragon 855 + SOC again, in general, you why you should have a problem with the same on this one and guys note that the base we and will come with 8 gigabytes of RAM this is the 256 this comes with 20 bytes of RAM and the fingerprint scanner is mounted over here I mean as you can see it is a pretty responsive very response, in fact, you don’t have to press it if you just place your hand over here it unlocks but this is actually the power button also I wish they went with an amulet scheme but this is what we are getting and that front if you notice we have that bell shaped design because this one is having that dual camera and the primary camera is actually a 32 megapixel which is a Sony sensor and we also have ultra wide and let’s also look at the rear facing camera that that room and all those things I don’t think so you I will change that much but I’m just curious so definitely as you can see this is the regular one Anna’s it’s a Snapdragon 820 file

I don’t think so yeah as you can see it’s really fast so you have one X this is that wide-angle and again then if I go it goes to two eggs own then the next option is 5x and this is also optical guys it’s zooming crazy very high and then we have 10x but you can do digital zoom also up to sixty exit beams I don’t think so you should go to 60 X but definitely that 10 or even 20 X as you can see you can go crazy like this if you want should be good and I will definitely test that and you have a dedicated 64-megapixel mode also on this one as you can see and here are some of the other modes like macro and the proof that is the manual mode now

let’s look at the front-facing camera and this is the front-facing camera and how do we move record as a photo mode and here okay here as you can see this is regular and if I press this this go to goes to that ultra wide so this is nice ultra wide on a front-facing camera I feel it can be useful if we have two or three people taking selfies that can be useful and by default some Beauty modes are enabled so disable all that things and let me do one thing let me actually take some sample shots with this one so that you have a better idea regarding the camera so here are the samples I do feel that it saturates the color a little bit but again some of you might like that vibrancy and punchiness and the colors as you can see and for more or less as you can see you get some very good shots this was that wide-angle lens and this is zoom this is regular then there’s 2x this is that 5x this is 10x so one more example regular this is that 2 X 5 X and 10 and going bonkers with the zoom and this was that ultra wide again for close-up shots also as you can see this is regular and the macro also does a good shot now moving to artificial lighting

here I felt that it did not over saturate the colours as it did outdoors and they’ll close to nature and also you get some good shots this is regular and this was the wide-angle lens now move the human subjects again as you can see here Elsa did a good job this was a zoo this was ultra wide and this is again regular a shark and here I used that background blur option and here that zoom option with the background blur and as you can see you said to get some good shots with the same moving to the front facing the camera the 32 megapixel does a good job but the wide-angle makes it dark as you can see one more example this was the regular shot and this was that ultra wide-angle shooting this video with a front-facing camera and you can set it to wide-angle as you can see I’ve set it to wide-angle so it’s nice that they’re allowing us to shoot the video even in this wide angle now I’ll just switch to the regular angle so that you can see the difference now switch to regular angle and also

I have enabled a stabilization option and as you can see I’m just walking around and in fact, it looks actually good in the preview window you guys let me know what do you feel this is with that stabilized option and even though I’m just walking around might be good for a walk style videos like this so guys that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this real me x3 super zoom so what do you guys think about this one and if you guys want I can do a full in-depth review of the smartphone after using it for about a week or 10 days so do let me know about the same anyways guys that’s it, for now, thanks for watching and if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribes button this is Ranjit and I hope to see you in my next video take care guys

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