Samsung Galaxy S20 Impressions: New Year, New Samsung!

samsung s20

here and this is your first look at the brand-new Samsung galaxy s 20 and galaxy s 20 plus now there’s a whole new lineup of Samsung clones out right now they’re going all out for 2020 clearly so

we have the galaxy s 20 the galaxy s 20 plus and a new galaxy s 20 ultras I’ve got an entirely separate video on that s 20 ultra it’s the new pro version in their lineup but that phone starts at thirteen ninety-nine and

we don’t all have a G and a half to spend on a new phone no matter how nice it is so these are the true successors to the galaxy s 10 and S 10 plus the s 20 and s 20 plus and to me, this is actually one of the biggest jumps up I’ve seen Samsung take with their phones literally everything you can think of is upgraded

and they’ve taken the biggest jumps in the most important areas of the phone so the screen the battery and the cameras so let’s start with the screen these are now 6.2 inch and six-point seven-inch displays respectively and they are 120 Hertz quad HD OLED displays so super high-resolution hdr+ and super responsive high refresh rate screens

this is the Train I’ve been telling you guys flagships are all gonna get on in 2020 and to match that super high refresh rate Samsung has also doubled the touch sensitivity to a 240 Hertz sample rate meaning it responds to touch input twice as fast and the whole new speed difference is instantly noticeable now obviously

samsung s20

it’s still tough for me to show you guys in this a 30fps youtube video but yeah literally everything from swiping around the UI to opening and closing apps and scrolling and eventually of course gaming everything will look and feel smoother and I think Samsung has also tweaked some of these animations in one UI to be a bit shorter and snappy or two

so you can easily tell it feels way smoother than 60 Hertz and I can actually tell the difference versus 90 as well which I’ve gotten used to Hey editor Marquez here real quick with a little message little asterisk so galaxy s the 20s at 120 Hertz are actually to be limited to 1080p, not for resolution 1440p so this is something I just found out later after

the briefing I didn’t even really notice while using it but if you get the phone out the box it will be at 1440p and at 60 Hertz and when you go into the settings to change it to move it up to 120 Hertz it’ll lock you at 1080p probably to save battery life and power and things like that a small asterisk on

what we’ve learned about the phone but figured I’d let you know back to the video so I’m super happy about the screen and on top of all that there’s now the centre hole punch you can see which actually preferred because unlike the corners there’s usually nothing being blocked in the middle and it’s now actually flattering which is so unlike Samsung because they’ve always been the ones to push the curved glass melting over the sides but hey new decade new Samsung

now this display doesn’t melt over the edge nearly as much or kind of at all it’s much more flat in my opinion much more usable and I still have the ultrasonic fingerprint reader of course underneath the display now let’s talk about battery for a second they have increased the battery sizes on all these phones by a healthy amount –

so it’s a four thousand milliamp-hour battery on the smaller s twenty and a forty-five hundred million power battery on the S 20 plus so they’re not trying to make these phones super razor thin which is great they’re actually just a tiny bit thicker but it’s also probably because with a huge bright hundred twenty Hertz display

you’re gonna want all the battery you can get so this is something we’re gonna have to test of course when we get the phone in for the full review but I’m at least glad to see on the spec sheet much larger cells plus

there’s still 25-watt fast charging with that charger included in the box and wireless charging – and while we’re at it let’s hit the specs boom there you go high-end CPU and insane 12 gigabytes of RAM on all of them expandable storage ip68 certified I mean these phones are complete on the spec sheet not quite as wild as the s20 ultra but still no big shortcomings as you’d

expect from a Samsung flagship and the entire lineup is also all 5g capable but I don’t think this is quite a game-changer as much as some people will try to make out to be you know the s20 and s20 plus they will not do millimetre-wave so only sub 6 5g and so it’ll say 5g in the corner but

