Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Now in Mid 2020 (With Updates)


hi guys this is tech tips mobile and in this post let’s have a relook at the Samsung Galaxy Note and I’d and guys if you recall just about three months ago I had to review this smartphone and the thing is that you get the s full I spent functionality with this one but just a couple of weeks ago I started retesting it was last but I noticed I saw a mail from Samsung India that this part phone has got a new major update so I did apply that and if you guys are a recall from the last couple of days you guys are asking me on social media especially on Twitter I’m posting photographs which smartphone I’m using actually it was with this one and the camera has hugely improved so let’s have a relook at this Matt phone

now and see how it does and the good thing is that I was checking Flipkart’s website the pricing of the smartphone hasn’t increased unlike many other smartphones it’s still you can get it for thirty eight thousand and eight GB variant for forty thousand so let’s have a look and again I won’t go into all the aspects that I’ve already covered in my review let’s look at some of the new things that I have noticed on this smartphone and first thing is the screen guys it’s having that six point that’s an entry but before that let’s quickly talk about the specs as you can see from this one it has a six point seven inch screen 128 gigabytes of storage Ram will be six or eight triple rear facing camera front facing is 32 and a 4500 milliamp power battery with that 25 watt fast charging and

the first thing that again I noticed is that skiing that six point seven inch screen and yes we can’t forget about the S Pen you get the S Pen and this is the full functional s spend Bluetooth features I did play around with the S Pen a little bit for example if I I was just playing around with it if I look at all the view note and it has that home or feature if you just hover over it it magnifying for example I was just jotting down notes and stuff for example now let’s actually we can cancel of this the note 10 light testing that I’m doing let’s just go back so S Pen is the thing and again it has that bluetooth feature watch my video that I’ve already posted about the S Pen you can use this as a trigger to take selfies and stuff you have that button as you can see now it regard that I can press this button and it’ll take that you can do it to the rate can sing camera and again you can use the s-pen to write notes and all this I won’t get in depth regarding I spent I would link sake text video he made a 22-minute video regarding the s-pen and what you can do but anyways so let’s move on and again I like the screen quality of this one and again it has that what do you say all this on screen and on these things and a fingerprint scanner I would say I had to read register once more now have to fingerprint scanner set to finger fingers set with the same and

now it is a little bit more responsive as you can see now regarding the update what I did notice is that if I go over here if we go to about the phone and if we go to software information now we are getting the new a version that is one who I wasn’t to point one and I also got some security updates it’s on the June Android security update so nice to see that Sampson has given the update and I feel in terms of camera we got a huge improvised I’ll show you some of the new features that I have noticed regarding the camera but in general responsiveness the phone is actually good guys I did not have a issue with this again no hint of lag and even in terms of multitasking and stuff it’s fine as you can see you can move around with the apps and with camera I was using like this and

it’s fine now I completely forgot in the email what Samsung had sent me there was also they mentioned that you can get this smartphone now for 5000 off if you have a Citibank credit card and I check the flip card website and couldn’t find it but finally I noticed that offer is very only on the Samsung’s own website here if it says you can get five thousand cash back

if you have a Citibank credit card but again guys this is a limited offer so again check the website so now let’s also look at what do you say what much more than that I notice because if you guys recall I have been testing a lot of headphones and I did test quite a bit of Bluetooth headphones and even wired headphones with this one and I have to say the Bluetooth range is very good on this smartphone and one small thing that I noticed is that when I was testing a lot of headphones if you go into settings and go into the sound quality and FX and here it is here if you go to some quality and FX here you can actually tweak around with the sound settings and I would say again you have the equalizer if you play around with this you can do that and it overall effects the sound performance obviously that will be at most option is there

but I like this adapt sound option and here you can set and it slightly tweaks the sound a little bit and you get a good sound signature and I did also test it with a couple of odd headphones like my audio technica etc the output after a play around with that was actually very good now let’s look at the camera on this one and regarding battery life it has a 4500 milliamp hour battery and if it’s giving me a typical day’s worth of battery life SOT I would say was ranging anywhere between four and a half to about five half hours with this one the nice thing is that it comes with that 25 watt fast charger bundle in the box hence a challenge very quickly now

let’s look at the camera have noticed some new things on this one and let’s have a closer look at the same and the first thing that I notice is that this was actually not there on the earlier variant now we have single take option on this one what it does is for example it works even in selfies and if you just take a picture like this and just move around and all those things it captures a lot of stuff for example let me show you actually

let’s go to the gallery I have taken a sample in my office earlier so that it can give you a good idea I think so this was the single take and as you can see it just not takes one picture it takes multiple pictures it takes even video so it’s really nice feature as you can see in just one you get a monochrome you get all the effects in just a single photograph and this works even with the front facing cameras I should have shown you so this was actually a high-end feature only restricted to the Galaxy S series and knives

it’s nice to see that they have provided this we always have the video but now we even have the pro video mode so you have full manual control now even in the video mode as you can see you can change the shutter you can change the white balance saturation all this things so again if you are into video you can change even the white balance then you have have the promote also on this one so that was actually a nice thing and one more thing that I noticed in terms of video was that earlier if I recall

when I reviewed it a couple of months back in when we were shooting video you couldn’t change for example to the wide-angle or zoom within the video now you can do it and I took a sample shot as you can see within the video you can move between zoom wide-angle etc so give to you a lot more flexibility also this Sumer feature I noticed they have implemented digital zoom now as you can see in regular photograph we always had that wide-angle then we have the regular then we have the 2x so but now we also have digital zoom as you can see you can zoom in and you can go up to 10x and here are some of the samples that I have taken with the same ultra white regular that 2x zoom and finally that NEX soon so again that was also a nice feature for that half hour notice and also that 10x zoom will work even in the night mode so definitely I would say in terms of camera I have seen a huge improvement and here are some of the sample shots that I was just taking casually and I posted on Twitter and many of you who are appreciated the shots and all these samples were actually taken with this go 10 light

so I would say one of the huge improvements I would say that I’ve noticed when I reviewed a couple of months back to now as the camera performance the camera performance has increased quite a bit and I’m glad to see that Samsung has added more modes in the so for example the single take another probe video modes so that is the big improvement that I’ve ever seen so to summarize I would say this phone has aged too well again the big advantage of the note series is the s-pen if you are a person business person you will really appreciate the s-pen so you have that full functionality of their spend remind you and there’s actually Bluetooth and I just charges automatically within the silo for example

if I take out I will show you until it’s at 100% right now so you have the full of S Pen functionality and I would say overall a very good does smartphone for business centric users and now the big improvement I would say the camera is also highly proof I would not suggest the smartphone if you are a sort of a very heavy gamer but apart from that if you’re looking for a non Chinese smartphone for business central user if you are and if

you wanna s-pen you can certainly go out and look at this one I leave the links of Flipkart and even that Samsung store that I have no test for your reference anyways guys that’s it for now thanks for reading this is Ranjit and I hope to see you in my next post take care guys

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