Upcoming best mobile in India 2021

Upcoming best mobile in India 2021
Upcoming best mobile in India 2021

Upcoming best mobile in India 2021

If you are thinking of buying a new mobile phone, then you are at the right place. Here we help you to know which Upcoming mobile phone is best and affordable for you, In this article, we have all the information which you are want to know about the upcoming best mobile in India 2021.

Every year we saw that many smartphones launch by various brands. And company releases the updated phones because of the security purpose as well as updated looks and features. The generation is very smart like our smartphone and when a phone can smart then why not our generation. They want a phone which can do all things, and they want to carry only a phone and nothing. And our great developer develops phones day by day and provides us.

Here we cover the expected date and price of the upcoming mobile phone and what will be the best phone, what company is the best and phone that you can afford. Let’s discuss one by one:

Upcoming phones in 2021 with expected dates and prices :

There are various mobile phone that expected to launch in 2021 and the company has announced its expected launching date when the phone is about to come in the market


  1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G:

Xiaomi is going launch their phone named as Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G which may be launched by February 23, 2021 expected because it is just an expected date of the launched. Here is the some feature and specification of the upcoming phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G. It support 5G network but 5G network is not rolled out in India yet, 4G network is available which supports Indian bands and there is 3G network is also available. It has 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal space which cannot be expendable. It use Android v10 (Q) operating system and comes in only Rs. 17,990. There is two cameras Rear and Front camera. The rear camera’s range is (64MP+8MP+5MP+5MP) mega pixel and the rear camera is 32 MP. And 6.6 inches display screen.


  1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro:

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro is the updated version of Xiaomi Redmi Note 10. It is expected to launch in February 2, 2021 in the expected price of Rs. 18,999. It’s key features and specification lets discuss. It use Android v10 (Q) operating system. And it supports 5G network but network not rolled out in India not an issue government is working on the 5G network, 4G network is available supports Indian bands in this and it also support 3G network. There is 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage which cannot be expendable. It’s Rear camera’s range is (108MP+8MP+2MP+2MP) mega pixel and front camera’s range is 16 Mp. It has 4820 mAh battery power and 6.67 inched display screen.



  1. Samsung Galaxy A52:

Samsung is going to launch their upcoming mobile in 2021 named as Samsung Galaxy A52. It is an updated version of Samsung Galaxy A51. Let knows about its updated features and specification. It is expected to launch in February 19, 2021 (Unofficial) in the just of Rs.19, 999. In it we use Android v10 (Q) operating system. It is also support 5G networks but the 5G network is not rolled out in India and supported 4G and 3G network also. Because sometime we are at the place where it connects with the 4G in the poor quality in that case we can operate with 3G network. It has rear and front both cameras. Rear camera gives 64MP+12MP+5MP+5MP quality while frond camera is of 32 Mega pixels. It is built with 4000 mAh battery backup. And it has 6.5 inches display screens.


  1. OnePlus Nord N10:

The phones that are upcoming in 2021, one of them is OnePlus Nord N10. Which is launching expected date is February 12, 2021. It has Android v10 (Q) operating system which is updated and newly operation system. The entire upcoming phone that comes in 2021 will support 5G network. Government is also working on it. There is 65MP+8MP+2MP+2MP rear camera and 16 MP. OnePlus mobile phones are known for their cameras. It gives good quality pictures. It is developed with 4300mAh battery which can be usable 1-2 days. And 6.49inched display screen and Ram is 6GM and internal memory is 128GB (it is expendable upto 512 GB). It is one of the popular phone and comes in our budget price in just Rs.28, 790.


5. Realme V 15:

Relame is going to release their latest version of 2021 that is Realme V 15. You people would be happy to hear that it expectedly comes on April 15, 2021, in just Rs. 15,890. In it we would get the same as operating system Android v10 (Q), RAM, intenal Camera. But because of the brand name or company name ther are expensive rather than Realme V15. It support 5G network (network not rolled out in India yet), 4G available supports Indian bands, 3G and 2G Available in this mobile phone. It has two cameras Rear and Front, The rear camera is of 64 MP+ 8 MP+2 MP and front camera is of 16 MP. There is 4310 mAh battery power inbuilt and there is 6 GB Ram and 128GB internal memory which is not expendable. It has 6.4 inches display screen.


In this article, we got to know about the upcoming best mobile in 2021. And you had seen that all the mobile has an approximate same key feature like operating system, Network, RAM, Internal etc. but there is a small fluctuation in the camera, screen inches battery but a huge gap in their prices. Now we have a question that is, why? The answer is the company name. Because of the company name we can see the difference between the phones. The company who is popular in the market can sell their product in their rates and on the other hand, other company cannot do this

Hope this information is useful for you. Keep update with us we will come with the update news and products


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