Sony WH-CH710N Active Noise Cancellation Headphones Review


hi guys this is ranjit and in this video let’s do the review of the sony active noise cancellation headphones and quite a few of you have asked me to actually test it out so i’ve been using this for over a week now and these are actually fairly new they were launched just about two months ago and uh just ten days ago guys the pricing of this one on amazon was about ten thousand today

i saw it’s about twelve thousand eight hundred i don’t know what’s wrong with amazon’s pricing but let’s have a look at uh this one and the thing is that these are obviously bluetooth headphones but the thing is that this one has active noise cancellation before we proceed what do i feel about this i just want to talk a little bit about active noise cancellation this is not just like passive what you just wear your headphones uh because of the padding it uh stops the sound this is basically active noise cancellation we actually have microphones and they pick up what’s around you and creates a negative sound wave that actually minimizes that that way for example if there is some fan noise in your room or ac noise that’s constant

this would actually eliminate that also if you have noticed many people on airlines actually wear it because it completely drowns the engine noise and stuff for example in cars also i tested uh it drowns the engine noise and in house household items like what do you say fan noise etc it can actually eliminate it so this is actually active noise cancellation but now let’s talk about some of the other aspects of this again let me show you what comes inside the box first uh obviously comes in this box uh we get the headphones itself and some paperwork like this and apart from that we also get these two cables uh one is this 3.5 mm cable because you can actually use this

one as a wired one i’ll show you and one more usb type-c cable that will be used for charging and actually the battery life is really good on this one i’ll just keep this to the side for now and now this is the headphone itself and um first let’s talk about what i feel about the recoil and entirely it’s actually made up of plastic guys and i feel they could have used slightly better quality plastic because this is all hard plastics what they are using so it’s a little bit rough to touch so feeds a little bit cheap but again in terms of durability and stuff it’s fine as you can see they have metal bands over here and again the flexibility is good so in terms of build

i would say it’s fine but i feel that they could have used slightly better quality plastics on this one moving to the ear cups uh here are the ear cups and they have adequate actually padding on this and i wore it for a couple of hours on straight and i would say they were fine they’d look like uh this and the padding i would say is decent yes don’t expect it to be as flagship as the sony’s flagship this is the uh thousand mx3 which i own i purchased this one about one and a half years ago yes this definitely has better padding but again you can’t expect that on this one but it was comfortable

i would say and again if you know uh look at the your cavity uh here also we have a big year cavity on this one so again that’s not a problem uh i didn’t have a problem here for example stacking out of the years or something like that so in that way it was actually good now let’s also uh talk about the clamping force because these are headphones again if it’s very tight also it’s very uncomfortable here i would say sony did a very good job the clamping force is really good it’s neither tied too tight not too loose it’s just perfectly done so uh this is something that is uh a thing of worry on headphones but i have to say the clamping force is just perfect on this neither too high neither too low on this one and now moving to uh

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what do you say uh of the physical overview buttons and stuff i’ll just give you an idea on the right we have one microphone over here this is for that noise cancellation i told you it detects what’s happening we have the sony branding over here nothing touch or anything we have physical buttons over here uh this is to increase the volume go uh lower the volume and center one to pause tracks etc and this is another button that we have and this is special this is for uh enabling or disabling active noise cancellation by default will be enabled but you press it once uh it actually enables you to hear

what is going around for example let’s say somebody comes to uh comes near you and he’s speaking to you if you have active noise cancellation uh you might not hear them clearly but if you just press that one button it actually amplifies what’s happening so that’s nice and the third option is just switch just the active noise cancellation completely off so you have control over active noise cancellation and i would say this active noise cancellation works very well but some people expect it to do miracles for example

when people around you are speaking a little bit it won’t completely block them it will block them to a extent but don’t expect miracles that doesn’t happen even on their higher end 1000 mx3 that cost about 29 000. so be realistic with active noise cancellation repeated sounds like engine noise fan noise ac noise that will eliminate but somebody is speaking to you you will hear them lightly uh it won’t eliminate that completely and moving to the next this is on the left here again we have one more what do you say microphone to detect what’s happening we also have nfc on this one that’s actually nice so if you have a higher end phone that enables nfc you just tap in and repair

it very easily again a regular bluetooth pairing also works very well uh here again as i’ve told you we also have a 3.5 mm headphone jack that cable is provided so if you want to go to the wired route you can actually use it and if the battery is completely drained then also you can use it then we have a type c port that will be used for charging and this is the power on off button that we have and for pairing also you just hold this for about seven seconds when switching it on it goes to the pairing mode so these are the buttons that you are getting very simple and i would say you get used to it very quickly now let’s talk about the bluetooth range and here

