Sennheiser CX 275S Earphones Review Is this the Best


hi, guys, this is tech tips mobile then in this post let’s do the review of the Sinai’s ER r CX 275 s and I would say these are the sort of the successor to the Sennheiser CX 180 which I had actually interviewed almost last year I would if I recall and these actually sounded really good but the big problem with this one was that it did not have an integrated microphone whereas this one actually now has an integrated microphone and the cost has also increased

now you can get the CX 180 for about 700 rupees but this one is about 1600 rupees I had actually ordered this one around the end of me after the lockdown was lifted but now I checked Amazon had purchased it via that the pricing is 1600 I’ll leave the link below so what do I feel about this one so you do get something extra with this one as you can see it comes in this box will you have two pairs of extra here but obviously we have this hunch for you but it’s also carrying the pouch-like this is a nice carrying pouch

This Is Good Quality Earphone In Budget

I didn’t expect that we get it but we got this and we also get one extra what do you say right-angled tip if you want one is actually pre-attached so you have this is the extra watery box that just standard that we are getting again these are in here and actually I didn’t have to change the tips the default dip so very very comfortable and let me actually show you it’s slightly different compared to the CX 180 as you can see from the back we have the Sennheiser branding also over here and slightly a better quality I was it’s still plastic but slightly better quality and the big thing is that

this one has an integrated microphone over here with that same as the logo via the Seguin plastic and just a single button to take or in calls, no buttons even to adjust a volume and I was hoping that the wire quality would be better compared to the CX 180 but it’s exactly the same as the C 180 so again if you are sort of a rough user you can break it but again a Sennheiser does offer two years warranty and

This Is Budget Range Earphone

I’ve heard from you guys that some of you have got your products replaced after one and a half years so easily with Sennheiser so again you have that two years warranty to this but again I wished the wire of this one was slightly better or at least this one was upgraded cable but again still we don’t get something like that now let’s talk about the sound quality on this one and very similar to the CX 180 the sun quality and this one is actually really really good

if we talk about the bass again it’s not basic bass is their bass comes I would say when it is required and the biggest thing that I liked about this one was the soundstage and the stereo separation and imaging that you’ve got it’s a very immersive experience again no active noise cancellation on anything but again as these are in years you put them inside it blocks about 90% of the sound so again if you’re wearing at this outdoors or something you got to be careful about that but in terms of sound quality,

it was very good the bass as I’ve told what’s very very done it’s not bass head but the bass I like water that’s punchy bass comes gives the depth and when it’s not required it goes away so the bass has been done very well I would say also when it comes to vocals I feel the vocals are produced brilliantly on this one it sounded great and coming to high tones also I feel here like typicals Sennheiser earphones they do booster what do you say high tones

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that’s the treble tones slightly a little bit I would say slightly less compared to the CX of 180 the 6 180 might be too sharp but still, I would say it’s slightly sharper but many of you might enjoy but if you don’t like that slightly emphasized high tones than that might be an issue but overall I really loved the sound quality I was skating on this one and suddenly I have tested a lot of gear fools and these I would say would be my top recommendation if you are a person who listens to a lot of the music you’ll really enjoy them it has that Sinai’s ER what do you say typical sound signature coming to the microphone quality is good

I did make some calls with this one and but again don’t expect anything fancy lies noise cancellation or anything so if you use it outdoors where it’s a lot of windy people might complain but indoors and moving around in the office and stuff it was very clear and nobody complained so overall I would say I like this one and you’re sort of paying that the premium for that integrated microphone and yes the sound quality has improved slightly compared to the CX 180 but more or less the sound signature is similar to the CX 180 so definitely I would say if you are looking for a wired headset and can go up to this 1500 1600 price point this is actually really good

but I do wish Sennheiser changes the water quality that is my biggest problem with these Sennheiser CX 180 or even this one so as if you are sort of a rough user you can actually pick it up anyways guys that are it for the review of this one again I have reviewed tons and tons of other headphones and even here phones on my youtube channel so I’ll leave the playlist in the description below anyways guys that’s it, for now, thanks for reading this is tech tips mobile and I hope to see you in my next post and guys take care

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