Whatsapp New policies 2021

Whatsapp New policies 
Whatsapp New policies 

Whatsapp New policies 

Everybody is talking about the new rules and policies introduced by WhatsApp. People are highly dissatisfied with this work of WhatsApp. Lots of people comment that WhatsApp wants to do data theft and even some people’s started uninstalling Whatsapp. WhatsApp declares that they can access the messages and collect the data of the user and many other things. Well, WhatsApp is one of the most trustworthy messaging platforms which is known for its privacy.


In this article, we’re going to discuss the new rule promoted by WhatsApp to know that WhatsApp exactly wants to do what people think or something else. So, to know about the new rules of WhatsApp just stick to this article.


New rules and guidelines of Whatsapp.

WhatsApp released lots of new policies and rules. All the policies of WhatsApp are listed below:-


WhatsApp will share your Messages with Facebook?

 Lots of rumors are generating which conclude that WhatsApp declares that they will share your messages with Facebook. Well, this is a big false because Whatsapp introduced new rules but WhatsApp doesn’t interrupt any privacy policy of users. WhatsApp is still encrypted end-to-end. The officials of Whatsapp state a statement which is that “The update does not change WhatsApp’s data-sharing practices with Facebook and does not impact how people communicate privately with friends or family… WhatsApp remains deeply committed to protecting people’s privacy”

So, don’t worry because your messages and chats are encrypted and completely safe.


So, What WhatsApp shares with Facebook?

 WhatsApp declares that WhatsApp shares some information of users like registration number, phone number, any transaction data, information related to services, some mobile devices information, and IP address of the users.


Why does Whatsapp share any kind of data with Facebook?

 The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said that this activity is done by providing better security to the users. He also commits that this policy will also help to fight the spams. Whatsapp not only shares the above-discussed details with Facebook but the data will be used in providing a better user experience in other platforms of Facebook like Instagram.

So, your data on WhatsApp is shared with Facebook and Instagram, and other subsidiaries of Facebook.


Does WhatsApp use data for Ads?

 We all know that WhatsApp doesn’t show ads yet, but now WhatsApp is an undertaking of Facebook so we can predict that in the future we’ll see ads on Whatsapp. Well, it is also a big false because WhatsApp is not showing any kind of ads yet and WhatsApp can’t use your messages because the messages of Whatsapp are fully encrypted.


WhatsApp Store the messages of users

Lots of routers are also generated that WhatsApp is going to store the messages of users. Well, if you’re believing in this new then you’re wrong. Whatsapp neglected this statement and said that all the messages are deleted from the company server once it’ll be delivered. WhatsApp can only store the message if the message does not get delivered. This type of stored messages will automatically be deleted from the server within 30 days.


Reason for introducing the policy?

 WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform which provides its services over the world. When Facebook takes control of WhatsApp then they think to provide an easier and able interface to the users. This policy explains how it’ll help the business to share things on this platform. Now, WhatsApp completed 50 million business accounts and that’s why it is required to share the basic details of users to its platforms for providing more security to the users.

Whatsapp also introduced its payment feature by which users can even pay through WhatsApp. Regarding this, WhatsApp must know some details of its users.



So, here we discussed the policies and rules introduced by WhatsApp and also talked about the rumors which are generated in the market. If you’re also a user of Whatsapp and getting tensed about the new rules of WhatsApp then don’t worry because your privacy is completely encrypted and no one can do data theft of your data.

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