we talked about this in a previous video it’s only gonna be up to about 20% faster than good 4G on a good day and so I wouldn’t buy this phone just for the 5g so anyway that’s it the last and probably most important new piece of these new phones with the galaxy s 20 and that is the cameras

they are a huge focus for Samsung in these new phones this year pun intended and I haven’t seen the unpacked slideshow slides yet I’m recording this before that but I’d be willing to bet that probably half of them at least half are about cameras so you’re looking at a new triple camera setup for the s 20 and the s 20 plus has room for an extra depth sensor but otherwise

samsung s20

they’re the same things here with a new 12-megapixel main sensor at F 1.8 then there’s a 3 X 64-megapixel telephoto camera at f/2 and a 12 megapixel ultra-wide at F 2.2 and they are all physically larger sensors than last year which is great for pretty much everything light sensitivity low light performance and anything else basically to do with photography and there’s

some serious zoom capabilities not just optical zoom but with software giving you at 10x multiplier that’s going to give you a comfortable 30x hybrid zoom and I know this isn’t a video about the ultra but that phone has a 10x zoom which means the hybrid zoom with software will go up to a hundred X which is ridiculous but they’ll call all of this space zoom it could have called a galaxy zoom but

I guess that works as well but the nice cherry on top of all this is they’re all capable of 8k 24 FPS video across the whole lineup now 8k video in a smartphone camera sounds incredible sounds like something I put in my dream phone but there is a catch 4k was already big but 8k video is 33 megapixels per frame

which is awesome because you can get the flexibility of being able to pull thirty-three-megapixel stills from a video but to get that you have to have a window of a sensor big enough to shoot 8k video which you need at least a 33-megapixel sensor but the main camera on these phones like I mentioned is that 12-megapixel sensor it’s the 3x telephoto that’s 64 megapixels

so when you go into the settings and turn the video resolution to 8k like I did that’s going to be coming from that telephoto camera, not the main camera so it’s gonna punch in a bit as you can tell which definitely drops it a bit on the convenience side also 8k doesn’t support tracking autofocus or video effects some things to note as it says here in the settings so they do technically shoot 8k yes but

it’s not from the main sensor it’s punched in there’s just a little bit extra to think about when maxing out video on these phones so it’s not like the dream world where we can stream 8k over 5g to YouTube without even thinking about it just not quite there yet either way though as you can tell with the entire rest of this phone not a whole lot to dislike even a lot of the little stuff

they changed I’m liking – they changed the button situation so now the buttons have moved back over to the right-hand side and the dedicated Bigsby button is gone they are also pretty lightweight phones as well despite their size and the bigger batteries I was impressed with how good they feel in the hand and how light they are compared to some other big phones and Samsung’s 1ui 2.0 has some neat improvements as well now I’d be lying if I said

I loved it it’s still far from my favourite flavour of Android but there’s still things like building a zoom preview into the camera app now so when you’re zoomed in super far you still get that preview on the top left of

what the hell you’re zooming into which is super useful and there’s other stuff like Spotify and now integrated into Bixby routines and HD Google duo video chat built natively into the dialer and some other stuff like the subtle new animations and there’s also a new single take mode in the camera it’s like the opposite of Pro Mode basically instead of you doing

all the hard work of taking several photos and videos you just hit the shutter button once and point it at some action and it will decide for you when to take photos and videos based on you know when eyes are open and faces are smiling and stuff that seems kind of cool but this isn’t something

samsung s20

I think I’ll ever use call me crazy but I like taking the photos myself but at the end of the day if you look back at this thing you get on the spec sheet and everything they had done with this phone it’s hard to find anything you could consider a weakness or a complaint or a downside or a bad thing about this phone aside from maybe the price now, of course, a lot of this is on paper and based on like

the two hours that I spent with this phone getting this footage but honestly I’m excited to review this song definitely subscribe to be among the first to see that when it comes out if you haven’t already yeah is it too early to call Samsung a front-runner for the most improved award just based on how many things are better about this phone I don’t know something to think about either way thanks for reading

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