Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Impressions_ Mixed Feelings!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

here at Samsung‘s unpacked in San Francisco for a first hands-on and this look at the brand new Galaxy Z flip so we knew this one was coming when you are gonna get a vertical folding phone from Samsung of some kind there’s plenty of leaks out Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

there and then we finally got it and now that I’ve had my hands on my feelings are very mixed so I’ve held this phone now in my hands for maybe half an hour and I’ve had fleeting moments with it on and off for a bit longer than that and on one hand it feels like it’s easily the most polished and mature folding phone yet but on the other hand it still has a long way to go to be something

I would actually buy and it still has its flaws so let me just start with the specs right off the top so it’s got flagship internals unlike some other folding phones well I mean unlike the Moto razor let’s just call it what it is I’m gonna be comparing it a lot to the other folding flagship phone the razor does not have flagship specs

but the Z flip it does it’s got the snapdragon 855 + 8 gigabytes of RAM 256 gigs of storage and a combined 3300 milliamp-hour battery which is okay and it still has wireless charging which is nice and

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you’ve got dual cameras here 112-megapixel standard and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide these specs on paper pretty much wipe the floor with the razor I’ll just say it I mean you can’t help but compare the two maybe you leave a thumbs up on this video if you want to see a separate dedicated razor versus Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Z flip video, either way, playing with the Z flip you can see they’ve made some different design and material choices that make it a very different phone the main one being the screen so this is now an ultra-thin folding glass, not plastic and you can feel that right away when swiping around and using this screen

it’s not a soft plastic that you can almost literally dig your fingernails into its glass so that’s a great advancement it’s hard it’s a six-point seven inch 21 by 9 display 1080p OLED 60 Hertz and it has that hole punch cut out for the selfie camera up top instead of a notch and much thinner bezels

so all these things make it feel like more of a Samsung flagship than any other folding phone but the crease to me is still major I saw it from many different angles I used it for many different things and

there’s just no way around it it’s a very noticeable crease I would say it’s better than the original Galaxy fold but here’s the thing since this is a vertical folding phone and the same thing goes for the razor because

it’s vertical folding the creases across the center here and that means every time you use the phone anytime you do any scrolling running sort of using the UI you’re constantly moving over that center crease and you’re constantly feeling the center of that fold with your finger so unlike a horizontal folding phone

you’ve really noticed it a lot here and you can feel it when your finger swipes over it over and over and over again now I still prefer it to the razor’s plastic display because that one feels a bit more delicate and softer but I’m not gonna sit here and tell you the crease is gone or anything I mean you can clearly see it and then when we close the phone the front cover display is the other different choice so

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

they’ve basically just put a tiny 1-inch 300 by 1:12 display on the outside of the fold and really all is good for is the time and seeing a little preview of your notifications some people like me maybe fine of a little extra functionality on the outside like the razor has so you can actually go into your notifications and

read stuff like texts and emails but in the Z flip it’ll just tell you you got a text or who it’s from and really if you want to open it or actually do anything you have to unfold the phone but also if you double-tap the power button you can actually open the primary camera and take selfies with it and use that

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one-inch cover display as like the world’s most hilariously tiny viewfinder it’s there it’s fine you can use it I guess but I probably won’t I think most people will take selfies with the normal selfie camera because of the final major design update the hinge I I don’t think this can be overstated hinges are

extremely important for folding phones and learning from your past to make better ones is gonna be something we start to see and I think Samsung learned a lot already from their first Chen Galaxy fold and the things that went wrong with it and we can already see that here in this second-generation hinge the Z flip has a really good hinge I’d say the best hinge I’ve seen yet it’s nearly gapless and Samsung says Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

it’s put a bunch of small fibers like a brush inside this hinge to give it even more protection from anything accidentally getting inside it still might not pass the jerry-rigged everything poor a handful of pebbles

directly onto the phone test but it is another step in the right direction and then the hinge weight is also really nice I feel like I could open this phone with one hand much more easily and it’s a three-step hinge meaning you can fold the phone halfway like a little laptop and set it down on a flat surface and

it’ll just sit that way letting you use half the screen at a time and then they’ve even built-in some of their apps to take advantage of this including the camera and the gallery and even Google’s duo video calls now

I didn’t get an answer on if this is an open API and other developers can you know change their apps to use this fold too but it would seem like a no-brainer like taking advantage of having a hinge that’s

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

this impressive and keeps the phone this well-balanced rim tipping over would be great so that’s three major ways that the Z flip is differentiating itself and is in a lot of ways better than some other folding phones the cover display on the outside

it’s different the specs and the build quality and that hinge and then some other small things I noticed the fingerprint reader is on the power button right below the volume buttons so kind of like they did with the Galaxy S 10 Yi

I like that and no there is no headphone jack sorry if you thought they would be one and the bezels are pretty thick at first but the more you use the phone the more you realize they’re necessary for protecting the glass when you close it like the screen sits just barely sub flush so when you close the phone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

you’re not slamming glass into glass here closing bezel on bezel so yeah overall I’m very curious to see what you guys think of the Z flip to me it’s really fascinating but it has to be a little more than just fascinating to be worth $1,380 we thought it might be a little bit cheaper those rumors of it undercutting the razor started to bubble up but it’s 1380 bucks but I still can’t wait to review this thing

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I want to see the battery life is like with a 3300 milliamp-hour battery and a giant screen I want to see how the durability and that hinge lasts over time these are some things you don’t get to figure out just by using it for a couple of minutes I don’t know I’m just I’m glad folding phones are actually

evolving as fast as they can maybe who knows and three or four generations will have the incredibly sleek thin bezel is 120 Hertz awesome folding devices iPad size screens in our pockets that’s all a big maybe but that’s what

I hope we’re working towards either way thanks for reading this first hands-on impression of the Z flip and if you want to check out the other post of the Galaxy s20 lineup that also just got revealed today that link below the like button as well thanks for reading catch you guys the next one pace


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