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i would say i’m really impressed with this one the bluetooth ring is one of the best that i have noticed among the headphones that i’ve used for example in this office area it’s about 1700 square feet and i completely forgot that these were bluetooth i was going from one end of the office to the other doing my regular work and it was not disconnecting so the bluetooth range is very good very strong signal that you get so even if you are in the other room and your phone is in other room and you’re walking around it will not get disconnected so that way

it’s really good and when it comes to battery here also i am super super impressed and guys before doing the audio test i did the burn them for about 15 hours then only i did my testing i’ll talk about the sound signature later on but in terms of battery life i was very impressed it says 35 hours and now i have used them easily for about 23 or 24 hours and i check the battery it still saves 50 so the battery life it will give you actually really good closer to about 40 yards instead of this 35 hours i’m really happy whenever manufactured

what they claim and the results you get better uh you should appreciate them so in terms of battery life again it’s not an issue on this one uh coming to another thing because we are doing a lot of work from home uh the active noise cancellation can be switched on if you’re not even listening to music and if you wear them you hardly hear anything as i told you uh ac surround the fan sound always drown so you can concentrate on your work uh but again as we uh are doing work from we are also taking a lot of calls uh thankfully this does has a built-in microphone and i have to say uh the call quality that

i got was actually good uh fine other parties did not complain me for example if the bluetooth earpiece is not good and the microphone is not good other parties say then uh you’re sounding muddy or something like that that was not the case with this one so you can take calls on this one uh i wouldn’t say it’s the best that i have seen but again i won’t say it’s not workable uh so for work from home and stuff like that uh if you’re taking a lot of calls and stuff they will suffice you so this was regarding the general what do you say anc and for work promo for taking calls but

now let’s talk about what do i feel about the music on this one and the guys have listened to quite a bit of music on this one even watch some movies and regarding movies yes i completely forgot uh i tested it on a couple of android phones and i did not have that lip syncing issue that while i was watching videos so for watching videos youtube videos movies etc again these are good they don’t have that delay lag where it does very what you say irritating so that way it was actually good and for gaming yes i did some gaming that lag is there very minimal but again if you’re doing gaming just use the wired option

i would say because what obviously you’ll have no lag at all now let’s talk about the music what do i feel about this one first let’s talk about the let’s start with the bass the bass is definitely emphasized on it a little bit more emphasized on this uh but i would say the bass is slightly boomy at times in some of the tracks i felt that the base was not that clean so if i have to rate it based on the base don’t get me the base is there uh uh it’s not like completely flat the exaggerated base was there but again

it’s not for basics or something and at in certain soundtracks it did sound a little bit muddy if i have to rate it just on the bass i would give a rating between 7.5 to 8. now when we talk about the mid tones and the vocals here it was very very neutral to me nothing was exaggerated or something like that it was a very neutral signature uh and i would rate

it about i would say 8 out of 10 in terms of the mid tones no exaggeration or forward sounding or anything like that now when it comes to the high tones and the trebles here i would say it was good but again i did miss that sparkle that i find on some of the higher end sony headphones so here in terms of the high tones and the uh i would say again i would rate it about eight out of ten so in terms of music most of you would like it but i review a lot of headphones i test a lot of headphones

so if i have to rate it just based on the sound quality i would rate it 7.5 out of 510 but again the big advantage of this one is that it does have that active noise cancellation and that really improves uh uh the experience that you are having if you’re working from home these days we are working from home noisy environments in that and you get that on this one yes it’s not as good as the uh sony’s high-end 1000a xm3 but definitely the noise cancellation works very well it does drown a lot of ambient sound that you are having that does irritating when you’re trying to concentrate so that aspect

it is good so overall if i have to rate this one i would have rated it about 8 out of 10 and i would say for 10 000 rupees if you’re finding it you can go for it if you’re you’re using that to work from home and you were actually looking for a active noise cancellation headphones in this price range but currently the pricing i don’t know amazon pricing is fluctuating every two three days it’s showing me about 12 800 if that is the case then i would say that if you’re spending that much spend a little bit more for because for 15 700 800 you can get the xb 900 n series

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which is way better than this one and uh it sounds better and the big advantage is that that supports the sony app this headphone simply does not support the sony app i’m disappointed by sony because of that because if that app was supported you could have easily tweaked the sound signature to you liking but sadly this one does not support the sony headphone uh what do you say app so guys

i would say if you’re looking for a headphone in this price point of about 10 000 an active noise cancellation is a very high criteria to you you can definitely look at this one but again with sony itself if you spend a little bit more you have better options anyways guys uh that was my review of these uh sony ch710n headphones again guys if you’re not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribe button a lot more reviews about headphones and other gadgets coming up soon anyways guys that’s it for now thanks for watching and guys take care

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